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Religious Views to Minimum, please.Category: (general)
Saturday, 28 November 2009
01:41:09 AM (GMT)
I'm sick and tired of people constantly shoving religious views down other's throats. The main issue is with Christians and Catholics. I'm not saying it's wrong to believe in God, but to go to other's and say it's wrong to not believe in him and all that other stuff is beyond wrong. Just moments ago I saw a drawing of the Twin Towers with a giant hand reaching down in front of the plane, and the captions on it wrote "If only we had prayed hard enough..." What the hell? Sorry for that but really. No one knew that was going to happen, and even if we did kneel down and pray our asses off, what difference would it actually make? What's done is done. I'm not saying that the whole idea is stupid, but the constant harrassment of it is making it unbearable. People keep scolding me for being Agnostic. Do you know what it means to be Agnostic? I just don't have a religion, so what? I just don't understand how any religion would work but the closest one I am to believing is Reincarnation, ya'know? And even if I'm not christian, catholic, jew, buddist, ect, what difference would it make in your life? What's so important about changing someone else's religious views? Do expect praise from your dominant? Isn't that a bit selfish? I think people should stop trying to convert people and just let it flow in. If they believe it strongly, they'll convert themselves, if they don't, it's not a big deal. Don't just sit there and complain about how they should believe this an not this because they'll surely come and hit you right back with something. Because of this whole thing it why the holocaust existed. Only difference is that we're not killing everyone because of it. I just want people to relax it. It's becoming irritating. This goes for anything else like Vegetarians and such. This is from an Agnostic, so to let you know I'm not trying to Brainwash any of you. I'm letting you know about it directly and it goes for every religion out there. Kthnx.

‹gunk› says:   28 November 2009   684902  
But, don't worry, everyone thats a christian isn't going to try and
convert you, thats your own choice.
People that force other ppl into religion is pretty bad.
The people I know don't do that and just try to 'inspire' them to be
Yeah, I'm not much help because I don't know how its like xC
Lyncheh says:   28 November 2009   742629  
Agree, but the reverse is also as bad. Like sometimes I'll say 'I'm
vegetarian' and someone'll come along and start going OMG STOP
OM NOM NOM, it's like wtf.
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   28 November 2009   822915  
Well, inspiring is a different thing compared to forcing it and teling
your opinions on it making it sound bad. :c

Don't let that bother you, of course you didn't even try, you just
said what you are. People just freak out, that person probably was
doing it to make you feel bad and try to get you to eat meat. You
never know.
Lol. I love the OM NOM NOM. xD 
doing_things suggests:   29 November 2009   733710  
happy_child says:   29 November 2009   729842  
That was deep
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   29 November 2009   719342  
Wasn't in yo house, idiot. :]

I suppose so, sorry bout that. >>; 
Neriko says:   30 November 2009   902965  
About that picture you saw, it's called freedom of expression >__>
And the latter, freedom of religion.
We're in America, the land of the free.
You have the right to believe whatever you want, you can worship or
not worship however you want, but you don't have the right to stop
others from engaging in their religious activities and
conversion/missions is part of that :I
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   30 November 2009   320851  
I'm sick and tired of people constantly shoving it down other's
throat. We may have rights to freedom, but there's something called
limits and people usually surpass that despite some times we have
limits for reasons
To express yourself is one thing
To constantly tell someone whats right and wrong about their religion
and beliefs are another.
It's good to be proud of your religion and speak up,
but you shouldn't be proud to trying oh-so-hard to convert others by
saying first up that their religion is wrong,
thus leading to, techinically literally, shoving it down their

And I don't want it to stop. I'm happy that others have something to
look foward to after death.
But you shouldn't tell people that their's is wrong and constantly
anger the other person just because they have a different belief than
yours and you think yours is much better. 
Neriko says:   30 November 2009   497540  
People can tell you want they think (in fact, they do that all the
time, like now lol ), but you don't have to believe it.  I do agree
that telling others "Your religion is wrong, my religion is right,
therefore you should follow me because my religion is better than your
religion." isn't a very smart way to convince people (that's just
ignorant, immature and offensive), but I hope you know that not all
religiously associated missionaries/converters/etc. are like that. 
It's just "some people" that give the whole group a bad impression D|
‹INSURGENCY› says:   30 November 2009   944848  
I love you for posting this ;_;
im serious
people are always bitching about how i should be jewish or christian
and not some minority religion, what difference does it make?
i hope this makes people think twice about what their going to say
religion wise ;_;
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   30 November 2009   606072  
I am aware of that already. ♥ I admire those who are mature about it
and know a certain limit. Those who don't are bafoons. I just wish
those immature ones quite it because it's becoming annoying. I see it
more as an individual process, the group together is just different
people put into one. There's good members whom are wise, then there's
bad members who are idiots. </3

Heheh, you're welcome? x]
I know, it's annoying. My mom keeps trying to make me Christian but
the truth is I can never make myself come up and believe it. I think
everyone should freely just choose their religion. America is a free
country after all.
Honestly, me too. If I've changed anyone, I'm happy. :D 
‹ravieve› says:   4 December 2009   848796  
Amen to that.

‹Jinx Ellise› says:   4 December 2009   598642  
Well i see where ur coming from and all that.
And i'm a christian from the bottom of my heart.

But The reason some ppl proubly keep bothering you about not
having a religion is because. Maybe they want to see you in
Heaven too. And not to go to such a dreaded place like hell.
Its important that as many people as there can believe in
God/a religion because its easier to set idk morals i guess.

To cut it short short. I'm just trying to say, ppl want to make 
sure that since there is an after life. That you'll be living a  good
one :D
LOL (my mom would be proud of me right now, spreading the gospel word!
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   4 December 2009   391670  
But I'm not.
The people who bother me about it should leave it to themselves. My
mother knows it ticks me off when she drags on and on about the word
of 'God'.
I'd rather believe in a hell than a Heaven. I can't believe most of
the words you have said. I've already thought hours and nights and
weeks and even months about all that, and the more I think the less I
If I honestly meet a God or Jesus as they say when I die and end up
going to hell for me being unable to believe in them at my living
life- well. What happened to all the goodness in the bible? Aren't
each supposed to be understanding?
I'd also be proven wrong of my views and I could fully accept my
astonishment, but could they? Could they be just as bad as each of us?
What makes them honeslty different from a common modern-day human
If they send me to hell for thinking as I do... well then, I think I
just might rather be there than next to Alternate-Versions-of-Nazi's.
Now what do you think? :l

Well, people can't make sure of it until they die. It could just be
all lies and just a hope for the future to make other's less scared of
I, honestly, have more faith in reincarnation than a heaven.
But again, I think when we die it's our 'Wake-Up-Call'. That feeling I
get about it is one hard to explain though, a complete different
‹Jinx Ellise› says:   4 December 2009   107529  
I guess you could say that, but i'm sure there just trying
to look after you.

I can't say what God is like because i haven't met the dude.
And personally i think that he's a much better person than
you could ever imagine. No. He is not like any of us, not
Ever. Because he has never sinned. He has never done bad.
And i know its sounds like he's a lame uptight guy.
But i doubt he's going to be all uptight and granny like up there.
After all there throwing parties and everything! I'm sure he cuts

I mean we R TALKING about the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE
i would not speak of him lightly, or in vein because he didn't
have to be so 'kind' towards us. He could've stoped 
human kind when Adam and Eve sinned. But, he was kind and mercyful
to do such a thing. And thats how he's so diffrent from a mondern day
(not very clear proubly. But i can't rly explain it all that well.)

So i DOUBT he's some type of Nazi man.
I think Heaven is an easier thing to think about but sometimes it
blows my mind because some of the things that are suppose to be there
are suppose to Miraculous! :D 
Hell is a whole nother concept thats rated R lol

reincarnation? You believe in that more then a sanctuary to go to
after we die?
WHY? D: 
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   4 December 2009   605438  
Sometimes... You should just look after yourself.

Two things;
What you are saying isn't making me believe a millimeter more. It seem
all too ultra-religious. And that's definetly not a way to grasp me.
Another; I don't think he's a creator of the universe.
Did you ever stop to think why you could only hear what you think,
feel what you feel, understand what you know, and so on? What if,
without realizing it... you're the creator?
Not too long ago I started having dreams about dieing then coming back
alive as some guy I never meet in my life who had just woke up out of
a coma. Sad thing is that... my family, especially the children, are
known for vision-like dreams. Dejavu moments. And so on. I don't
expect you to understand or believe me, but that's just how it always
has been. And with my recent so called 'Panic-Attacs" I'm not one to
doubt it so much.

If he sends me to hell for not believing him, I think he's no more
than just one of us. You can say he's so amazing and whatnot but whats
the point of thinking him so much more if he acts just like one of
And heaven still is the fragment of imagination I think was developed
to ease a child's mind from millions of years ago.
And Hell. Perhaps so. But nonetheless.
But to be honest, have you actually meet someone dead who have said
that God was in existance? Of course not, that's why they're dead.
Somewhere else. wherever you actually go. And so what if there's a
book? People were easily astonished back in the older times. Simple
things and even lies could've been done back then. For all we know,
Mary might've not even been a virgin. She could've had some kind of
affair or her and Joseph, I think his name was, just created some lie
to get other people's attention. Humans... are very greedy creatures-
idiots at most even.

'Why' is what you ask? Well, simply, why not?
Haven't you ever learned that Truth is usually more painful than lies?
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   4 December 2009   701916  
Read above, forgot to do that so you'd know. 
‹Jinx Ellise› says:   4 December 2009   968340  
Ya, But if you have friends and family around you, there here
to help you look after yourself. And even help you to make
better and wiser decisions!

UGH. See this is why i told you it might sound 'LAME'.
But its totally true no doubt! 

O.O ME? The CREATOR? R u CRAZY? That'd be like mass distruction!
If i even had a fraction of the things god can do, i think i'd mess
awhole lot of shit up. xD lol

Ugh.Well i don't rly know why are minds can only read ares. But i'm
thats for a good reason :P. I mean its logical sane to have no 'mind
reading humans' because personal space would totally mean nothing to
snoopy people.
And plus human are living things, they all think deferently, and they
all are unique. So if we started to read each other's minds things
be very... 'Odd'. And i don't know, people would get idea's and then
people would litarrly steal them from there heads.. 

I heard dreams are sometimes just images that your brain makes up to
help delete so it won't get clottered. So while its deleting sometimes
the images get smashed together into diffrent things. Like you could
be dreaming of a man but actually it could be someone you already know
its just your brain sort of distorted the image, proubly colored the
hair a diffrent color, made more hair for him, gave him glasses, etc.
But thats what i heard.
What i believe is that dreams are sometimes sent to us from god as a
Or its just your brains way of inspiring you for the next day.

I don't know. I guess i believe you. Sounds complucated though.

Thats the thing! He isn't like us, he will never be any where close to
Because he hasn't done the one key element that all of us do
Sin. (of course.) So thats why he's so much more. Thats why he's so
Because he hasn't told a single lie, or stole a single thing. 

Now if your thinking that by God sending you to hell that
some how gives him a trait of being like a human, and thus being
one of 'us'. (did i get that right?)
Well yes. I'm sure that god gets... Angry. And Disapointed. And
But he'd never cross his own rules. The 10 commandments.
That would be sin, which god just doesn't do.
Him sending you into hell is his divine punishment for you.-- For
Who didn't do what he said, and accept jesus into your heart.
You had your whole life to do it. And like a father, he needs to
his children when they don't do the right thing.

It does help ease the mind i suppose. But its real no doubt.
No. I haven't met anyone or anything dead telling me that.

Well maybe its a little hard to understand.
But i can ask you the same thing. Is there any proof that you
die and then grow back as a weed then also have no memory of yourself
being human at all? Of course not because plants don't talk. RIGHT.
Religion is based on souly strong faith and binging morals made up by

Ya i know, a simple card trick today would astonish the greeks back in
roman times.And even the Mayans. But back then, i believe we were
And thats how we evolved into the society we know now. Because things
were so 'SIMPLE' they had to find ways to make it easier less work and
more convient.
Thats how pullies turned into fast working factory machines.
How candles turned into light bulbs.

I think now adays we don't have to be so smart because everything was
already gotten for us.

The Trut 
‹Jinx Ellise› says:   4 December 2009   683361  
D; fingures hurt...
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   4 December 2009   995807  
@683361 < just using that one.

They aren't maing me choose wiser decision. The more they shove, the
more I push back

This world could all be our little dream we created to make ourselves
feel better in a deep slumber we were to wake up after death- it's
just as believable as your God.

That is true, I all can say.
All of that moment there.

However, a dream is sent from God? Well then, why did just last night
I have a dream of two male characters making out? Ahaha. Try to back
that up with that thought of your Homophobic-God.

Sinned? He's a sin himself, I think.
Sending me to hell as a punsihment? Maybe I'm just not gullible? Maybe
I'm a critical thinker and all I needed was proof.
If he can't accept me.
I refuse to accept him. 'nuff said there.
Misunderstandment should be a sin. 

Tell me that when you die and actually meet him, maybe then I can
believe his existance. :l

I'm not saying that. Faith may be true, but because I can't truly
accept all rules of each religion and all beliefs, I'm agnostic. I
won't go around saying "THIS IS REAL" and all that. Why not? Because
I've never died. I have no true proof to reveal.
All I have to say is don't believe everything in your books.

We evolved as time went on. The intelligience of human life back then
might've been more slim than you believe so, who knows? 
I don't. I don't know for a fact, but I can put thought into it. 
‹Jinx Ellise› says:   5 December 2009   213639  
Well then, maybe.. You should pray about it. :D
(lol its easy.)

I saw something like that too. I was watching an anime..
ugh. XXXHolic! :D Yuko san 
but ah, thats more of. One of the most 
Far FETCHED ideas out there. I'm open minded.
But it just sounds. OUT there. So i wouldn't say its just as
believable as comparing such an idea to a god.
In fact it sounds down right silly(no offense).  
But i think its sometimes fun to believe in things so far fetched.
Thats why people still believe in santa clause.
And i for one believe in Aliens :P

Not all dreams i can tell u are "heaven sent" But the important ones.
The ones you wake up from and think 'that wasn't normal.' is proubly
more or less important. Well trust me. You'll feel it in your gut once
you had such a dream.
Plus i wouldn't say he's homophobic.
I'd say he strongly disagree's with it xD

He's not sin. Infact he's PURE "LOVE".
You can call it being guilible, but its not.
Its faith. and its takes heart to belive insomething based on 
pure faith. But christ also lent us down a bible. Its still alot to go
But i'm 100%! i'm very sure i'm going to heaven, so i'm not really
worried about all that. Though i do feel bad for those who are
I watched this special on the History channal.

They said Hell was more Gruesome then anysuch place in the universe.
It was a place were the screams were never ending and your torture
painful and never ending! Dx 

Trust me, god thinks of you as his child. He doesn't want to send you
to Hell.
It breaks his heart everytime... But he has to do it. Because he can't
welcome sinners into heaven because heaven is so perfect/sinless.

I would, but by the time i do come back, the world would be in that
all out Jesus V.S Satan thing.
And i'll have a job, then Jesus will win and cast all the Satans
devils into a abyss for like a millania then.. He makes another
earth.. Ithink.. IDK i haven't gotten that far in Revelations.. But
bottom line, i'll be pretty busy.

Well i understand that. God gave christians the bible as there
proof and showcase. If people don't believe them when they tell them
what is what. Then thats all they can do for them. Theres only so much
christains can do before its in god's hands.

 My book? Oh, well the bible is the guide to living for us christians
with a few extra stories inside also. lol ^^ 

Well i know for a fact that in some parts of the world, are
exceeded the majority of the world now.
For example the pyrimads that are in egypt.
No ONE can give you a clear awnser on how such a thing was made,
from the egyptions such basic tools. Some scholars even say that
we wouldn't be able to do that today in modern socety with out the
cranes and machines we had. It would be impossible for us. But yet
they did it.
And i believe they had more knowledge about the stars and the planets
then we do now. Because the Mayans were way past are world.
Thats how they made there great calenders.
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   5 December 2009   625732  
This might sound rude, but I laughed.
You're so uptight and a liar. You're not open-minded, you're closed
I'm open-minded, but again, I'm a critical-thiner so I can bash things

Instead of writing all this worthless crap to try and debate the
arguement, I now better because I won't get anywhere with you and you
won't get anywhere with me.

I still don't believe in God. Probably won't ever. I dout the
existance. Maybe at some point he was some powerful ruler, but to be
as far as to be a creator?
Well, where was he ceated, how was that created? Can you back that all

History channel did that? What bafoons. They are so high-and-mighty
about Christianity. I can't believe it.
Well, all I can actually say is if this God doesn't accept me, may I
go to hell with jews. Because if he's just that misunderstanding...
ahahah, I don't thin there's any way he's so amazing.

And my dreams?
No. They go solo. They out there. They warn me without warning. 
God doing that? He wouldn't. Because that 'guy' was the one I believ I
am to be.
For all I know... you may just be my little imagination in this fake
life I managed to make.
How can you know? It's just like God. The existance may be possibly,
may not be.
But to be 100% sure... that... Well, I just hope you won't be

I agree, egyptians were smart, nuff said. 
But like you said, we're all different.

Oh, but again. Isn't everyone sinners? Heaven most be an empty place
I wouldn't waste much time on that thought.
Just die.
Let whatever happen.
And we'll see the truth.
Heaven, new life, or awakeness.
No one is sure until they die.
I admit, since I stopped being a christian, I became scared of death.
But I don't want to return back to it.
I'd rather just wait and see

‹Jinx Ellise› says:   5 December 2009   420057  
No.. Not okay..
Definatly. Not. OKAY.

You must have th biggest ego if you think you can stand up 
to a GOD. Good luck with that chistmas wish i'll tell you that.

D; oh, i didn't think we were aguring...

He's NOT misunderstanding. If anything your misinterpeting him!
He's not just some 'guy' you can challenge. He will seriously
torch your ass. But anywho >>>>

Have you even been listening? 

Yes everyone is a sinner! BUT (listen.) 
Anyone who does 

#1.) Accept god as there one and only savior.
#2.) Follow the 10 commandments.

Will be judged innocent (cause u get jugded by god after you die
have there SINS whiped away when they die. And THEN THEY GO TO
Get it? Got it? Good.

btw, u know christianity.
So what makes Rencarnation so great?

The way i see it is that u die, turn into a weed, the weed dies, u
turn into a car, the car gets recycled, u turn into a fly, the fly
gets swated, you turn into truck driver you get shot and killed, then
etc etc.
U keep reapeting. So life goes on for .. EVER?
is that it?
‹ValVal› says:   5 December 2009   340933  
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   5 December 2009   148006  
If god is real, I wouldn't have such guts to do so. That is what I am
trying to say, trying to say if he's in existance of my death I
should, even though he'd know what what I've thought and so on,
explain myself for more understanding proportions. We all have doubts.
Right now, mines just on something important.

If he's not then I shouldn't be burned into the seldom grounds of hell
for not believing in him in my life. Nor' should any other people with
any other Religion. They were born and raised that way. And some
poeple just want to see more than one thing and maybe, just like me,
that can't ever see a heaven or hell thus' the search for a new
religion that makes sense and doesn't sound like some fairy tale

I don't get it. :]
It all seems like a lot for us to follow, if you ask me. Heaven still
sounds empty. No matter how you put it, this rules to getting there...
a Common, Modern human could not follow.

I don't see anything great about the blindness of Christianity.
I'm not meaning like that. Not all reicarnation works in that way.
I mean dying then being rebirthed once again as a human with no
rememberance of your past life.
And yes, maybe it does go on forever. But I can't say I'm 100% sure
about it. It's only a 1% chance in my mind.
everything else?
The other 99% is nothing. I'd rather not be anything.
It's pretty Ignorant of you to be shoving such down my throat.
But again, I just can't help but fight back. ♥ 
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   5 December 2009   273615  
It's okayy. Be as veggie as you want. C: 
Dave12H says:   5 December 2009   742476  
@Jinx Elise
There is actually no proof that any god every existed so I find it
hard to believe such a foolish notion.

Religion in a way just represents the best interests of the
bourgoisie/upper class. You've comfirmed it yourself

 (quote ' Accept god as there one and only savior.
#2.) Follow the 10 commandments.

Will be judged innocent (cause u get jugded by god after you die
have there SINS whiped away when they die. And THEN THEY GO TO
HEAVEN./end quote')

Lol religion teaches submission so that people will accept their
mundane, boring lives in the vain hope of reaching heaven when they
die. It teaches comfirmity to the elite as it creates a better life
for someone if they follow a strict set of rules that reinforces the
status quo. it is confirmed by yourself in your quote.

Religion I also believe to be for the weak. Marx described religion
'as the opium for the people' Religion is a enlightment for weak
hearted people who can't face the truth. ex, Religion improves the
death of say a loved one by providing a ridiculous notion of heaven
and hell. 

I can't really fathom such a ridiculous notion like religion without
any actual evidence. 
OXYGEN says:   5 December 2009   415233  
I myself am not religious,I also believe in reincarnation, and I also
believe that there is no higer being or creator.
You may think that the main issue is with Christians, and Catholics,
but I think its the Jehovah's Witnesses who are trying to push their
religion on people. In that religion people MUST convert other people
to their beliefe so they can have a better chance of being with God.
I'm not sure about how many people you have to convert to have an
absoulte chance of being with God, but I think the number is around
200 or so. Hence them going door to door trying to convert your
religion to theirs. u.u

Your thoughts on that?

And sorry for any typos xD
exquisite says:   6 December 2009   793073  
I hate preachers.

They make me want to stab them in the eyes. Literally.

I am not religious, nor have I ever been.
People will never make me pray, people will never make me read a
Bible. I just refuse. 
I don't want to spend half my life worrying of what some God would
make of me in my final days. I don't want to keep worrying, and leave
a sin-free life. I want to be rebellious, I want a challenge in my
life. It's my life, and I'll worry about it on my own. 

If somebody doesn't believe in something, doesn't mean they are wrong.
They are just as right as you. Religion is the damn cause of
everything that's wrong with the world. People today are still getting
murdered for their beliefs, people today are still getting burned at
the stake for changing faiths. If people think that religion has
helped the world, they are wrong. Like it or not. Also, a couple of
years ago in the news I saw something about a man getting sacrificed
to God because he wanted to give his daughter a chance to live or
something like that. So instead of her getting medical help, she lost
a father, she lost her life, and to top it off; the mother lost a
daughter and a husband. Has religion helped them? No, it has not. 

If we are God's children, then why is God not protecting us? 
Answer that.

/waits to get attacked.
‹Jinx Ellise› says:   6 December 2009   385772  
Your still not listening! >P

Okay, ya. You may think these thoughts about you standing up to 
god or whatever. But because god is allowing you to think this
way doesn't mean he has NO CONTROLL. 
God made everyone on earth DIFFRENT AND UNIQUE.
SO (listen to me.) 
Thats one  of the reasons why your proubly thinking and acting the
way you do.(u still listening?RIGHT.) 
God works in Mysterious ways so i can't really say why he does what
he does, but i'm positeve its for the best.

Correction, you won't go straight to hell or heaven first.
- You'll be judged on wheather you can go to heaven or hell based
on if you followed those 2 simple requirements.

And as for the ppl u were saying that proubly never had the chance to
know christianity. I'm sure god has a good way of judging them.
So i don't know. I just don't know.
And i rly can't justify or explain because i'm not to sure.
God is god, he's mighty and powerful.
He's been hear forever and has been here forever
and WILL be here forever.

Its okay. I'm stubborn too. ^^

And as for u and ur mixup DAVE.

There is evidence, theres the bible for us christians that
was hand written by the deciples (sp?)

Look, Davey. IDK where u got this crazy idea that 
Religion is for the weak hearted not able to except the truth.
Thats bull. 
Your going to have to have alot of determination and strength to
go around and say your a christian. Because we have
ppl who put us down all the time. So a christian is
going to have to have a strong heart!

Ya sure your going to have to commit (sp?) 
(not rly submission) to God, of course.
Who wouldn't want loyalty in a relashonship?
Thats what it is after all, having a relashonship with god. :D
Weird, i think were the only religion that does that...

Do u want me to awnser ur question?
Because i seem to be the only Christian here ;_;

(please tell me when i'm crossing that line cause.. I'm not like that
in real life.
exquisite says:   6 December 2009   581689  
My parents are religious, and I know the answer. xD

I know you're not.
You're somebody who's defending their beliefs, I respect that. 
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   6 December 2009   676206  

You know what?
This is the point where you shove stuff down other people's throats.
I still don't believe in him. I've lsitened for long enough and you're
getting no where for me.
You can stop shoving now kay?
If he's real, let me deal with that myself.
Until then, I'd rather await for my death to believe so I'm not
finding myself in a bad position.
God is real in your mind, but he's imagination in mine.
Leave it at that. 
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   6 December 2009   261699  

You know what?
This is the point where you shove stuff down other people's throats.
I still don't believe in him. I've lsitened for long enough and you're
getting no where for me.
You can stop shoving now kay?
If he's real, let me deal with that myself.
Until then, I'd rather await for my death to believe so I'm not
finding myself in a bad position.
God is real in your mind, but he's imagination in mine.
Leave it at that. 
‹Jinx Ellise› says:   6 December 2009   448021  
:D U do! **Hugs You** 
Muchos Appreciating the Love, Exquisite! :P

:T I'm not shoving ANYthing down ur throat.
I wasn't even trying to convert you or anything.
Some of your info was off so i just wanted to step in
and correct it is all.

It makes me kinda sad that you seem to not understand.
Its okay though. :D We R all unique so we precive things diffrently
others. Not just Religion Even other concepts like language, politics,
emotions, and food.
But still, i wish that sometimes God didn't make us so diffrent in
some ways. <:l 
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   6 December 2009   185739  

I'm not wrong. It's just religion/ It's just a belief, may be more to
you, but less to me.
You have no proof a God exists except for a book. Which isn't enough
to me.
Nuff said. 
‹Jinx Ellise› says:   7 December 2009   251940  
I suppose. But i hope you think about it...

 - xX//;Jinx Ellise;//xX 
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   7 December 2009   164269  
I've thought about all that stuff for almost a year now. :L 
‹jazmineeeee :D› says :   24 December 2009   997057  
I think the only reason they shove their religion down your throat is
because they care about where you'll end up in your after-life. As
Christians, a common rule is to forgive and love thy neighbor. So for
most, they only do it because they love you. 
Then, of course, there's the stupid people who don't even know you and
are convinced everyone will go to hell if they aren't Christian.
(Believe me, I saw a Christian yelling at a Catholic to convert.
But I agree with you; they shouldn't have to enforce their views onto
you. Some people don't believe in afterlife, and you obviously don't
to an extent. 

Cheers for supporting your own views!


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