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Wednesday, 4 November 2009
10:51:51 PM (GMT)
If you lived in Bikini Bottom, would you befriend Spongebob or Plankton?

Do you have any bananas in your house right now?	

Which overrated tattoo are you sick of seeing?	
Uh, I don't know.

Is it easy to distract you?	
If we're talking about something important, then no.

Do you prefer to drink from glasses or mugs?	
Glasses are nice.

What was the last thing you taught a younger kid?	

Are the clocks in your house mostly digital or analog?	

How long have you had your television(s)?	
I don't know.

Do you like watching movies made with CGI or do you prefer hand-drawn ones?	
Uhh. . ?

What brand are your parents cars?	
Mom - Chrysler and a Ford.
Dad - Mercedes, Toyota, and Chevrolet.

Do you know why your grandparents chose your mother's name?	

What is your favourite kind of soup?	
Vegetable soup.

Have you ever made your own musical instrument?	
When I was little I made some like guitar thing out of an empty tissue box and rubber
bands. Ghetto, yes?
But otherwise, nothing special.

What do you think of Leighton Meester's singing voice?	
Never heard it.

Do you think you'd do well at teaching the English language to a foreigner?
Well, I'm pretty good at English.
But, I don't know how to begin, considering English is difficult. And I wouldn't be
very impatient.
Long explanation but idc.

How long have your neighbours lived there?	
A while.

Is it weird to hear your name in movies or TV shows?	

Why do so many people seem to hate the Jonas Brothers?	
Because I said so.

What is a store you like that is exclusive to your state?	

If you attend school, what time do you usually get home after?	
I usually go downtown. So. . it all varies.

When was the last time you really needed to just let loose?	

Have you ever been blackmailed?	

Do you suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome?	

Would you rather a novel based on your life or a series of comic books?

Have you written a resume before, either for yourself or someone else?
Resume for myself.

Did you know that they plan on releasing a movie based on The Smurfs?

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live underwater?	

Have you ever worked in a bakery? If not, would you like to?	
No, and maybe. But I would get sick of it.

What is your favourite thing about snow?	
You can ski on it. Hah.

Is there a big personality difference between you and your sibling(s)?	
I don't really have one.

Do you enjoy decorating things with stickers?	
If you asked me that question nine years ago then hell yeah.

Did you lose anything recently? Did you end up finding it?	

What colour oven mitts do you have?	
I don't know.

Why do you/don't you watch award shows?	
Because it passes the time.

What do you think of Ellen DeGeneres as the new judge on American Idol?
She's the new judge? 
That's disturbing.

Do you ever do the exercises featured in some magazines?	
Haha. I try them.

Have you ever watched What The Buck? What do you think of it?	
Yeah. He's a little fruity but I like it that way.
. . . what.

How long ago did you switch from cable to satellite, if you did?	

When was the last time you partnered up with someone to complete something?	
Biology class. Assignment thing? I guess.

Do you consider Lady GaGa's appearance artistic, or just plain weird?	
She's a creep. 

What do you usually do when you have trouble sleeping?	

Do you agree with "Stuff White People Like"?	

What was the last thing you used scissors for?	
Today. During spanish.
To make papel picado! <3

Have you ever used some kind of food as a facial mask?	

How many USB cords do you have lying around?	
A few.

Are you satisfied with your social life (or lack thereof)?	

Do you know anybody whose initials spell something?	
my grandma's spell JAM.

What is your favourite flavour of Kool-Aid?	
honestly, I've never had kool-aid.

Is there a specific food you think NEEDS to be at Christmas dinner?	

Would you be able to re-string a guitar?	

What TV show do you just assume you wouldn't like?	
One of those weird 'date reality' show things on mtv.

Do your friends have more money than you?	

Who always has the power to make you feel intimidated?	
My dad. Hahaha.

Do you have more bread or cheese in your house?	

What was the last movie trailer you saw?	
The Box.

Did you purchase any meat product when you were at the store last?	
I don't eat meat.

Have you ever been told that you have chubby cheeks?	
Haha, yeah.

Do you know how to properly use a saw?	
I'm pretty sure.

Isn't it a shame that what Kanye West did at the VMA's overshadowed what was
supposed to be a night dedicated to Michael Jackson?
Yes. Michael is much more important, quite frankly.
Last edited: 4 November 2009

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