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Halloween Story --> Chapter 2Category: (general)
Saturday, 31 October 2009
11:41:17 AM (GMT)
They soon came to a worn down, white fence; the gate, hanging open, barely on its hinges. They walked up the path warily, not knowing what to think of the overgrown garden and the creepy house lurking in it. Cathy knocked the large, wooden door and waited. “You do all the talking.” Denzel whispered in her ear. “Was planning to.” Suddenly, the door opened and an ecstatic Rowan greeted them. “Hi Catherine! Hey, you brought someone!” Cathy stepped up and started to explain but Rowan interrupted her. “No worries, the more the merrier!” And Rowan guided them in. The house wasn’t too large or too small. It was average. Normal. Apart from the medieval styled furniture; tapestries, carvings in the wooden walls, a thick, rich red rug that ran down the hallway and the large, wooden furniture that littered it. “Come! Hang your coats up in the living room!” And she bounded into a brightly lit room. “Okay…this isn’t weird at all.” Denzel murmured sarcastically, staring at the complex chandeliers clinging to the ceiling. “Shhh, she might hear you. Okay, so the house is a little creepy, but that doesn’t mean our night’s gonna be.” Afterwards, Cathy and Denzel walked into the living room that Rowan had vanished into. It looked much like the hallway apart from people decorated this one. Small, pale, dark eyed children sat silently around an old man, clad in black and watched his every move in awe. Apart from that, they didn’t move at all which definitely creeped the two out. There was also a nanny in a very traditional uniform, standing in the middle of the room, polishing a nearby table, which clearly didn’t need polishing. Cathy found it all quite eerie. “It’s a family reunion.” Rowan whispered to them as they hung their coats up. Suddenly, the kids started chanting “Hatrid!” They kept repeating it, over and over again, in unison. Cathy looked over at Denzel, who looked like he didn’t even know where he was any more, and then back at Rowan, who looked almost bored. The chanting got louder and louder. The nanny stopped cleaning and yelled the children to stop but they weren’t listening. The old man closed his eyes as if he was listening to music. The chanting got louder and louder, almost unbearable, and Rowan was just standing there as if it was normal! The nanny shouted over it, or rather tried, her face going red with strain! Eventually, the old man waved his arms, his black blazer flowed as he did so. The children stopped and fell silent as they waited. The nanny was trying to get her breath back as she flopped in a nearby chair, reluctantly. The children watched as the man undid the wrinkled sachet propped beside his leg and pulled out a tatty, discoloured, battered, bunny teddy. It had long, limp limbs and stretched, thin ears that lolled around its head. The man squeezed its soft tummy and odd, eerie notes began to float from it. The notes began to form a lullaby that seemed more suited to a horror movie. The man placed it on it’s feet as if it would stand up on its own but as he let it go, it began to stumble towards the door, getting more and more stronger and faster as it went! Cathy and Denzel darted out the way as the bunny sauntered past. Rowan watched, uninterested, as the kids stampeded after it. “What the hell just happened?” Denzel whispered to Cathy after the dust had cleared. “Oh, it’s just a wind-up toy that Grandad uses to entertain the little ones,” Rowan answered. “It’s our little tradition that we do at Halloween. It’s a little weird but…” She didn’t finish but shrugged instead. “Come on, we’ll go to my room. I need to get something.” And she sprung through the door and down the hall. “Wind up toy?” Denzel hissed. “I know wind-up toys; little mice, and toy soldiers. Not weird, little, teddies that don’t have a single cog or spring inside them!” “Then how would you explain that then?” Cathy could think of several things; magic, curses and spells. But her logical thinking wouldn’t allow her to believe them. She looked back at the old man to find him sleeping, the nanny continued cleaning as if the sudden drama never happened. Things were getting weird and she knew it wouldn’t stop there. She gave Denzel’s hand a reassuring squeeze before starting after Rowan, whom she found just waiting outside the doorway. Happy that they were following, Rowan started her trek again. The corridor seemed long and narrow as they walked on the thick rug, slowly. An aroma drifted down the hallway; a pungent, sweet and savoury smell that indicated cooking. As they passed a doorway, Cathy and Denzel peeked inside without stopping. The room was presumably a kitchen, tiled black and white and actually quite modern looking. Several, plump women were stooped over different surfaces, preparing, what looked like, a feast. Different birds already cooked, were presented on big, silver plates that glinted in the light coming through the raggedy curtains. Fresh fruit and vegetables were piled up onto each other; carrots, apples and peaches just to name a few. The scent was stronger now and made Cathy’s mouth water but just as quickly as the scene had arrived, it vanished to be replaced by more wooden carvings and tapestries as they kept walking. She didn’t understand why they were preparing such a massive feast but she didn’t really want to know. Thinking about food made her stomach rumble. Another doorway was coming up and Cathy didn’t really know whether to look but curiosity got the better of her, yet again. This time, the room was a bathroom, quite modern again but this time, two identical twins were standing in front of the large mirror, staring back at Cathy and Denzel. They had long, straight blonde hair that trailed down to their waist. Their black eyes were mysterious and threatening. They were both dressed in a dull, brown dress that tailed to the floor. A single candle was the only light to fill the room. Shadows danced around the room as the candle flickered. There were words prescribed on the mirror in front of them. It looked like ‘Candyman’ to Cathy but the third ‘Candyman’ wasn’t completed yet. Again, as soon as the scene had come, it was gone. Cathy didn’t know what to make of it all. It seemed weird but she was sure her imagination was playing a big part in it. She wanted to go home. She hated the creepiness of it all, but Rowan was her friend and she didn’t see her motive for scaring Cathy away. Rowan had confessed many a times that she was lonely, so what would be the point in scaring her only visitors away? And besides, it was her family. Sure, Rowan’s family was a lot weirder than hers, but who was Cathy to judge? It was Halloween and she’d seen a lot stranger things.

Loih_Rhu says:   31 October 2009   715683  
lol, Candyman, very original Em xxx
‹Emafie› says :   31 October 2009   280319  
haha, yea, it's all I could think of :D


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