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Thursday, 29 October 2009
04:43:09 PM (GMT)
Was your last kiss a mistake?
uhmm it was in sk :
soo i dunno xD

What is bothering you right now?
my hair is kinda poofy :

Have you ever seen somebody get hit by a car?
On TV xD

Who do you tell everything to?
uhmm taylor or tesha 8D

Have you ever taken a picture in a bathroom?
of my dog yeah xD

Do you use big words?
Not really xD

Does your head hurt?

Favorite number?

When was the last time you saw your Father?
7 hours ago

Name the lyric that was said from the song you're listening to?
my love please stay :

Do you use your friends?

Do you fight with your parents often?
well for fun sometimes with my dad xD

Where is the shirt you're wearing from?
Gaint tiger..and it's a house coat

Do you have to check in with your parents before you go someplace?
nope i can just leave when ever :p

Do you know anyone with cancer?
my grandma D:

Do you have any picture frames in your room?
yueep of a dog :3

Where did you spend Christmas?
In my house

Ever smoked a cigarette?
Nope : ) 

Do you get good grades?
uhmm not really D:

Have you ever thought about getting your nose pierced?

Have you ever passed out on the bathroom floor?
once...don't ask

Do you start the water before you get in the shower or when you get in?
when i get in :p

What did you accomplish today?
uhmm i didn't yell at any grade 9s in my class xD

Who were your last texts from?
no one D:

Have you ever smoked pot?
Nope D: <

Who is the person you're in love with, right now?
uhmmm :x

Last time you consumed alcohol?
uhmm i had a sip a few days ago

What were you doing this morning?
uhmm shower i guess xD

What were you doing 6 minutes ago?
Starting this quiz :P

Last place you took a plane to?
havent been on one D:

Have you ever been around someone who was high?

Do you like your life right now?
It's alright

Last thing you purchased?
uhmmi don't remember D:

Have you ever drank alcohol with your number one?

Where are you right now, and how do you feel about where you are?
I am sitting in a chair in my living room :p

Three words to explain why you last threw up?
from a sickness xD

Where did your last hug take place?
uhmm i think outside of my school

Ever kissed someone who smokes?
ewww :
i wouldn't really want too
and no xD

How long have you liked the person that you currently like?
uhmm 2 months ago

Are you a jealous person?
Not really

Did you have a good birthday last year?
it was alright :p

Are you tired right now?
Yeah :

What are your outlooks on gay/bisexual relationships?
I just think u should be comforable being with someone u or woman xD

Do you chew on your straws?

Have you ever been called a tease?
uhmm no xD

Last myspace message from?
No one

Do you have curly hair?
Wavyish xD

Who was at your house last?
uhmm my parents

Do you lead people on?
on what? 
and i'm just gunna say no

Have you ever told someone of the opposite sex you loved them and meant it?
uhmm like my mom

Is there anyone who doesn't like you because of something you didn't even do?
Probably :|

As of today, do you like anyone?
uhmm....yeah :x

Have you ever been awake for 24 hours straight?

Is your sister a slut?
well a little i'd say :

Do you like to cuddle?
surre y not xD

Do you cry easily?
Depends :|
if it's phyiscal then no
verbal..yeah :|

Do you have any siblings?

Where did you go today?
School  then home :p

What should you be doing right now?
getting candey :

Are you a heavy sleeper?

Are you waiting for something?

Whats your ringtone?

well that was fun xD

‹krista ♥› says :   29 October 2009   768434  
Where is the shirt you're wearing from?
Gaint tiger..and it's a house coat 

 isnt that your "naked" house coat
..ohshit son XD

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