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Chapter 7: The ResolutionCategory: (general)
Friday, 23 October 2009
04:31:45 AM (GMT)
Team Foxfire and friends are sitting in the cave, thinking about what to do
next. Lucario: "I think we should explore around a bit, and try to orient
ourselves and find something to eat." Zelda: "Yeah, I agree." Leafeon: "But what
if we get lost? Or something attacks us?" Lucario: "We're already lost, and I
think we can take on whatever monster might be here." Celebi: "Tee-hee! Of course we
can! But... What about Marth?" Marth: -asleep- *snore*Zelda: "... I don't know. He
might not ever be the same again.... But it won't do us any good to sit here and
wait." Wolf Link: -looks sad- Midna: "Hmm... what to do.... Well, we may as
well explore around. But someone needs to stay behind to look after Marth."
Lucario: "I will." Zelda: "Are you sure?" Lucario: -looks at marth- "...Yes."
Leafeon: "Ok, once we're ready to come back, I'll find you." Lucario:
-nods-"Hmm." The group leaves, while lucario stays with Marth. Marth: -tossing
about, having a nightmare- Lucario: "....." Marth: "No! Please.... Please!"
Wolf Link: "Grrrrr!!" -a pack of demon Wolf Link's appear- Marth:
"NOOOOO!!!!!" Lucario: "MARTH!" Marth: "L-Lucario! Help me! Please!"
Lucario: "No, Marth." Marth: "Why?! Please! PLEASE!! They're going to kill
me!!" Lucario: "This isn't real! You're dreaming! Only you can defeat them."
Marth: "But-" Lucario: "NO! You can do this! You have to conquer your own
fears without anyone's help! Just trust in yourself!!" Marth: "HELP ME! PLEASE!!! I..
I can't... I'm not strong enough..... PLEASE! LUCARIO!!" Lucario: "TRUST
YOURSELF!" Marth: -closes eyes in fear- "NOOOO!!!!!" -everything goes calm, there's
nothing but empty void surrounding Marth- Marth: ".... Where?" -a shape forms in the
distance- Marth: ".. I... I know that shape...." -the shape walks towards Marth-
Marth: "... L-Link?" -the shape forms a teenager with blonde hair and a green tunic-
Link: "Don't you remember the fun we had?" -Link transforms into Wolf Link- Marth:
-Backs away- Wolf Link: -Barks happily and wags his tail- Marth: "... Link.." -a
light shines bringing Marth back to his nightmare- Lucario: "MARTH! You must
trust in yourself!" Marth: -Looks at the demon Wolf Links- "... None of you are the
real Link." -they dissapear and Marth wakes up- Marth: *Gasps* "Oohh!...." -looks
around- "Lucario!" Lucario: "...I knew you could do it." Marth: "Wait... You were
actually in my dream?! You can do that?!" Lucario: -nods- "... Welcome back
buddy...." -they hug- Marth: -starts crying- "You do care...." Lucario: "Of course I
do..." -they stop hugging- Marth: "Hey, where are the others?" Lucario: "They went to
find food and hopefully figure out where we are." Marth: "Oh... And you didn't want
to leave me?" Lucario: "I wanted to make sure you were okay..." Leafeon: "We're
back Lucario!" Lucario: "Oh, welcome back! The PRINCESS finally woke up." -winked
at Marth- Marth: "Yep! And I'm better than ever!" Wolf Link: -Perks ears, bounds
towards Marth- Zelda: "LINK NO!!" Wolf Link: -Stops and slowly backs away with his
tail and ears down- Lucario: "Relax guys." Marth: "Yeah, I'm ok now. Thanks to
Lucario anyways." Wolf Link: -Looks happy and jumps on Marth, licking him all over-
Marth: *Laughs* "H-hey! Ha Ha, that tickles! I didn't think you'd miss me that much!"
-Wolf Link finishes and looks at Marth with tears in his eyes- Marth: "... I'm
back..... and, I'm sorry Link." Lucario: "Hey, you guys get any food?" Zelda: "Yeah,
we found some berries, peaches, apples, and cherries! We thought it would be easier
to move there instead of carrying a bunch of food back each time." Celebi: "Tee-hee!
There's even a huge burrow there that all of us can fit in so we have somwhere to
sleep!" Midna: "Well then, princess and king lazy, lets get moving!"

ZeldaXprincess12 says :   23 October 2009   831494  
really cool^^ I hope link can turn back human soon D: but it's really
funny too^^ good job on it lucario :D


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