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Tuesday, 1 September 2009
02:46:43 AM (GMT)
7 Things That Scare Me
1. spiders
2. huge fires
3. ghosts
4. scary movies D:
5. my grandmother....(sometimes) xD
6. any kind of bug
7. death

7 Things I Like
1. oreos
2. skittles
3. music
4. channing tatum XD
5. coca cola
6. hats
7. EMILY<3

7 Things I hate
1. people who don't like oreos
2. diet soda
3. chicks that think they rule the world cause their popular
4. carrot top
5.annoying people
6. seafood
7. jocks 

7 Things In My Room
1. piles of clothes
2. food
3. ipod
5. rockband setup
6. school shit
7. other random stuff

7 Things About Me
1. i'm a blonde
2. i'm addicted to any kind of fruity candy
3. i hate gum with sugar in it
4. i'm in love with emily (:
5. i'm gonna marry RED
6. i absolutely love shinedown with a passion
7. && i'm awesome

7 Things To Do Before I Die
1.visit italy
2. meet the creator of oreos
3. jump out of a helicopter above the atlantic
4. skydive 
5. be an actor in an action movie
6. get better....
7. marry channing tatum 

7 Things I Can Do
1. swim good
2. drive on grand theft auto perfectly without hitting anything or anyone
3. eat a whole bag of skittles in 10 seconds without spitting it out
4. name every baseball team in this world
5. play hockey
6. remember anything someone tells me 
7. be an idiot

7 Things I Can't Do
1. write with my right hand?
2. sing
3. not get bored in ANY class
4. play drums
5. fit into abercrombie shirts
6. speak a different language
7. drink diet coke cuz its so gross

7 Favorite Songs
1. if you only knew-shinedown
2. made of steel-our lady peace
3. work-jimmy eat world
4. breathe into me- red
5. la la la-LMFAO
6. the takeover-honor society
7. closer-sanctus real

Current mood: happy,bored

Current music: nothing

Current taste: nothing

Current hair: short

Current clothes: t-shirt,bball shorts,necklace,socks,hat ;D

Current annoyance: im bored 

Current smell: axe

Current thing I should be doing: idk 

Current windows open: 2

Current desktop picture: shinedown

Current favorite band:  red

Current book: under the baseball moon idk whatever summer reading thing is

Current cd in stereo: i dont even know

Current crush: emily marie waddell (:

Current favorite celeb: uh channing tatum!

[ DO YOU.. ]
Smoke?: no

Do drugs?:NO

Have a dream that keeps coming back?: yes

Read the newspaper?: ew no

Have any gay or lesbian friends?: yep

Believe in miracles?: yes (:

Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: sure

Consider yourself tolerant of others?: eh sometimes

Consider love a mistake?: nope

Like the taste of alcohol?: only a few kinds 

Have a favorite candy?: crunch

Believe in astrology?: sure

Believe in magic?: eh

Believe in God?: yes

Have any pets: durr

Go to or plan to go to college:  plannn

Have any piercings?: eyebrow,tongue,ears,lip,nipples but their infected

Have any tattoos?: nah ):

Hate yourself: sometimes yeah

Have an obsession?: oreos 

Have a secret crush?: xD

Have a best friend?: yes i do

Wish on stars?: i wished on a shootin and it came true 

Do you believe in love at first sight?:
Do you believe in "the one?": 
Describe your ideal significant other:

Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: 

Have you ever been intoxicated?: 

Have you ever been caught "doing something?":

Are you a tease?: 

Shy to make the first move?: 

Hair: blonde

Eyes:  blue

Height: 5'7

Bought: uhhhh food

Ate & Drank: pretzelss/coke 

Read: travel team

Watched on TV: GL.

beer or cider: uhh neither

cats or dogs: bothhhh

pen or pencil: pen ?

gloves or mittens: gloves

food or candy: food

coke or pepsi: coke

kill: nobody

get really wasted with: i have no idea

look like: channing tatum ;D

avoid: eh idk

saw: jason

talked to on the phone: jay

hugged: danny (:

instant messaged: rachel

Drank alcohol?: yep

Done drugs?: yes

Broken the law?: 1nce

Run away from home?: more like kicked away from home

Broken a bone?: nah

Played Truth Or Dare?: yeah

Kissed someone you didn't know?: nah

Been in a fight?:yeah 

Come close to dying?: hampton beach XD

[ WHAT IS.. ]
Your bedroom like?: uh its messy as hell

Your favorite thing for breakfast?: pcakes 

Your favorite restaurant?: chilis

What's on your bedside table?: computer

What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night?: usually pudding

What is your biggest fear?: being stranded

Describe your bed: its comfy 

Spontaneous or plain?: spontaneous 

What do you carry with you at all times? money

How do you drive? good 

What do you miss most about being little? not worrying about anything and no drama

Are you happy with your given name? yep

What color is your bedroom? lime green

Have you ever been in a play? nah just a show

Do poor, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you? not really

Do you consider yourself to be a nice person? sure

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