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Wednesday, 19 August 2009
04:26:23 PM (GMT)
Im your average fourteen year old girl ,my names Clair and im interested in boy's,
new experiences and doing my own thing. I was sitting on the computer one day and i
was just browsing peoples profiles on my online account and i came across this boy's
profile little did i know this boy would have changed my life forever. So i clicked
on his profile and I looked at his pictures and i said too my self " wow he's so cute
" , I made him friend and we talked for awhile his name was Matthew he was 16 and he
lived in New jersey , I lived in New York so i thought I'd never meet him, i didn't
think too much about it its not like i was going too keep talking too him anyway ,
but we talked for a little while then we ended up loosing contact , i didn't think
about it just figured " ah his just some boy " and i knew we weren't going too become
Internet lovers or anything because that'd bee silly . I enjoyed my life everything
was going just great , then one day he called me and I was so surprise hear from him
we talked for hour's and caught up on how everything was going in our life's , this
went on for a month or so then i developed some innocent feelings and i felt that he
was feeling the same. I began falling asleep thinking of him and waking up with him
being the first thing on my mind , i guess you could say i was " falling in love " ?
life was perfect. I told my bestfriend Lola about him she thought it was pretty weird
that i liked someone who lived in another state but she thought he was pretty cool
and told me too be careful and make sure he wasn't somebody creepy , but i knew he
wasn't anyway , me and matt continued talking everyday getting too know eachother
more and more , we still had never met or anything but i knew him like the back of my
hand, and he knew me so well also. Then just has everything was going so well it all
went downhill we got into this big argument about him and another girl , he didn't
understand why i was so mad so i told him i wasn't mad and i cut him out of my life
,truth was i was jealous and i was beginning to really like to this guy and i didn't
want him getting close with anybody , i shouldn't have cut him of that was a big
mistake! Again i went a couple mouths without talking too him but this time i missed
him and in this one unexplainable moment i fell in love and i've never felt so much
happiness and sadness all at once , the happiness of me falling in love and the
sadness of not being able too tell him i loved him and i wondered if he even felt the
same. So i went online and talked too him and we had such a great conversation and he
told me he LOVED me ! I was shocked that he felt the same way i did and i said " i
love you too " he was just as surprise as i was , what made it so much more special
is that we still had never met , but i knew he loved me for me and i liked that . We
made a date too meet he was going too be in Ny and i wanted too see him so badly but
he cancelled and said that his parents didn't want too come too newyork until winter
for Christmas break , i was mad but i understood the situation he was in , he came
that winter and we finally met and went ice skating in Bryant Park with my bestfriend
Lola and his friend Phil. When i first saw him i just knew we were meant too be and
it would work , i saw him and he came over and grabbed me i was so happy i didn't
even want too let go , just everything was running through my head  , we skated for a
little while , we were enjoying eachother company laughing and just having a good
time it was 11:00 and but i had too leave , i cried when i was leaving him i was so
sad i just wanted too be with him , he kissed me goodbye and wiped my tears and i
left . Walking away from him i was so upset i didn't even talk too anybody i just
wanted to lay in my bed and hear his voice beside me. School was coming up and we
were still strong ,  we stayed faithful and made promises that were kept , We've been
together for a year and were still going we have big plans for our future , such as
marriage & kid's , the whole happily ever after. Word of advice too everyone never
give up because love can bee found anywhere at any given moment and long distanced
relationships are hard and can be stressful but in the end it all pays off in the end
, positive thinking can get you anywhere in life , you have too believe in what you
want and you can achieve anything in life . I used too think i would never meet
Matthew and we would never become anything like how we are today , i thought after
our first argument i would never here from him agen but i hope and faith that we
would become friends aqen and we did , im so happy and if you stay postive anything
can happen just believe it .

_ this is a true story, about me and my life the situations and names are chanqed too
protect the identity of my friends and boyfriend .

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