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Wishes [ Chapter 6]Category: Wishes
Wednesday, 29 July 2009
05:35:38 PM (GMT)
Ereya Chloris, a seventeen year old girl from Galia, a small town dreams of
exploring the realm she lives on, Teruma. But, because of her curiosity, she ends up
getting her wish the wrong way. Now, she's off to explore the whole of Lire. And to
the vanquished golden city of Iona.

Mrs. Tinners smiled at me and spoke up, ending the loud silence, "So..You want to
enter that school."

"Yes. I do." I replied so that my mouth won't open that much. I'm afraid I might
cough up some of my breakfast on the principal's table.

"Ereya. I know your reasons. I know that you're courageous and determined. But, right
now, what we need is to bring back Galia's reputation. I'm sorry to dissapoint you,
but my answer is no."

I must have looked miserable as I opened my mouth again, "W-why? W-what?"

"You haven't heard of the upcoming war between Deria and Teruma, have you?" Mrs.
Tinners raised an eyebrow and looked at me.

I ignored her look and tried to find something to change the subject. I could hear
her sigh.

"Teruma is suspecting that Galia is being used as a port of Derian soldiers to
infiltrate Teruma until it falls."

That information made me gape. "How could they? They know Galia is still Teruma's
territory. We would never help the Derians against our own realm. Plus, why is there
a war? If the Nariads are resting in Iona, shouldn't the four other realms be helping
each other out?" I knew that my questions had irritated her again because I saw a
vein pop out of her head.

But she didn't snap. Instead she answered, "When the king of Deria visited Teruma, he
fell ill. This was the time when Teruma and Deria was to sign a treaty. The king died
and soon, the Derians formed a rumor that Teruma had murdered their king so that they
can have Deria for themselves. As you know, Deria had just been attacked by the
Nariads. This attack weakened them greatly, and Derians thought that Teruma was
trying to take the realm."

I was about to speak but she continued, "The other kingdoms, Winora and Sater began
suspecting Teruma also. Teruma is the largest realm, therefore controlling it
properly was a hard job. Because of all these rumors going around, the capital is
thinking that Galia is helping Deria attack Teruma. Of course, we would never. But
what can we do? Right now, the students we are going to send will give the capital an
example that Galia is still loyal to Teruma and Teruma only. And those students must
be the best this school could offer."

I looked down. I knew I would be dragging Galia down if I went. But the urge to
explore and have powers. It is an urge so hard to forget. Mrs. Tinners spoke once
more and it was the last words she spoke to me before I started my journey, "Ereya, I
know you. Once you set a goal in life, you don't let go of it. But this time, you
have to. Please."

It was either the town or me. I knew Mrs. Tinners wasn't going to risk another war,
not with the death of her husband. I looked on the ground and I began to understand
then that however you began life, it was going to affect your future. But sometimes,
your future can bring unexpected happenings. Either good or bad.

But I wasn't just going to let my wish go. That wasn't who I am.

I left Mrs. Tinner's room with my face straight with disappointment. But inside, I
was determined more than ever.


I wanted to point out some stuff out. 

- The first 1-10 chapters are just layouts for the journey ahead. The war, the dream
at the first 2 chapters, the refusal; they're all aspects of the plot ahead. 

- Ereya is sixteen here, and the journey starts after her seventeenth birthday, about
a couple of months from now.

- Talia is not being interviewed, and she is not a major character. But, she will
soon be an important element to the story. 

- The Nariads are settling in Iona, to recover their power from the attack of Deria.

- There are five main characters [Ereya, Destiny, Bloom, Pira, and Camiry]. But the
hinted characters all play a huge role in the plot.

- There will be some romance, but it won't be the focus of the story [unlike

- Also, Ereya is not me. I'm..the writer of the story and Ereya is the narrator. xD

- There will be weaknesses and negative issues about some of the characters whom I
roughly based on my friends. Please, don't feel offended. I just don't want it to be
all Mary-Suey. I know it'll be an insult to my friends if I made them all "perfect".


Poll: Do you want me to make the chapters longer?

I made this poll because I feel that if I don't make the chapters larger, the
character debuts will come later than I planned.
Last edited: 29 July 2009

‹Puppeh.› says:   29 July 2009   741836  
I can't wait for more. (:
The more the merrier! 
I love reading your stories Miha.
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   30 July 2009   982329  
I thought Bloom was just going to be a friend. x]
I'm so excitedd!
Bootheghost says:   30 July 2009   392923  
I aim for chapters to be 1,000 words plus, personally. That makes for
a substantial and fulfilling read.
StrawberrySHOCK says :   5 July 2010   162362  
Miharu, you write beautifully. I'm a tad late on reading all of these
chapters, but I'm catching up to everyone and am shocked by how
amazingly you write!


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