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Chapter 4- Tutor DateCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 28 July 2009
07:43:35 PM (GMT)
For those who actually read my writing, I apologize for not posting this sooner.
With all the photography drama and my constant dieting and that leading on to my
supposed "anoreixia", I haven't had all the time in the world to write. 
So here is Chapter 4, Enjoy ^^

Chapter 4~

	A quiet click noted that my locker had unlocked.
	My small 1ft by 2ft locker was almost totally full of the 5 (now 6) textbooks that
were given to me today. Dustin, the gentleman I discovered he was, declared that he
would be the first boy to carry my books. I laughed, flirtingly elbowed his arm and
called him a dork. Then he complained about me crushing his ego, so he won me over
with the most adorable puppy eyes and I have him the first book I was willing to give
up- Calculus. He teased me all the way to Biology class (he had history right next
door) laughing at my lack of an in-brain calculator, something he defiantly had. 
	I sighed and stuck my latest load, consisting of a few practice packets and a couple
worksheets for the work I had to catch up on and also some sign-up sheets for random
sports I really didn’t like. 
	Dustin and I also had our study date on Thursday, 3 days from today, on our test in
Calculus on Friday. 
	I somehow felt horrible. The poor human was too tangled up with me now that it would
be impossible to escape- for both of us. I sighed as his shockingly beautiful face
appeared in my head and my fingers traced swirly patterns over his elegantly hand
written sticky note reminder of our date. I never knew we would click so early. I had
known him for only a 45 minute class and he was already calling dibs on every high
school thing he could think of. Lunch buddy, OBC (Official Book Carrier), walking
buddy, Tutor and all of the other random things he came up with. He even was stoked
about being the first person that I passed a note to. We only had 2 classes together
also- Calculus and Gym. I was absolutely a laughing stock in Gym- something he highly
enjoyed. Since it was in the middle of the semester I didn’t get to learn anything
about the sports the drill sergeants made us play. So I pretty much sucked at
lacrosse. Who really cares? I mean, I have a lot of better things to do then trip in
the wet grass and make an ass of myself in front of Dustin. But he said if we had
extra time during our study date he would give me a couple pointers. Then I really
wished we were playing golf instead. I let another sigh rip and I continued tracing
his handwriting. 
	“Thinking bout our date?” the sudden sound of his velvet voice shook me, causing
me to drop my binder and the thought of him teaching me how to golf at the same time.
My curvy, lean body swiveled towards his voice.
	And there he was in all his glory.
	He was leaning on one elbow against the lockers, inches from me. His loose fitted
baby blue polo folded over his chocolate brown belt and his baggy jeans were crossed.
His other arm had 3 or so books curled under it on his hip. And of course, he had a
smile as smug as his voice, and he had one of his puffy black-brown eyebrows was
raised higher then the other.
	“What?” I asked my voice noticeably high.
	He laughed noticing my nervousness. “I asked if you were thinking about our
date.” he said, somehow casually inching himself closer to me.
	“Uh well I was but then I started thinking about golf….and you minus the
studying.” Why bother lying to him? I sounded like a CD with scratches so lying
would just make it worse. 
	“Minus the studying?” he quoted, making the words sound like a song.
	“Yes minus the studying.” I stuttered. His expression was speculative. 
	“Hmm.” he shifted his body so only his back was leaning on the lockers. He
handed me my calculus book and winked.
	I raised an eyebrow.
	“What?” he asked as my Calculus book hung in the space between us in his hand.
“Did you give me a permanent job of holding your books? If so I’m gona have to
start charging you.” He laughed jokingly. I rolled my eyes and took the book and
shoved it in my already cramped locker with the rest of the wasted trees. When I went
to turn to see Dustin’s smiling face, I saw something terrifying. 
	“So you’re the wench.” Damien hissed. His face was inches above and far from
Dustin’s and his iron fist tangled in his shirt. Dustin’s entire body was stiff
as if he knew Damien’s abilities. 
	“I prefer being called by my name, thank you.” Dustin said, being his usual
smart ass self. He lightly shoved Damien away from him. 
	Before I had time to react, Damien’s entire frame was quivering like a Florida
palm tree during a hurricane. A low rumble burrowed itself from inside his broad
chest and into his throat and through his grinding teeth, making a very frightening
	I slammed my locker closed and threw myself around Damien’s earthquake body. I
caught a glimpse of Dustin and he was staring at Damien as if he held his every
secret- Though he did look scared in a way. His green eyes looked as if they were
going to fall straight of his head and his lip was slightly shaking. Damien’s
shaking slowed and he was only breathing heavy curses. 
	“Shhh, everything’s going to be ok, D.” I cooed to him like he was a child.
	“No it’s not. He’s taking you away from me.” He sounded like he was sobbing.

	“No D, I’m willingly giving my soul to him.” I said, too quiet for anyone but
Damien to hear. He sighed.
	“We don’t have souls Tay.” He said sadly.
	“Either way, I’m going to him D. He’s what I want.” I said stiffly.
	“Well then you can’t have me.” his icy words punctured my heart and lungs. I
lost my breath as he pushed me out of his arms and onto the off white tile floor. He
shuffled out of the wide glass doors and into the parking lot. The small crowd
dissipated at the wailing bell sounded the end of school. 
	I remained on the floor unmoving, not breathing.
	Dustin rushed to my side and shook my shoulders.
	“Hey! Are you ok? Do you need a nurse?” His voice was strained. I finally took a
grasp on reality and looked into his eyes not expecting to see them shining. They
were on the way to being filled with liquid diamonds. 
	“No I’m fine.” I whispered hoarsely. He grunted.
	“You’re a horrible liar. He like threw you like 2 or 3 feet. You’re not ok. I
wouldn’t be surprised if you broke anything.” he said anger splintered in his
velvet voice. 
	“No really I’m fine. I just want to go home.” I was trying to calculate him
throwing me that far. Nothing felt wrong. I was just a little breathless. 
	He sighed. “Alright, let me take you home.” he said lifting me by my arm and
	“No we’ll handle it.” Romeo’s voice angered me. He was standing there, hand
extended out towards me with Nova at his side. Dustin took a few seconds to take them
in but he easily removed his contact with me. Luckily I had regained my ability to
	“Thank you hon.” Nova said flashing Dustin her glittery smile. 
	“Uh no problem.” he said, his face reddening in embarrassment. 
	“Don’t worry, she’s in good hands.” Nova said. “I’m her sister and Romeo
is her big brother. Well take good care of her.” she covered her sparkles and just
	“Oh well nice to meet you guys.” he chuckled nervously. “I guess there is some
people in her family don’t suddenly hate my guts.” he added. Nova unleashed a
bell laugh.  
	“I couldn’t hate you even if I wanted to. You’re a great person and my brother
Damien just overreacted. He has quite the temper.” she giggled. “Oh and by the
way. I’m Nova.” she curtsied using the bottom of her shirt.
	“Well it’s nice to meet you Nova, and you too Romeo.” Dustin said slightly
bowing. Then he looked from them to me, stumbling towards Nova. “Well I hope I see
you tomorrow.” he said sadly.
	“Don’t worry you will. Can’t wait ‘till I get my calcu-brain.” I smiled.
He rolled his eyes dramatically and sighed.
	“It’ll take you a hundred years to get that smart.” he said jokingly.
	“Then I got all the time in the world.” I winked and Nova, Romeo and I walked
off towards Nova’s canary yellow Porsche.

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