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*sigh* why do things have to be so complicated?Category: (general)
Thursday, 16 July 2009
06:47:16 PM (GMT)
People are being foolish and its bothering me. The average IQ is going down
significantly, and its just showing how pathetic the human race truely is.

Anyway thats not the point. Allow me to rant.....but first! good news! :D

:DD Thats why i've been gone for so long. Getting the surgery done, and then having
to recover for a while with stupid bandages on my eyes, having to keep the sunglasses
on for a long while, then trying to soak everything in. Im so glad I can continue to
Watch my sister grow up. That was the hardest part of going blind for me, was not
being able to see my little sister show me cartwheels and her crayon drawings,
watching her play with the dog, and her little friends, and play dress up.... It was
very difficult for me. BUUUUUUUUUUT~ now its all better. for now <>> you never know
when I could go blind again. But its all good for now, so fear not!! :DD

Now. Back to the downside of things -_-

I lost contact with a good friend of mine because we weren't......*thinks* on the
best terms for a good long while. We had a fight and then we just stopped talking.
The fight upset me so much that I refuse to answer their texts because I'm not sure
my little string of sanity can take anymore of the stress i endured. To them, it may
seem a little over dramatic. But they don't comprehend
how.................................. DARK they truely are on the inside, and how
much weight that puts on me. I literally couldn't go to sleep at night, my grades
dropped drastically, and I couldn't focus on anything. At all. my parents were
begining to worry about me and seriously asked if i wanted to see a bloody shrink @_@
(thanks, love you guys too, -_- XD) of course I declined >_> 

Anyway, the fight was rediculous, and they started it. i ws trying to be nice, and
just told them i was sorry (for nothing of course, because thats how i am -_-) and of
course I expected an apology as well. However they just ended it, without
apologizing, and pretty much at the end said "its all your fault". They didn't
directly say so, but thats how it sounded to me, and it pissed me off. Very much.
MAybe a little to much. But im sick of being nice to everyone when i get no Kindness
back. I'm letting people walk all over me, because i'm to nice. Well. Now, i've
decided to stop being nice and see how they like mean Alvin for a while..... (lol.
Mean. me..... that'll be a tad difficult @_@)

None the less, I WONT let them keep destroying my sanity (whatever's left of it) and
I'm going to step up and put my foot down once and for all. 

*phew* sorry @_@ i had to let that out after a good few looooooooooong months. If you
read all the way down here, im impressed :D thanks for taking the time to read all of
my silly ranting. Perhaps you can give me a tip, or a heads up, or something, a
comment. Anything @_@

Once again, (person) i apologise (for nothing) and ask that you leave me be untill
school starts again. i love you  but i need a brain breather.

Alvin. Anin.

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