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Footprint in the SandCategory: made by me
Monday, 6 July 2009
09:53:17 AM (GMT)
Footprint in the Sand By: Kaylie Anderson

"Your PREGNANT!" I cried. "Yes honey I am" My mom said. Let me back this story up a
bit so you can understand. My name is Skyler, and as you can see my mom just
announced that she was pregnant. I was an only child and I liked it that way. I had
never thought about having a little brother or sister but I already knew I DIDN'T
like the idea. "When? Why?" I kept asking questions. "Well we found out last week and
we didn't know it just...happened." My mom answered. I was NOT pleased but I acted
like it. "Oh great!" I said trying to act happy. I told my parents I wanted to be
alone and ran up to my room and CRIED. Yes I CRIED. I DON'T want a little sibling.
This was not going to be good.

9 months later.

I was sitting in the hospital waiting room while my mom was giving birth to my new
baby SISTER. Yes I was having a sister. They were naming her...what was it again oh
yeah JENNIFER. All of a sudden a doctor came out and said my mom was ready for
visitors. So I walked into her room. "Hi mom." I said and sat down in one of the
chairs. "Do you wanna see your sister?" My dad asked me. "Sure..." I said trying to
be calm but I didn't really want to. "Ok here." My dad said and handed me Jen. I had
to admit she was pretty cute. Maybe having a sister wasn't going to be so bad after
all. Actually I was starting to like her. Then she looked up and I wasn't completly
sure but I think she smiled at me. I smiled back and handed her back to my mom. 2
days later my mom came home from the hospital. I changed my mind about having a
little sister. I did not like having her as a sister. She was taking up ALL of my
parents time. It seemed like they didn;t care about me at all! "Mom?" I asked.
"What?!" asked my mom. "Can you sign this permission slip for a field trip in
school?" I asked her. "Yeah, sure later ok? I am a little busy with your sister." She
answered. "Whatever." I said and walked outside and down the street to the beach.
Which we lived close to. I just walked and walked on the beach. Eventually I took my
flip flops off and held them as I walked. As I was walking I was watching my feet as
they made footprints in the sand. That's what I felt like, a footprint in the sand.
Getting stepped all over and ignored. Something that no one ever cares about and ever
bothers to take a chance and listen to what they have to say. That's exactly what I
felt like. It wasn't a good feeling either. The next day I was sitting in my room and
thought of a good idea! I would runaway and if I see any ads in the newspaper or
anything I will know my parents care about me. I started packing the nessacary things
I would need and all the money I had which all together was, $317.36. I had been
saving my money since I was 9 and I was now 11. All Christmas money, Birthday money,
and allowance since I was 9 has been saved up. I really wanted to save up for a
laptop so I hoped I wouldn't be gone long that way I didn't have to spend much. All
night I thought about my plan to runaway. I was excited and nervous. I didn't know
where I was going to sleep or anything. The next day when my mom was in the shower,
and my dad was at work, I snuck out of my house and started walking toward the beach.
I guess I would stay there and everyday I would get a paper and check to see of
anything had been posted about me running away. 2 days passed and still NOTHING. I
started to get dissapointed and started to think they didn't really care. That is
until a police guy came over to me while I was sitting on the beach. "Hey is your
name Skyler Lowell?" He asked me. I stood up and brushed the sand off me and answered
him "Yes sir I am." I answered. "Well your parents sent me out looking for you!" The
police man said, "Oh well here I am." I told him. "Well c'mon little lady lets get
you home." He told me and I followed him to his car and he drove me home. I couldn't
believe my parnets actually sent someone out looking for me! They actually did CARE
about me. I was so wrong and regreted ever thinking that they didn't. When i got home
my parents came over and hugged me. "Why did you run off like that Skye?" my mom
asked me. I explained to them that I felt like I was being cared about sicne they
were spending so much time with jen. "Oh hun, Im so sorry I knew that was going to
happen, I really mean to be spending time with you too." My mom said and hugged me
again. "It's ok. I know that now." I told them. I was really glad everything worked
out alright. I went up to my room and there was a laptop on my desk! "OH MY
GOD!!!!!!!" I screamed. "A LAPTOP!!!!???" "Yes we knew you really wanted one." My dad
said. "Thank you so much!" I said and logged on the computer and went on aim. My best
friend Alexa who i call Alex was online so we talked.

xSkyler;;Lowell;;says;;RAWRx:Hey Alex!

xAlex;;is;;fearless;;baby: omg hi girrrrlll


Alex:nm we neeeed to hang out sooon.

Skye:omg i know what about tomorrow??

Alex:sounds good.

Skye:ok i gtg my moms making me go to bed but ill call u 2morrow baii! 


xSkyler;;Lowell;;says;;RAWRx is offline.

She logged off and went to bed. 

The next morning, at around 9 she called Alex. "Hello?" answered Alex. "Heyy, so did
you ask your mom about hanging out today?" Skyler asked her. "Oh yeah she said it was
ok." Alex told her. "Oh alright we can have a sleepover then!" Skyler cried. "Oh
yeah! That would be fun!" Alex exclaimed. So around 11am Alex went over to Skye's
house. When they had to go to bed they tried to pull an all nighter. But they only
made it till 3:00am. The next morning they ate breakfeast and then Alex's mom had to
pick her up. So after she went home Skyler went on her laptop. She needed to check
her Mybook. And also she liked watching videos on Videotube. The next day when she
went to talk to her mom, she felt like running away again. "Mom!" Skye screamed.
"WHAT!" Her mom screamed back. "Can you PLEASE sign this permission slip, you said
you would later now it's later." Skye told her. "Alright,alright let me see it." Her
mom took the paper from her and signed it. "Here ok?" "Now can you please go I really
need to pick up me and dad's room." She told her. "Whatever!!!" Skye said angrily and
ran to her room. "God, my mom is so mean!" She thought to herself. "Skye?" Her mom
said with a light knock on the door. "WHAT!?" Skye asked still as angry as ever. "I'm
sorry I blew up like that its just that I have really busy with the baby that I
haven't had time for myself and I was angry, I'm sorry." Her mom said ans hugged her.
"It's ok I guess." Skye told her mom. "Ok good, so how about me and you have a girl's
day out tomorrow just the 2 of us?" asked her mom. "AWESOME!" Skye exclaimed. "Good,
we can go to the spa have lunch at a resturant,we could go roller skating too!" Her
mom cried. "Yeah that sounds fun!" Skye told her. The next day around 10, the both of
them went to the spa. There they got a manicure and a pedicure. They also got
massages. After that they went to Fridays for lunch. "I'll have the Jack daniels
seseame chicken." Her mom told the waitress. "And I'll have the buffalo tenders with
french fries and extra hot sauce on the side please" Skyler told her. "Ok coming
right up!" the waitress said and left the table. A little later they got their food.
After that they went to Ruptill's skating arena to go skating. "Ahhh!" Skyler said as
she fell and laughed. "I stink." she said and laughed. After that they went to a nail
salon to get a manicure and a pedicure. With that Skyler didn't feel like a footprint
in the sand anymore.

Did you think it was good? I made it in the car when I was on my way yo NH on my dads
laptop! I published it on a kids publishing website. I really want to be na author
when I get older.
Last edited: 6 July 2009

‹♥Stevie;;Doesn'tNeedAGuyToBeHappy♥› says:   6 July 2009   792238  
I love it! Your best story so far! :D
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says:   6 July 2009   226498  
Thanks sooo much Stevie. ilysfm
amethyst21 says:   6 July 2009   618851  
Girl;; Keep writing! :D
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says :   6 July 2009   462864  
Theres no more fo the story thoughh ill make another


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