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oogie vs. roual!Category: (general)
Friday, 3 July 2009
05:56:02 PM (GMT)
ok,if you don't know who theses guys are,well,oogie is the bad guy in the nightmare
before christmas and roual is this one ugly ass dude in the phantom of the opera,he's
the one who gets the girl that the phantom and roual are fighting for,so yeah.anyway
i was at my brothers judo place,once again half my brain was saying this is
boring,the other had a little battle going on between theses two.i hate both of these
guys,so you know i didn't really care who won,though i was kinda hoping for oogie to
win,cause he's far cooler than roual,and know how to look like a man instead of a
girl,well anyway this is how it went.

oogie was writing down a plan to destroy jack,and it was the plan that would work
perfectly,but roual comes in and spills coffie all over the plans and you can no
longer read it,as you can imagian,oogie is pretty pissed now,"what the hell
roual?!"oogie yelled,"what?"he asks,"oh my god,are you stupid or something?you just
ruined the perfect plan,i'll never rember it!"oogie yells."well,sorry,you don't need
to shout"roual replies,"i have every right to shout!how did you even get in here
anyway?"oogie asks,roual shruges,"i creeped out erik and he put me here"oogie stares
at him,"who's erik?"he asks,"the phantom"roual answers.oogie frowns at him,"i'm going
to do something to you that erik should have done to you a long time ago"oogie
says,"what?"roual asks,oogie gets out a gun,"this!"he says and starts to shoot at
roual.eventually they both have guns and start shooting,and then it was swords,then
fists,then spoons for some really weird reason,then it was lock and barrel,roual had
lock,and oogie had barrel,they were used like swards."eat my candy loving weird
kid!"oogie says,"you eat my devil like kid!"roual says.meanwhile,jack and the
phantom,aka erik,are walking by,"uuhhh...is it just me or dose this look really weird
here?"jack asks,erik just stares at roual and oogie fighting.erik finally looks at
jack,"come on lets get these two morans to stop"erik says,"ok"jack says.they get
between roual and oogie,erik grabs oogie by his arms and jack grabs roual by his long
hair,"ow,my hair!"roual yells,"oh,stop being such a girl"jack says,"it's not a girl
thing,you just don't understand because you don't have hair"roual
says."erik,lock,barrel,do you three ever complain about your hair?"jack asks,"no"they
all say,"i rest my case"jack says."now drop the kids,we wouldn't want them to get in
this"erik says,"but,..."oogie and roual say,"NOW!!!!!"jack and erik say,oogie and
roual get so scared they almost wet themselfs,well roual did,"yes sirs!"they said and
droped lock and barrel.the kids went off,"i think there is a lesson to be tought
here"erik says,"shall we teach them?"erik asks,"let's do"jack answers,jack and erik
switch who they were grabbing and beat up their enimies.in the end,jack and erik made
two chairs out of oogie and roual,and they spent the rest of the day with sally and

and thats it,sorry if i spelled anything wrong

DarkDancer says:   4 July 2009   278935  
this is really weird
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   5 July 2009   975441  
Oogie is the best villain ever to exist! He doesn't monologue, he
goes straight to trying to kill Jack! I like him as a villain!
Nightmaregirl says:   5 July 2009   477159  
i can't picture him as a goodguy really
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says :   7 July 2009   819432  
Of course not! He's pure evil awesomeness! And a good evil!

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