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Micheal Jackson? LOL OMG =[ DEATH. FUNNY.Category: (general)
Saturday, 27 June 2009
01:02:26 AM (GMT)
I was just thinking.
Micheal Jackson just died like 2 days ago.Ya i know , he was great entertainer
and shit. But didn't he like hurras little boys or something?
Wasn't he bad person? Wasn't he a creep? I mean i always thought MJ was such a
He had so many issues with himself. His issues had issues! And i now i
proubly shouldn't be "Going to town on MJ" for just being creepy.

But today me and my friends were joking about what if the boogey man came out my
closet in the dark. Then my friend said "Well it wouldn't scare me as much as MJ
coming out" Whitch then we all started laughing.
I know kinda bitchy. But he was a weirdo. I mean of course MJ didn't become creepy
over night. No. He started off as a good coffee type creamish color. Then he went to
a light tanish color. and then next thing u know. He looks like a LADY.

My friend even said when she saw the MJ's body on tv with makeup and stuff on. She
thought that was his wife!! O=O 

But i was just saying. MJ is such a creep. And i actutally kinda claped when they
said he was dead. But thats only because i thought they were kiding.

Tell me how U feel.

A. Do u care that he's gone and ur like "one less creep in the
world."---Me(XxJokerxX), chrissy600 ,

B.  You morn, and its the worse thing since those nasty cherry medicene flavor
candies came out?. ----

C. somewhere in between. B and A ----

D. Or do u just not give'a danm. --- Zelda3443(my BFFOL), ‹You've set on me
but you are not the sun›  , chrissy600

if u choose one of these awnsers i'll post ur name!!

Comment and tell me! =]


ITs Something for ur thoughts

Some pirctures of him too i guess..

who knew.. I still think he's a weirdo..

<object width="445" height="364"><param name="movie" 
value="http://www.youtube.com/v/VU5GfCsb9gA&hl=en&fs=1&color1=0xe1600f&color2=0xfebd01&border=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" 

I also found this video! =P i thought it was HULLARIOUS. AND FOR U MJ LOVERS I


<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" 
value="http://www.youtube.com/v/_h1euQKJsr4&hl=en&fs=1&color1=0x006699&color2=0x54abd6"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" 
Last edited: 12 July 2009

‹Northern Italy♥› says:   27 June 2009   948231  
I think that is a lie about 'the kids thing'.
We don't have real proof of it.
I think they just wanted to take money off of him.

It wasn't his fault from changing.
He had a disease.
Zelda3443 says:   27 June 2009   797532  
I choose D! XD

They say his heart just stopped beating (can't remember what that was
called.) but he was great until he was like 20 or 30. Then he was all
pedophile-ish. Everyone said he messed with minors in the wrong way D:
‹Yuushi› says:   27 June 2009   663413  
Agrees what ‹[[ Ritsuka♥ ]]› said
‹burblegurm› says:   27 June 2009   357944  
Those were all just some freakin' rumors. :l
it was never proven true and those children made lies about him
because if they can act in his video's, they can act like a rape
victim to get some cash from a man that did so much. >__> 
Everybody who makes up that shit about him seriosuly never think of
what he did.
He helped people, if it wasn't for him alot of the music artists we
have today wouldn't be here.
His death was terrible ): And nobody will ever be as amazing as him.
‹Jinx Ellise› writes:   27 June 2009   748141  
So many comments! uh.. lets go with.

- Zeleda3443 lol ** pats u on the back** u jusrt want more cookies
don't u? Gives u a cookies =3

- WTFit'sYou & ‹[[ Ritsuka♥ ]]›  & Mallorymakesyoumelt ;D: I
don't rly think its a lie cause why would children 5-+ would lie about
something like that? when u were five or did u think about people
raping u? When i was five i didn't even now what stalkers were(only
like stanger danger stuff but still). I wouldn't make sences so i
think MJ is guilty. But don't worry MJ had like seriouse issues. so it
was more mental.

o.O thankies for the comments every one! its nice to know pplz a

‹burblegurm› says:   27 June 2009   826238  
Why don't you ask the pricks they call mom and dad? :l Those children
could've been told by their parents to say something like. Either way,
those people were wrong. If those children were 5 then they wouldn't
defend Michael :l They'd just do what their mommies and daddies say
because they don't know any better. 
Simple as that. :l
He was innocent and had a child of a heart because when he was
a child he didn't get to do the things normal children did. Instead he
was out there performing his ass off to thousands of people.
If it wasn't for music and the world wouldn't be like it is now.
Every child star has had problems.
Think of Brittany Spears, her and Michael both had their childhood
taken away from them to perform and they both had problems in the

Michael tried to regain that childhood but instead all he got was
bastards after his money.
‹bigciity-dreams› says:   27 June 2009   685154  
Who cares why dont you guys just shut up about Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson is the best singer and the best dancer he has changed
Pop history and you cant take his talent away. Even if he was a pedo,
he is dead now and we have to remember all the good things he did.
Like he is amazing! He is the most awsome guy ever and people think he
bleached his skin but all it really was because he had a disease. And
you should not hate on him just because people say he is a pedo.
‹Jinx Ellise› writes:   27 June 2009   221244  
lol haters are commenting on my dairy! i feel so loved!!
‹Jinx Ellise› writes:   27 June 2009   962872  
- Mollyormakesyoumelt:
Ya i suppose. But If micheal didn't look like such a weirdo in the
first place they would of droped the cases sooner. 
For example. If MJ looked normal and not like a mest up bleached
french lady proubly more ppl would've been on his side , But because
of the image he was sending around the world he did look like such an
afender (al least i think). But i understand where ur coming from.
He's child hood was fucked up thanks to his dad, and pear presurre.
Whitch also made him fucked up in the future.

I'm not saying he deseverd what was coming to him. But maybe if he
used some of his money for mental help, like Dr.Phil or something.
instead of making his house into piggy's play house. He would be more
healthier mentaly.

Your a good defender! =]

‹Northern Italy♥› says:   28 June 2009   476621  
Oh, but it wasn't a five year old.
I heard it was a fourteen year old.
If it was a five or fourteen year old. The parents made them lie.
The economy is low, that maybe was why.
One of my real life friends told me that.

One, he had stress. From working and stuff.
I agree with Kala.
He dud had a missed up past. If you think MJ is. What about his
father? His father did wrong things to him. So, mostly. This diary
should be about hi s father not him.
‹ashlaaay.♥› says:   28 June 2009   232154  
hehe. (:
‹Jinx Ellise› writes:   28 June 2009   984683  
X) yA I  SUPPOSE! But MJ is the bottom line here not his father.
And i saw his life story on life time, It was pretty sad. Mostly cause
his father fucked up his family. But 4teen yr old or 5. Do you rly
think anyone would call MJ out for something so bad as harrasment just
to get money?...
Oh okay i see ur point. Those selfish basterds! >_>
Electronica says:   28 June 2009   376999  
everyone has issues. and i don't think that Michael Jackson would do
something like that to a child.. he seems too nice.

you can talk shit about him and whatever but remember, he did way more
than you'll ever do in your lifetime.
‹Jinx Ellise› writes:   28 June 2009   354671  
Ya wanna bet. I'm not trying to descrimenete him or anything.I'm just
stating my opinon. =]  besides he proubly didn't do anything. But i
still think he deserved some type of treatment! and WTf was his noes
always like that or did he change that too?

More hatter comments the better! keep'em coming!! x)
‹Let You Fall For Every Empty Word I Say› says:   28 June 2009   895448  
D. dont give a damn.
lol, seriously people. he's dead, and no one really cares about how
much you defend him. by the way, i was scrolling down the page and saw
the first pic, and im like, okay. then i saw the second one and im
like holy shit! yeah, a bit shocking. if someone raped me, i would
picture him looking like that.
Electronica says:   28 June 2009   132949  
oh lol i said it was fine. and i'm not "hating" or whatever you want
to call it. he did his nose like that because his father used to say
that he had a fat nose and that he didn't get it from him so michael
jackson felt bad since it was his own father telling him that, and the
result was him having almost no nose.
‹burblegurm› says:   28 June 2009   236377  
First of all,
Skin disease :l It's not very possible to bleach yourself and his
other appearances is mainly decisions made by the people around him.

And why would you judge a book by it's cover?
Chris Brown looked like a sweetheart that wouldn't hurt a fly and he
never changed his appearance.
But he beat the shit out of Rihanna and there's proof of that right on
her face.

Michael's appearance might've xhanged but who the hell cares?
He raised money for kids with aids and living in poverty.
And sure as hell there's proof of that

And for the love of god,
he was 50 :l
Did you expect him to look like america's next top male model? 
He still was an amazing singer and his looks shouldn't count.

You have to think of the dozens of managers and people that were like,
"Oh you should do this to help your career".
You were never in his shoes, you can't tell what it was like.

He used his money to help people.
I think that, that counts better.

Why thank you :D
‹Jinx Ellise› writes:   28 June 2009   712847  
So i'm guessing Mallory your choosing B.? lol X)
I know Electronica i was just teasing. BTW i knew his father has most
of the blame on why MJ looks like such'a creep!!

Go  ‹You've set on me but you are not the sun› !!! Wohoo! 
Electronica says:   29 June 2009   572866  
‹You've set on me but you are not the sun›, if you didn't really
give a damn, you wouldn't be criticizing his picture.

well yeah, whatever, criticize him, or state your opinion, whatever
you call it, but like i said, he did way more than you'll ever do in
your lifetime. i mean seriously, he started singing since he was just
a child.

and i have to agree on what you said, you ought to blame his dad for
what he's caused and not Michael Jackson.
‹Jinx Ellise› writes:   29 June 2009   926951  
Well ya i guess u have a point but the pictures R kinda surprising!!

Please i'll proubly be just as famous too!! =] proubly not in singing
cause my voice sounds like a dog's. But in something!! x) I'll hav to
think about what.

I'm glad WE AGRRE! ^0^
orangelove47 says:   4 July 2009   684712  
whoever you are in that video...YOU ROCK!!!!!
orangelove47 says:   4 July 2009   845397  
I agree with <mallorymakesyoumelt>!!!!!
‹[--♪BobsBestBuddy♥--]› says:   4 July 2009   218948  
I guess you deleted my comment. Hmnn. -.-
‹SkyBirdyFlyAwayComeAgainAnotherDay› says:   12 July 2009   221775  
D & A :D
‹Jinx Ellise› says:   12 July 2009   222663  
lol =D finnally someone is using the awnser sheet!! =S
k i'll pos ur name right now!
‹*Starry*Eyed*Bitch*› says:   2 November 2009   394233  

Cardiac Arrest.

My answer is A but different. I care that he's gone, but I don't
think, 'one less creep in the world' I think he was a great singer,
great dancer and it'll be a long time before he's forgotten 
‹;;TheBigDinosaurThatsGettingReadyToEatYou;;› says:   2 November 2009   985020  
i say B.
that is awful!
‹goodfornothing› says:   2 November 2009   842367  
you wanna know why you think he's a creep?
because you're a little kid.
and you never knew the magic that was Michael Jackson when he was at
his prime.
and it kills me that people can forget that so easily,
or worse, that they can think they know EVERYTHING just because he was
in the news for things he may or may not have done (the truth is only
he and those alleged victims will ever know the truth).
so, please, shut up. you don't know anything.
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   3 November 2009   630783  
C, because he made a lot of good music but he screwed a lot of people
‹⋟♪〜дℓ○ηε тσℊє†нεℛ, αℓω› says:   3 November 2009   712161  
Why is evreybody still going on about his death? Its like when
Princess Diana died, everybody went on about it for 2 or 3 years.

I'm actually in between C and B.
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   4 November 2009   935959  
I am not one of those hate commenters 'kay? Just here posting my
opinion, if you don't mind, ^^ (please read until the bottom)

MJ was a great singer and dancer, he was called the king of pop, and
he cares about the world. He cares about kids, and he doesn't deserve
to be treated like everyone saying, 'He raped those kids!' He cares
about kids, if you know his songs 'Heal the world' and 'Man in the
mirror' it shows that he cares... I didn't really know him at first,
but when I heard his songs and sing them, I really started to like
him(not crush, you know, as in like, as a person) He doesn't deserve
to be teased, made fun at, or anything.. He's really kind. And I
really don't believe that he 'raped' kids. If people 'hate' him as a
person, then what did he even do to you?(not saying that you hate him,
just wanted to put that line) So anyways, all I'm saying is that he's
kind, and I don't believe that he.. You know..

This was just an opinion, everybody has there right to make opinions
right? ^^

People, please let him rest in peace.. It hurts him to see people who
hate him, or anything like that..
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   4 November 2009   886530  
Oh, by the way, you think he 'looks' like a creep? Well maybe you
think he looks like one, but he's really kind inside.. Don't just
judge right away abotu what he looks like.
‹Jinx Ellise› says:   4 November 2009   795575  



I wasn't trying to be mean, i wasn't trying to INSULT anyone!

xD (i luv the spot light, plus she's and attention hogger too!)

I just noticed that the only name that's taking credit for this is
She must've known i'd get clobbered 4 it so she didn't write hers..
 (i'ma get her though. >:D)

But seariousl pplz, i was totally JOKING. JOKE.

- now stop with the hate mess. stop with the emails, stop with the
And just laugh already! Goodness! >_>

now if u guys still wanna post about this, be my guest. And totally
make this
diary popular. But me and my friend wrote this to 'poke' fun at MJ.
not to insult him, just to poke him. xD lolz.

~ SO HA~

>:/ Freak all of yall btw for keeping me up and feeling guilty!
yall don't know how to laugh. >:I 
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   15 November 2009   416875  
Do you think we'll laugh? We are fans of Micheal Jackson(I think) and
do you think we'll laugh? This sounds all serious and if it's a joke,
it's a bad joke. Oh and you want to be popular? That's not good.
Seriously, this is a really bad joke. And you do it just to have
popularity. Do you think we'll laugh, hm? 
‹undoable.› says:   20 December 2009   285983  
Ah. Smooth Criminal.
On of my favorites.
I don't think MJackson is much of a freak <3
Srs, and he had a fucking disease. (As read from Kevin,)
Zelda3443 says :   8 August 2010   891946  
hey dude I know you don't even use this account anymore but I gotta
post this anyway cuz I'm freaky like that. I was reading back at all
the hater comments and here's what I got to say about them~
All of you are defending MJ (I can't help but think of spiderman when
I see that.)and saying he had a crappy childhood and he was really
nice. Okay I don't think we'll ever really know if he was a pedo or
not, and he might've been pretty nice, but either way he was messed
up. He accomplished a lot and he was really great and awesome when he
was younger. That doesn't mean he wasn't messed up at the end. He was
addicted to plastic surgery! Thats the bottom line, his nose was
freaking falling off! And about his childhood- its not like he got
abused or anything. He was famous and got to rock out on stage and
have people worshipping him. If someone wants to complain about that,
they can go on Oprah and leave everyone else alone. If he hated it so
much, he could've stopped and bought some normal sized house and
stopped with the music and everything. Its that simple. 

Sorry I feel like a spammer now.


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