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unhappy girl faraway part 3 chapter 3Category: (general)
Saturday, 18 April 2009
09:02:46 AM (GMT)
The boy that saved Isabella his name was Joshua. He took a shower in the room down
the hall the  last room on the right next to the twin boys room. When Isabella was
out of the shower and had PJs on she sat on the couch down stairs. Sophia came down
and hugged her sister. Emma came down after her and ran to her and hug her tight.
When Joshua came down she smile as he sat down next to her,

Courtney and Cory came from the kitchen and sat in the arm chairs and they looked at
Isabella and Courtney said

Courtney  “We can’t trust you now. You dishonest us.”

Isabella “So you never love me before!”

Courtney “ Go to your room now and don’t come out to tomorrow!”

Isabella sat there not moving or anything. Cory yelled at her and pointed to her
room. Isabella shook her head no. Cory went up to her and stood her up and was going
to pick her up but she fell on the floor and refuse to get up. Cory picked her up and
carry her to her room and he put her on her bed he left the room and locked the door.
Isabella cried to she fell  asleep.

Joshua sat there. He look at Courtney and then his stomach growl. Courtney got up and
went into the kitchen she took out a frozen pizza and put it in the oven. She set the
table and she throw a salad together. She went back in the living room and smile.
Cory came down and he had tears in his eyes.

Courtney “What’s the matter?”

Cory “She is crying and hungry.”

Courtney “Then tell her she can come out for dinner.”

Cory nod and he went up stair and open Isabella’s door. he went to her bed her
picked her up. He rocked her to she wasn’t crying. When she woke up she smile at
him and hugged. He lift her up and brought her down stairs. Dinner was on the table.
he sat her down next to Joshua. Courtney smile and she serve everyone and then
everyone begin to eat. When every one was down. Everyone sat there and talked.
Isabella sneeze and begin to cough. Cory got up to see if she was Ok. Her head  was
hot. Joshua said he will be back and he ran to the bathroom with his hand over his
mouth. Isabella was sent upstairs with Cory. Cory laid her down and he tucked her in.
He gave her some medicine.

Courtney went into the bathroom and Joshua was on the floor bending over the toilet.
Courtney saw he got sick. He picked him up and she brought him upstairs. She laid him
down. She took off his clothes that stink. She heard Mindy came in with bags.
Courtney got up and looked for PJs. When she found one she put it on him and she gave
him some medicine. He fell asleep against Courtney. Sophia came in and she crawl in
bed with them. Cory was sleeping with Isabella. Emma sits down stairs at the table
alone. The lights get turn off  while she sits there. She gets up and steaks out
side. She walks to the backyard and she sit on the steps. She hears someone in the
bushes. She doesn’t care. She puts her head in her lap. She hears a gunshot then
she feels pain she crawls to the chair and lay her head on it then it goes dark and
she sees the light. She wakes toward it and she sees a man and she run into his arms
and she grow wings and her clothes are change into a white gown. She runs off to the
other children.

The next morning Cory comes down with Isabella crying and fussing. He get her
something to drink and the he sat her on the counter. He made her breakfast. While
the eggs cooked and the hash browns cook he let the dog out and he didn’t see Emma.
When breakfast is done he feeds Isabella. She gets sick in the sink. He picked her up
and brought her back to bed. He goes in Emma’s room and sees she is not in bed. He
goes to Joshua’s room and picked up Sophia. he put her back in her bed. He wakes up
Courtney and ask her where is Emma. She rubbed her head and said 

Courtney “probably outside walking the dog or playing on the play set.” 

Isabella came out with streak tear face and she grab Cory’s hand and brought him to
her window. He look out then pass out. Courtney ran to him and looked out the window
she ran down the stairs and outside and to Emma. She tries to wake her up and she
begin to cry when she sees the blood from her chest. She cries then takes out her
cell and call for a ambulance.

When they came and took her away she fell down and cried. Isabella was scared and
Cory was still pass out. Sophia was crying in her room and Joshua was still sleeping.
 Isabella sat Cory up and she  pour cold water on him. She took his hand and he stood
up and he picked her up. They went into Joshua’s room and Cory put her next to him.
She shook him and he woke up. He smile and they hugged. They fell asleep together.
Cory went down stairs to get Courtney and he picked up and brought up her upstairs.
He put her in the bathtub and turn the shower on. He wash her to she was clean and
smelled good. he wrap a towel around her and brought her back to there room. He dress
her in a pair of shorts and a tank top and put her to bed. 

There was a knock on the door. Sophia went down to answer it. A man was there and he
had a army outfit on. She looked at him. She let him in. She let him sit then she
told him to stay. She went into her parents room and made Cory and Courtney come
down. They all went down and the army guy stood up when they enter and said 

Army guy “ I’m here because Courtney your brother is in the hospital and request
for you to see him.”

Courtney “I never knew I had a brother.”

The army guy nod and ask her to come with with him. She put her flip flops on and
told Cory she will be back later. She follow the guy to the guy to a car. They drove
a long time to they got to a army hospital. They got out and she follow him inside
down the hall into a room. Laying there was her brother and next to him was a girl
that look like her. She smile and she enter the room. The guy on the bed raise the
bed and smile at her. She stood there as the guy says.

Guy: Hi Courtney if thats your name now. I bet you don’t remember but I’m John
your brother. The girl is Amy.”

Courtney: Hi I do remember you. You two was taking away when I was four. I’m so
glade we finally get to see each other.

She walked over to them and hugged them. She sit down with them and talk and catch
up. She founds out they are neighbors and Amy lives with him. She smile and then it
was time to go.

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