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Summer's Eve Kiss PART 1Category: Romance
Friday, 17 April 2009
10:10:11 AM (GMT)
We were sitting on the old bench, the long grass tickling our ankles right up to our
knees. This was the old haunt, where we used to come as kids. The bench was worn,
with graffiti all over it. But it was our bench.

It was me and Jamie. We were best mates, since we were little, we knew each other
inside out, every flaw and fault and every good point too. We were sitting on that
bench on the last day of freedom (or at least the last day of the summer hols). He'd
been off to camp and I'd bin in Spain most of the 6 weeks so we had't had much time
together. But we were together now.

Jamie was tall, but not in that gangly youth sorta way, it was more protective than
awkward. His spiky brown hair went off in all directions, but it looked soft, the
sort that you always wanted to run your fingers through, which he frequently did as
an old habit. he had brown eyes the colour of chocolate. And his skin was tanned from
all his time outside. He wore that green shirt I liked, tbh I liked any guy in a
shirt, but Jamie could really carry it off. Not that I thought of him in that way, we
were friends after all. He also wore his green converses which he desribed as
'quirky' one time. Love that word, 'quirky'.

Me, I was just in an old floral summer dress that had once belonged to my older
sister, and I had modified it a bit, hacking about 3 inches of the length so it was
just above my knees and tying a matching bow around my waist. I was pleased with the
outcome, it was never gonna be a showy dress, but I was never a showy person. It
suited me just fine. My hair was shoulder length. it used to be a bob but I've been
furiously trying to grow it out for years now. It never did what you wanted. If I
wanted it scrunched and curly, it hung straight and if I wanted it straight, it
curled. So in the end this summer I just let it do its own thing, and it eagerly
responded with waves going every which where.

So there we were Jamie and me or Jamie and I as it should properly be said, sitting
on the bench, talking and laughing about total nonsense (as we usually do). It was
mid afternoon. The sun was still high in the sky and a soft breeze rippled the long
grass causing it to sway. A butterfly fluttered past in front of me, probably
mistaking my dress for a giant flower of some sort. Ismiled at the thought. I must
admit, at this point I had zoned out a little on Jamie's speech about some guys at
his summer camp.  But I came back to the real world with a loud jump as Jamie added
sounds effects to his story:

"BANG! and then do you know what the Tom did next? He totally wet himself and Reese
was laughing so hard he nearly died! Did you hear me Lizzie? HE NEARLY DIED!!" then
Jamie fell about laughing at his own 'hilarious' joke.
"Yeah very funny Jamie" I said sarcastically, knowing this would wind him up.
"What's not funny?" he gasped, still laughing "Oh come on Liz, you can't still feel
sorry for Tommy boy can you? oooooooooooh your'e in love with Tommy! You're in love
with Tommy! Tommy, Tommy, woo woo!" he pulled a pose, lips puckered and eylids
batting furiously. 

Strangely the only thing I could look at was his long eylashes fluttering crazily,
how long they looked, how come his eyelashes were longer than mine? I've used so many
expensive products trying to lengthen mine, it was not fair!! He caught me staring a
them and I looked away at the grass, the sky, the trees, anything.......

"Awww what's up?" he said "have I hit a nerve?"  Oh, he was still talking about those
guys, the ones I didnt even know, at his camp. I sighed. Wait. Why did I sigh? Did my
heart really just speed up then? What is going on? I pushed that thought out of my
mind for now and concentrated on a witty comeback. when none came to the front of my
mind, I sighed again and turned to face him. Clonking him on the nose as I did so.

"Owwwwwww! What did you do that for?" he yelled (typical Jamie, always overreacting).
But the strange thing was, he was a lot closer to me on the bench now, and his face
had had to be close to mine or else I wouldn't have hit him. In fact where his face
was before, if i'd've turned my face more slowly, our lips would've met.............
Last edited: 17 April 2009

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