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Monday, 13 April 2009
04:38:18 PM (GMT)
Lightning strikes, a pack of wolves run trying to find safety. They find shelter in
a cave and run in there fearing nothing. They breathe heavily. The pack is full of
male wolves. One of the wolves perks up his and looks out of the cave. He see's a
beautiful female Wolf w/ glistening eyes. Her fur is pure white and she stands there
not fearing the lightning. All the wolves all stand up and look at her. She walks
toward them w/ her chin high. She stays alarm of them, ready for anything. A wolf
behnd them starts 2 growl as he comes out of the darkness limping. Blood drips from
his leg. The wolves look behind them and the injured wolf attacks. He bites down into
one of the wolves and the leader of the pack stays laying down. They continue
battling and the injured wolf ends up winning. He growls at the leader wolf and the
leader wolf stares at him not even impressed or caring that he killed the pack. The
leader wolf walks off and past the female wolf. The female wolf watches him walk
away. Rain pours down and the injured wolf calapses. The female wolf runs over 2 him
and licks his injure's. She lays down by him and they falls asleep. They wake up to a
sudden crash. The female walks out and looks around. She hears shooting and perks her
ears. The injured wolf runs out. He jestures her to run but she stands there. He
nudges her. "I've got you now damn wolves." The female wolf starts to run and she
hears a "BANG." She looks back and see the injured wolf lying on the snow dead. She
wimpers and continues 2 run. The hunter starts 2 chase her. The hunter shoots at her
and she dodges hitting a tree. She gets up and continues 2 run. She runs faster and
faster until the hunter gives up. He shoots at her for the last time and she jumps
down from a cliff just barely dodging. The hunter stands at the edge of the cliff and
walks away. The wolf lands on the ground hard. She wimpers at the landing. She lays
there and lcothes her eyes "Mommy mommy" She heres voices. SHe slowly opens her eyes
and see's a little girl. "look its a big dog." The child says pointing to the wolf.
Her mother runs out noticing the wolf.  "sweety the wolf is probably dead dont touch
it. Who knows what kind of deseases it might have." The child nods giggling. The wolf
stands up growling. The child screams and the mother grabs her. The wolf trys 2 move
but wimpers in pain. SHe notices the bullet hit her but didnt actually go into her
skin. A whole croud sorrounds her. She looks around gets ready 2 bolt. a beautiful
Wolf walks toward her. "Hello im prince Jason im here 2 help u" The wolf tells her.
Last edited: 21 April 2009

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