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Saturday, 21 March 2009
08:13:30 PM (GMT)
I'm going to be well mannered with this entry.
Maybe set an example for most of you that there's a way to get a point across without
glazing every sentance with profanities.
"Fuck you" doesn't really do anything but make you look uneducated.
Yes, its true, it gets someone's attention, but it doesn't do anything else.

However, this entry isn't about cussing.
Its about something a bit more rediculous.
Now, i know he says that it doesn't effect him but I beg to differ.
This would effect anyone, he just chooses not to be dramatic about it, and i deeply
respect that attitude.
Unfortunately, I'm the kind of person who chooses the opposite.
I'm not dramatic, but I don't just stand by and watch either.
So, everyone listen.
If you believe that someone is not who they say they are, why make a big deal about
So what if they have a neat picture?
So what if they're emo?
So what?
I don't see it hurting you any.
What seems to be your problem?
Are you just bored enough that you have to pick at someone to gain entertainment?
Does fighting with people excite you?
Well to everyone else, its just a hassel.
Whether you're fighting for a friend or fighting for your own wellbeing, its a
I'm sure there are plenty of fakes on kupika.
Its a freaking website, of course there's gonna be fakes.
But that doesn't give you the right to assume.
Don't harrass people, just because you assume that they aren't who they say they
How are you to know?
People aren't arrested based on assumptions, so don't accuse people unless you have
Otherwise, you're simply making an ass of yourself and driving everyone else around
you crazy.
You're little hater posse and you can discuss how fake someone is amongst yourselves,
but don't make it a scene for the rest of us to deal with.
That includes leaving unhealthy messages or comments on someone's profile.
Keep it to yourselves, because nobody else wants to hear your whining.
Besides, its not like you're actually accomplishing anything.
Nothing besides sick entertainment.
So just leave everyone alone.
Last edited: 28 February 2010

‹BTHNY› says:   21 March 2009   515472  
i agreeee. ;P
‹∙•Sÿd₪Leiᵷh•∙› says:   5 May 2009   327146  
intresting =)
‹Яodney› says :   5 May 2009   176984  
-_- oh the irony.
Considering the person I happened to be defending, really was a fake.

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