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Monday, 2 March 2009
11:53:36 PM (GMT)
Me and my Dad (and sometimes Mum)  keep having this debate, and it always goes
something like this: 

Dad: You have to do (lets say its my school work)

Me: I don't have to do anything except die and stuff I can't control (like
(sometimes) falling asleep, being blown off a building, being murdered by someone
etc. etc.)

Dad: Yes you do

Me: No. You don't have to go and pick up Haydn (my little brother) from school today
if you don't want to

Dad: Of course I do! I can't leave him there by himself

Me: You could if you wanted to

Dad: No, I couldn't

Me: And I don't have to do anything. For everything you control, there is a 'do it'
and a 'don't do it' choice, as well as countless other choices

Dad: Not doing it is not a choice for you or me

Me: I don't HAVE to do it, Dad

Dad: Everyone has to do things. You have to do your school work unless you want to
get dumb and not be able to get a job

Me: But I still don't have to do it. Of course there are consequences, but I don't
HAVE to do it

Dad: But you do

Me: No, I don't have to

Me: Doesn't mean that I want to stop doing school work, but its a choice that I have
to be able to not do it

Dad: No, its not! This is a stupid argument, why don't you use your brains to do your
school work? You very intelligent but you never use it for the right things

Me: It is not a stupid argument Dad, its true

Dad: So you don't have to die?

Me: I can't control that. I need to have choices to be able to choose something you

Dad: Dying is a choice

Me: Yes, if I commite suicide, but other wise, it is out of my hands in that respect.
I don't have a choice about dying or not if I ..... fall off a cliff or something

Dad: Be quiet. I'm not listening anymore!

So it always goes something like that.... 

So, what I would like to know is: 

Do you think that you HAVE to do things like school work, picking up people, eating,
drinking and things like that??

I'm not going to get angry if you think you do lol

And I know that not eating and drinking would be hard.

But I still think it is a choice that you have. Or at least I have.

Maybe its a choice that only people who don't care whether they live or die have?

Anyway, please comment and add your opinion!!!!!

‹<20/20Hindsight>› says:   3 March 2009   536552  
i think u wouldn't HAVE to do anything...
its ur choice...
‹Mahalia♥TheWebsWeWeave› says :   3 March 2009   565986  
yes, thats what i think too


Next entry: Some mental illness survey thing.... got it of quiet_core's diary ^^
hope you don't mind lol
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