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Another Korean guys incident. The LAST. yay. :DCategory: (general)
Friday, 20 February 2009
03:31:47 PM (GMT)
So, this is their last day in our school. I'm kind of happy :D
Therefore, they did not go to our classes and they spent their time taking pictures.

Their center of attention is Lisa, my classmate. Whenever the Korean guys ask for
pictures, we shriek (or whatever the English of 'tili' is) and applaud. The guys
always put their arms around her shoulders. :D

Anyway, Mark is also victimized by these Korean 'photographers'. He was outside the
room (Of course, always followed and teased by Daniel and me. xD) and walking to and
fro in the corridor. Then the Jeong dude called him for a picture (IN this manner: He
approached him , grabbed his arm, and said, "Mark? Mark? Picture, picture. " xD). The
CS (Shess, Jess, Chess, whatever the guy's name is) dude is also with him. I was
about to go in the classroom when this dude also asked me to join them (was
'victimized' the same way as Mark had been, but the name wasn't said because my name
is unknown). Then they asked J-ann to be the photographer. (And it was so stupid,
taking a picture near the balcony, which has light in the background. The picture
will be dark. xD). Other photographing events followed.

Afternoon incidents:

Krishna asked me to go with her to the CR. so we went. Then, when we were going back,
we met this guy who had a nearly bald head and tucked-in top. So we called him,
'Humpty Dumpty'.

Of course, the highlight of the day, the BINGO. I didn't join, because I don't want
to. I'm not a gambler, anyway.
Then Sarah asked me to go with her and find her missing ball and Lisa. Then other
insignificant events occurred (which includes Sarah and my Crispy Patata xD)

Then boring stuff. I was bored and bought Tomi. As usual, me and J-ann followed each
other again (Cathy, Cathy. I'll just follow you because I can't do anything...J-ann,
I'll just follow you because I have nothing to do). And other boring stuff.

Then we parted. Boring stuff again.
And in the soccer field, Aly, KG, Selina, Boo, and Uriel are playing volleyball, with
J-ann watching them. Since I have nothing to do, I watched them. Then we saw the
Koreans again (they made a short disappearance after the photographing incidents).
The six of them ran away, afraid that the Koreans might get their ball. But when they
found out that the Koreans had their own ball, they were relieved. So the play
resumed. I remembered Aly say something, "I suck at balls". xD
But she serves the ball well, anyway.

Boring stuff happened, and then the day ended. -THE END-

P.S. I wonder if Sarah found her lost ball.

‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   21 February 2009   675587  
Mystic_DarkIllusion says :   21 February 2009   354475  
Hala, baka may Koreanong nag-uwi nun. :O


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