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Monday, 16 February 2009
09:39:09 PM (GMT)
[Spell Your Name In Songs]
t~ the city is at war; by cobra starship
h~ heregoesnothing; by nevershoutnever!
o~ our time now; by plain white t's
m~ mockingbird; by eminem
a~ always love; by nada surf
s~ shimmy shimmy quarter turn; by hellogoodbye


Name: thomas
Birthdate: Sept 17
Nicknames: tommy boy, tom-ass, toodles, teddy bear :]
Eye Colour: blue/green
Hair Colour: brownish blonde
astrological sign: virgo

[Random Questions]

The Shoes You Wore Today: DCs
Your Weaknesses: chocolate, guys w/o shirts (lmao), and a girl's smile
Your Fear: what to say when i meet God
Your Perfect Pizza: deep dish, sausage, extra cheese/sauce *om nom nom*
Goal You'd Like To Achieve: rockstar or author

[Bit More Random]

Your Best Feature:My hips: "my sweet, innocent eyes, like that of a kitten?"
Your Bed time: psh
Most Missed Memory: last year

[This Or That]

Coke or Pepsi: i'm a coke whore *rofl*
McDonalds or Burger King: mickey d's, yo
Adidas or Nike: ick neither
Lipton Iced Tea or Nestea: nestea 
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: coffee

[Do You]

Smoke: sometimes
Curse: a lot
Sing: in the shower and for the band ;]
Dance: in the halls at school, at the mall, in stores....everywhere, actually
Shower Every Day: every other
Have a Crush: kinda :]
Think You've Been In Love: yes
Want To Go To University: ...?
Like School: hell yeah haha
Want To Get Married: yep
Get Motion Sick: haha no
Think You're Attractive: sure? haha
Think You're A Health Freak: ye--NO.
Get Along With Your Parents: haha moslty

[In The Last Month]

Gone To The Mall: yeah
Eaten A Whole Box Of Oreos: no, but now i might...
Eaten Sushi: yeah
Been On Stage: yeah
Gone Skating: duh
Made Cookies: mmmmm yessir
Gone Skinny Dipping: uhm... *cough*
Stolen Anything: uhm...*cough cough*

[Have You Ever]

Played A Game Involving Removing Clothing: strip poker...good times :]
Flashed Anyone: mhm. my chest is on youtube hahaha
Been Beaten Up: haha yeah
Shoplifted: no, actually lol

[More Questions]

Age You Hope To Get Married At: 25 or something
Number Of Children: 2
Dream Wedding: something not too complex, friends and fam, tropical setting

[In The Opposite Sex]

Best Eye Colour: hazel *drool*
Best Hair Colour: brunette *drool*
Short Hair or Long Hair: idc
Height: shorter than me, lol. but not by too much


Number Of People I Trust With My Life: a few
Number Of CDs I Own: too many
Number Of Tattoos: none yet
Number Of Piercings: one

[Randomer Than Before]

Do You Like Candy Necklaces: haha sure
Listen To Music Every Day: of course
Do You Still Go Trick Or Treating: uhm YEAH!!
What Was The Last Thing You Ate: rice
Are You A Fast Typer: not really
What's Your Favorite Movie: shawn of the dead 
Have You Ever Won An Award: yeah
Are You Listening To Music: fer sure! :]

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