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Marks Girl♥ XXX (FINISHED SEX STORY)Category: (general)
Monday, 19 January 2009
01:46:48 PM (GMT)
“what are you doing mark?” i asked as i felt the cold touch of someones finger
in the gentle lips of my vagina.
“nothing...” mark said. “just wanted TO FUCK YOU HARD!!!“*GASP* i woke up in
a start, what a wierd dream, why would i dream about my little brothers best friend?
he’s only 13, and im 16, i MUST be loseing it...ill just write it all in my diary,
sort things out for me, one day ill look back on it and laugh…

I walked into the kitchen for some breakfast and put my diary on the kitchen table
and reached above the counter for a bowl until i heard the giggleing of two little
boys from far away, i looked back to see if my diary was in its right spot, and it
wa-WASNT!? i ran out of the kitchen and burst in my brothers room to see him and mark
reading my latest diary entry (the dream).

Mark looked at me and i could tell he was getting hard by the looking of the small
buldge in his jeans. “I-ITS WAS ONLY A DREAM!” i screamed embarrased as all hell.
my brother looked at me and said “Candice, arent WE miss horny today?” i sneered
and looked at him “im not horny, Camdon, Your stupid friend is!” “no my stupid
friend YOU DID IT WITH!” he ran out of the room laughing but mark stayed put
watching my every move.
“look dont be creeped out it was only a dre-” i was interupted by him attcking me
and trying to french me, all of a sudden i was turned on for reason and i frenched
him back. our tounges dance around each other, our saliva mixing into sweet young
bliss. all of a sudden i felt his hand going slowly up my shirt and i didnt care, at
this point i WANTED it...”
I started to moan involintaringly, as i felt my nipples harden, i began to think the
nastyest in “what happens if we keep going?” and “i wanna do it

of course i heard the door creep open and another giggle, i looked up and there was
my brother, how could i forget about him SO quickly? then i saw marks hand give a
thumbs up and thought ‘this is a game, what the fuck?’ but for some reason it
aroused me more! so i began kissing him more deeply and harder relizeing my bra was
un hooked and it was on the floor laying there silently next to my long
have me and him been making out? i wasnt sure but then i began to feel a warm touch
on my breasts, i couldnt tell what was up bc i sat there thinking, ok, two hands on
my head and two on my boobs? then it hit me, fast than a bullet on stariods, MY
BROTHER WAS FEELING ME UP!?!? i said something but it was muffled by my mouth being
accupied and kicked my brother where it hurt.

i pushed them both off “what the fuck you morons?” but both of them had thier
shirts of and was quite horny, i was kinda too, but this was wrong, then i was
comforted by matts vioce “geez, calm down, we only want a little fun!” i figured
since i hadnt had any in a might just be i layed down and pushed
matts head to my nippple and demanded he suck them, he did it willingly, OF COURSE!
then i looked at my brother and licked my lips, indicating they needed some action so
he came over and began frenching me, wow. he was good, although i wasnt surprised his
lips were perfectly soft and he was always licking them…
all of a sudden i felt my pajama bottoms coming loose...and being pulled down, i
looked to see who it was and it was mark, wow, i just relized he had VERY long arms.
and he slipped his hand in my thong, as i began to moan and get wet…

“do you like that?” mark whisperd in my ear. i muffled “please, do it now!”
the extasy...i couldnt handle it any more i tore off my thong and instruted him to
eat, he was only 13 and was confused so i softly told him “tounge fuck my pussy
please!!!” first he started by kissing my soft lips then slowly pushed his tounge
threw lightly, i moaned in delight, he began flicking his tounge all around, arousing
me more and more with each flicker, then he had other things in mind. he bagan to
finger me first with one then with two slowly slipping in a third one, it hurt, yet
hurt so good! you know when things are so wrong yet seem so right? well these were
one of those moments!

i knew i needed his cock soon, my pussy pounding and pouting, beging for more and
more. then i heard it, a pants zipper, but this time, my brother planned to work on
me for a while! i smiled slightly pleased that we were doing something so wrong. i
saw my brothers, it was HUGE obviously at LEAST 7 inches!!! wow. for a 13 year
old, that was amazing! then he stopped and looked at me and asked “camdice, is this
a sin?” i laughed and said “DUH!” and with that he smiled and shoved his
in my mouth and being pushing it in and out, as if he was fucking me. while the below
action was getting more intinse and faster i took my two free hands and opened my silently pleading he would get the fact i want him to do it to me. he did get
the clue and got out of his pants and began to fuck me in and out. then a huge man
moan came from my brother. i knew at any moment he would cum so i began sucking
harder and harder.

“omg YES SISSY YES!!!” he yelled. someone was getting jealous because my pussy
began to get pounded faster and more harder. soon my brother came in my mouth and i
swallowed and smiled in glee. “oh camdon, your cum is so sweet! pleas jack off into
my mouth PLEASE!” i begged wanting more and more, but he said “no no sissy theres
always something i wanted to try~!” he pulled out marks and layed down and
put me on top of him and i layed on his as he began to me mark frowned then
smiled and stood up on the floor and began to jam his penis in my ass hole, i was
getting DOUBLE FUCKED!?!? this was so incredible!!! i began to feel the cum bulid up
inside me, my first org.asm...and it was going to be with 2 13 year olds, one my
brother one his friends would NOT believe this, then it started “OMG
OMG OMG PLEASE DADDYS TEACH ME! OOH YES!” i felt the cum squirt out all over,
getting my brothers dick all sticky but YUM! i began to hump him and demand it
harder...then i felt my brother pushing me off him and began to stick his dick in my
mouth screaming “EAT IT YOUR DIRTY WHORE!” i did as i was told then mark stuck
his dick in me, i felt him growing insided me....

"Mmm please daddy, give me more..." i moaned as he fucked me and rubbed the upper
part of my pussy. 

I began to cum, which set off Mark to, I giggled as my brother moaned and then came
in my mouth. We all got off each other breathless. "That. Was. HOT!" My borther
screamed. Mark nodded in agreement and looked at me. "We do this again some time?" I
shook my head at him, "Definatly."


"Fuck!" I screamed, mom and dad were home! We quickly got dressed and ran down
stairs, there was an old movie playing on the TV and we all quickly sat on the couch.
My mom and dad walked in and smiled. 

"Hey Mom! Hey dad!" my brother and I said togeather. "Did you kids have fun?" My mom
asked turning to Mark. "Yea, we sure did!" I said. "Yup," said Camdon, "We had a real


heihei writes :   3 February 2009   411198  
wow this story got me really horny

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