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Unhappy girl far away part 2 chapter 8Category: (general)
Sunday, 11 January 2009
06:58:22 PM (GMT)

The next morning Cory shook Cindy to wake up. She moan and turn to face him. She open
her eyes half way and she lean against him. He felt her head it was hot. He said 

Cory: Your lucky its school vacation.

Cindy: Ya. Cory I feel hot. 

He help Cindy to her dresser. She put on a tank top and a pair of shorts. Cory laid
her back on the bed. He gave her some medicine. He said he will be back and he left. 
He came back with a bagel in hi mouth, a tray with a bowl of cereal. orange juice,
and another blanket. He set the tray down then look at Cindy. Cindy was half asleep
and half awake. He laugh and sat her up. She smile. He hand her the orange juice. She
drank half of it.  He hand her the cereal. She ate it and when she was finish with it
Cory put back on the tray. He took the blanket and wrap her in it.  He kiss her and
left. Cindy fell to sleep. 

Cory came back up stairs and sat next to her. He watch TV to Mindy came in with a
tray with soup, a sandwich for Cory, ginger ale, and a can of coke. She set next to
Cory she took the soup and spoon and went to Cindy .Cindy woke up and ate the soup.
Cory ate his sandwich. Cindy drank some of her ginger ale. Cory took his can of coke
and put it on Cindy’s fore head. Mindy left then she came back in and laid next to
Cory and she watch TV with Cory.

Cory was getting into a love movie when Cindy sat up and was trying to get up to go
to the bathroom. He put the movie on  pause and he help her to the bathroom. Cindy
shut the door and went inside she went and she wash her hands.  She came out and she
lean on Cory. Cory picked her up and laid her in the middle of the bed. He watch her
go back to sleep. Mindy played the movie,

Tamika and Jacob came in and they had a tray. On the tray was soup, and two plates of
pasta.. Jacob hand the plates to Mindy and Cory, Tamika woke up Cindy and fed her.
They watch her got back to sleep. Jacob took the tray down stairs and Tamika sat next
to Mindy. Jacob came back in and sat next to Cory and Cindy. Cindy sat up and got up.
Cory watch her walk out of the room. She laid on the living room couch. Her boyfriend
and her friends fill in the empty spot and watched a movie. Cory’s mom came into
the kitchen when she saw Cindy in the Living room. She picked her up and laid her
down in Cory’s room. She was half asleep when the heard a crash. She got up with
the mom and she went to her. She saw Jacob and Cory fighting on the floor. 

	She was so tired she sat on the floor. Mindy got in the middle she doge a punch and
she separated the boys Jacob yelled

Jacob: How can you ask to marry her?! 

Cory: Because I love her!

Jacob: Are you sure she loves you?! 

Cory: Yes.

Jacob: I’m going to rip you apart you hound dog. 

Jacob throw Mindy out of the way and leap onto Cory. Jacob punch him and Cory rolled
over and punch Jacob.  Cory’s mom pulled Cory off of Jacob and brought him to his
room and slam the door shut. She took Jacob by the shirt and brought him to his room
and slam the door. She help Mindy up. Cindy stood up slowly and went into Cory’s
room. Cory thought it was Jacob and he punch Cindy in the face. Cindy fell to the
ground covering her mouth. She cried. 

Mindy came out of the room and saw Cindy on the ground. She ran to Cindy and saw her
mouth was bleeding and her nose. She yelled 

Mindy: Why did you do this?!

Cory: I thought she was Jacob! 

 Mindy picked up Cindy and brought her into her room in her bathroom. She set her on
the toilet seat cover and she wet a cloth and put over her nose. She told her to lean
her head back. Cindy lean her head back, Tamika came in and comfort Cindy. When her
nose stop bleeding they help her change her tank top and put her back in the bed.
Cindy called for Cory. Tamika went to go get Cory. Cory  came in the room and laid
down next to Cindy. She curl next to him and fell asleep. Mindy and Tamika cleaned
her room and went to there own room.  While everyone was sleeping Jacob came into
Cindy’s room holding a knife. Cindy woke up and jump in front of Cory. She
screamed. Cory woke up and froze when he saw the knife. Cory’s dad came and grab
the knife.  He tackle Jacob and dragged him back to his room. He turn the locks
around and locked Jacob in his room

Cindy was better now and she was scared to go to sleep. Cory got up and Cindy hold on
to him and lock the door. They went to sleep. The next morning Cindy afraid to go in
the bathroom so Jacob stood in the bathroom while she took a shower. When she was
done she wrap the towel around herself and she put her clothes on. She comb her hair
and they walk to Cory’s room and Cindy watch him change his shirt and pants on and
put axe on. They walk down stairs. Cindy sat on Cory’s lap as they both ate a bagel
and drink orange juice. Jacob came down stairs and Cindy hold tighter to Cory. Mindy

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   11 January 2009   453789  
Mindy..... Mindy what!? oh and btw, sometimes u mix up the names.
like Cindy with Mindy, and at that last part, jacob, and cory
‹Emma Bear› says:   11 January 2009   795884  
oh sorry
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   11 January 2009   563585  
I love it!!!!
‹Emma Bear› says :   11 January 2009   984288  
Thank you


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