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Sunday, 4 January 2009
09:30:46 AM (GMT)
get out of the bed. Haru quickly ran over to the bed and tried to help me but I
pushed him away I had gotten some of my voice back so I said that I was leaving I’m
not staying here I tried to get up and stand but I couldn’t I tried to talk Haru
into helping me but he said nope. So I just sat down and I was quite Sohma-san fell
asleep, and Haru was still watching me. Shigure came by and picked up Sohma-san after
that I slept for the rest of the day. Momiji came to the hospital to give Haru and me
our homework each Friday the nurses tried to give me a shot but I ended up hitting
her… after two weeks I was allowed home the doctor gave me a wheelchair but I never
used it.. Tohru was always worried about how my arm and leg was and I always told her
that it was fine. After a week of being locked in my room I got the pair of crutches
that Hiro had dropped off but the only time I used them was to try and hit him for
being a smart alec he said that I should of kept my mouth quite and that I should
have acted more mature.. I got ticked off that some 12 year old kid told me to be
more mature and hit him in his back. So I had no clue how to use them but I tried
anyways to get up out of the bed and I actually was able to use them without falling,
so I got out of the room and went to the kitchen I thought I might as well start
dinner and give Tohru a day off Shigure was out for the day avoiding his editor , who
I might add is suicidal , and he left a letter saying that his cousin was sick and
not to make a lot of noise..that didn’t help so after a while of cooking and trying
to block her out I went outside I saw her writing a note and crying…so I said
“excuse me are you ok are you looking for Shigure?” she said yes..and she also
said something about him being the devil in disguise… After she stopped crying I
told her to please leave she dragged herself away from the front door and left after
the incident I went back to cooking I heard the door open I thought it was Shigure so
I started to yell how his editor almost committed suicide…again. Then I heard no
response a few moments later I heard footsteps coming into the kitchen I kept cooking
until I heard a gasp. I turned around, as best as I could with the crutches and saw
Sohma-san standing in the doorway. “Sohma-san? Are you ok?” I asked him he looked
kinda shocked. Once I was limping over toward him he started to talk. “Miss.
Iszuma-chan…why are you up cooking?” He returned to normal but with a look like
Shigure had gotten Tohru another of Ayame’s dresses. “I was bored so I found the
crutches Hiro dropped off and got up and started to cook.” I couldn’t see his
expression because I was fixing myself some soup, no meat of course! Suddenly I felt
Sohma-san pull me by the arm and before I could relise what happened I was in his
arms! “What’s this for!” I asked. He said nothing and walked into my room and
placed me on the bed , then put my crutches on the other side of the room “What are
you doing! The food is going to burn! Give me my crutches back Sohma-san!”  He sat
down on the couch in the corner of the room, it is what Haru calls his bed, he said
that until Hatori says that I am fine that he won’t let me out of his sight. I gave
up reached under my bed and got by drawing folder as I was drawing Sohma-san just
watched after about 1 minute he went to the kitchen and I heard the oven and the
refrigerator door open , he must have been putting the food in the fridge,  he came
in and walked over to the bed and sat down next to me….then he put his hand on my
head he asked me if I was feeling sick I told him I wasn’t but he said that I
looked red… I just said that it was warm in the house Sohma-san offered to turn the
heat down put I said no He watched me draw and after a few minutes I forgot about him
until he talked” Miss. Iszuma why are you drawing me?” I looked at his puzzled
expression and then realized he had called me Miss Iszuma! I mean he is still calling
me by my last name but still! Then I answered his question. “I’m drawing you
because I have drawn everybody in the house and you are last.  He stared at the
picture for a couple of minutes as I finished it and then when I was finished I gave
it to him so he could see it after about 30 seconds he said that it was very well
drawn. I went and put it in my folder and put the folder under my bed as I sat back
up I noticed Sohma-san gone then I heard talking and after about a minute or two he
came back in and said that Hatori is coming to look at my leg, my arm was already out
of the cast the doctor took it off because my arm was fully healed , Sohma-san’s
hand is better now too,  so once Hatori came he had some type of machine to help him
cut the cast off…it was sharp..and it had blades. Once Hatori had put it against my
cast I passed out.  Once I woke up I was in my bed and Hatori and Sohma-san were over
me Sohma-san held the cast in his hand I looked at my foot and I saw the cast was off
and I got up and walked around but then Hatori told me to get back to bed that my leg
was still weak and I started to fall asleep as I fell into a slumber I wondered why
the others were not back yet but I let it float of my mind and fell asleep.
Last edited: 4 January 2009

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