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New Path.....................even MORE PrologueCategory: Stories
Wednesday, 31 December 2008
04:00:15 AM (GMT)
Lexi looked around nervously.She had just gotten the rape kit down and they were
looking at her back now.Taking pictures.The bruises covered her body.The nurse
reached out to touch her back tracing a particularly bad scar,Lexi flinched.She
remembered it was the one her father had given her when he had thrown a hot pan at
her back.She had been in 7th grade and agony for 2 weeks till the burn had healed.
  The nurse gave her some pills to take.She swallowed them meekly.When the nurse left
to let her dress.Then sat in the corner her knees up and her head down on them.

  Brody knocked on the door.He heard Lexi call out "come in".He stepped into the room
and hide the bear behind his back.She glanced up at him then looked away.It seemed
all courage she had had earlier had vanished.
   "Hay sweaty."he said walking over to her."Ready to bust this joint?"He offered his
hand to her and helped her up when she took it.He held out the teddy bear.She stared
at it.He still held her hand and he felt her squeeze it.She tentatively reached out
to brush the bears foot.It was a very dark blue.Brody saw the same dark blue in
Lexi's eyes when she looked up at him.
   "I..I......I."Brody felt a moment of panic when her eyes filled.She sniffled and
gently took the bear,rubbing its soft blue fur with her hands.A tear fell and she
wiped it away.She looked back up at him and smiled.Brody brushed a piece of her black
hair back off her cheek."Thank you."
   "Your welcome."He pulled her to the door and out into the hall.Grace was sitting
talking to a women.Lexi held the bear to her chest.
   "Oh there you are.Lexi I'm your Social Worker,call me Ada."She was a tall
blond.Her hair was pulled back in a braid.
   "OK."she said quietly.
  "Brody and his wife have agreed to let you stay until the investigation is done.Is
that OK?"she asked.Lexi nodded her eyes on the bear.
   "OK.Ill talk to you later."she said and smiled at her.Lexi watched her walk away
from under her lashes.Grace walked over to her and rubbed her arm.
   "Don't worry.You'll be fine.I have to run.This guy gets the rest of the day off to
get you settled."She said.Grace tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear."Bye."She
walked away and Brody looked back down at Lexi.
   "You ready to go?"
    "Yes." she nodded,

‹Charlotte;;WishingOnStars› says:   31 December 2008   651721  
Finally, you write more >:D
I still love the story.
AND I still think that you should write more.
kattany3 says:   31 December 2008   544956  
lol well i had writen alot then LOST it.Goddess was i pissed.Then i
managed to get this out =P it sbetter than what i had so im happy.
‹JustWriteHerANightmare› shouts:   5 January 2009   986564  
Write more and then I'll write more.
‹♪♫♥♥♥Jennaboo♥♥♥♥♫♪› says :   15 February 2009   638379  
write more or die!!!!!!!! lol!


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