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Liek dude. I'm a bunneh :DCategory: (general)
Sunday, 28 December 2008
02:11:45 AM (GMT)

What's your profile song? (On MySpace, Facebook,
ect.): Kupika-I♥? Myspace- Dinosaurs Go Rawr

Any meaning behind it?: Psh maybe.

You run into the ex that hurt you the worst; what do you
say to them?: Let's see. Slap them and be all like "You fucking bastard!" 

What's one of your favorite memories?: Hmm. Iunno. Probably when my grandpa taught me
how to drive a boat xD 

Do you have any business cards in your wallet?: Not at all. Psh I don't even got a

What's your least favorite color on a car?: Orange? xD

Do you think everything happens for a reason?: Yeah.

Is it important to you to make a good impression on a bf/gf's parents?: Mhm.

Have you found your "calling" in life yet?: Nopeeee

What's something you wish you could do?: Ha. Let's see. xD Kill PJ. Naw naw. I don't
know really :/

What was the last thing that scared you?: My brother and Jade. o.o God those two are
like crazy/violent.

Are you looking forward to the holidays?: What holiday? .-.

What's curently on your bedroom floor?: A bed, clothes, paper, stuffed animals,
books, cds, my brother, and a hell lot of other things.

Is there anyone you're wanting to punch in the face right now?: No. Psh. If I was in
school probably. 

Have you learned from your mistakes?: I guess

Which is betterr:
Giving gifts, or receiving gifts?: Umm. Receiving

Do you have any really old nail polish on your toenails?: Nope ;P 

Do you use a calculator when doing math, or figure it out in your head?: In my head.

Do you like the show Invader Zim?: Naw

What do you spend the majority of your time doing?: Reading or on here orrr listening
to music

Do you hate when people type LiiKE Dii$?: Yeah.

What was the last song to make you cry?: It's Not Over by Secondhand Serenade. But
that was a LONG LONG time ago. Like last year xD

What's something you want for Christmas? (If you celebrate it, that is.): .........I
wanted a camera that wasn't so shitty Dx

What's something that you think is overrated?: Labels

Are you one of the people who think Obama will be assassinated?: Nope

Do you have a favorite book/book series?: Hell yeah. :D Private and Vampire Academy!

What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?: Listen to music

On a snow day?: Complain about the snow!

What's a song that is really getting on your nerves right now?: Womanizer

Do you watch stand-up comedy?: no

Aren't Post-Its amazing?:

Do you have high-speed internet or dial-up?: Like I know xD

Who's a band you would like to see in concert?: Pfffft all the bands I have listed in
my profile. But most likely The Used.

Black and white or color photos?: Black and white

What was the last random thing that happened to you?: xD I was called Squishy Santa

Are you allergic to anything?: Iunno 

When was the last time you had a bubblebath?: Iunno D:

When was the last time you felt really stupid?: Uhhhh. Yesterday.

Do you take everything too seriously?: sometimes

Have you ever had to go to the emergency room?: No?

Are you any good at Guitar Hero?: Never played it

Anything annoying you at the moment?: Nopee

Did you dress up last Halloween?: Duh :D I usually do

Are there any really old movies that you like?: Yeaa

What's your relationship status?: Single baybeh :D 

Are you happy with that?: I'm fine with it. I don't care. Pfffft I'm crushing though

Have you ever been bitten by an animal?: Nope~

Do you prefer crunchy bacon bits or the soft ones?: Soft

When was the last time you had a good workout?: :/ Psh haha.

Anything you're really anticipating?: Gurney.  

Are you happy with where you're at in life?: Mhm 

What's something you would change, if you could?: Umm meeting PJ and Johnny.

What's your favorite music genre?: Ummmm Iunno

Do you think honesty is the best policy?: sure yeah. no.

What's a store that you could spend hours in?: Borders or Barnes and Nobles 

Do you attend church regularly?: Not at all

How much money do you have on you right now?: Dunno

What are your opinions on abortion?: D: tsk tsk

What's your favorite kind of cookie?: Oatmeal :D or oreos~

What was the last thing you tripped over?: My brother's toys Dx

Do you have a tan?: no?

Have you ever participated in any kind of pageant?: hahaha no

Is there anyone from your past that you wish was still in your life?: My grandpa.

What's your favorite candle scent?: -hates scents-

Have your ever burnt yourself on the stove?: nopeee

I tagggg Billy, Daniel, Lexxie, and Krystal

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