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rant i guess+asking for adviceCategory: rant
Sunday, 21 December 2008
05:13:55 PM (GMT)
ok so im not sure if its exaclty a rant cuz i never wrote one before but anyways
thats not important...

(please read till the end if you're bored)

you know what...i like it here for many reasons but one of em is cuz people can write
watever the hell they want in a diary and talk abt it and just speak their mind and
voice their opinion without anyone giving a damn ..and  they call those long diaries
so u talk abt watever and no one does  anything that can ruin ur social life ...no
one spreads the word about u and kills u socially becuz u have a different opinion
thats so cool i love that  .i can say anything i want get labeled by anyone and that 
wont have any negative effect on me.what's not to like abt that. it great!!! so u
guys can say what u want abt me and it will hurt me for maybe a minute then im over

i can talk and talk and talk  and people would just click home without paying
attention to my name ....(u just read my name didnt u :P) 
well i think its cool how u can say antn abt anythn without any bad things

like for example.....im crushing on a guy from another school that i never met
before. i know his name ive seen him alot but he's never seen me or heard of me..he
doesnt know i exist ..i added him on facebook and he accepted the frnds' request cuz
we had 4 friend's in common actually the story is way longer than that but u dont
need to know details.(the mutual frnds were people i know from my old school that met
him when we had our official exams i saw him there too but i dint talk to him or antn
i just recently started to like him i always thought he was hot but never really
payed attention to him cuz i had official exams to think of)
anyways should i send him a message saying ''hey thanks for accepting the friend's
request'' or would THAT  seem too stalker like..and desperate??cuz he's probably
gonna reply''no problem but who are u and how do u know who i am?'' that'd be too
long an explanation....help me out ....
and thanks for reading! :D

ps : if smtn looks unusual then its just a typo. i do that alot ..sorry :S :P

PowerPlay says:   22 December 2008   982638  
any smart guy will appreciate a comment from a girl and then its up
to him to follow up if hes interested
‹a lifeless rebel in a dying world› says:   22 December 2008   246656  
um, well u could message him and just say hey whats up? he will
probably b like nm who r u again? then u just tell him ur name and say
ur a friend of whomever it was that u both have as friends. then he
will probably be like cool or something.

is this any help?
gal4lebanon says :   2 July 2009   218873  
ok heres wat happened with this guy.....one time i had a mock UN
conference(like fake UN)at a university next to his school...he just
happened to be there....i dont know what got to him but he just came
to me told me i was crazy and went....turns out a mutual frnd had told
him i kinda thought he was cute.....but blah.....he made me look like
a stalker but i didnt give a crap...well that was a long time
ago....but watever.....havent seen the freak since :p


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