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Saturday, 20 December 2008
11:57:12 PM (GMT)
1. When did you join Kupika?
on this account  january 28th 07 i think

2. How did you find this wonderful place?
My best friend told me

3. Who was your first friend evar?
on here? I think RaverAlchemist

4. Do you still talk to them?
No they quit

5. Do you have more friends of the same or opposite sex?
Same. Definitely. 
I unno why. xD

6. Has anyone ever sent you VI?
Yea many surprizingly

7. Who, and what?
Well I have at least one of ever VI now so....

8. Do you make a lot of Kupipages?
Not anymore

9. How many diary entries have you written?
28. Or 29, including this :D

10. Do you repost chains?
(Not including surveys like these. ) then no

11. Do you belong to a certain clique, or mingle?
not really

12. Do you draw on oekaki often?
every now and then, less than i did before

13. Do you have pictures of yourself up?
just two, i'd rather remain mysterious

14. What's your favorite part of Kupika?
the friends

15. Least favorite?
lol the people

16. Lastly, how many Kupipoints do you posses?
865, had more but birthdays come up and kps are good gifts

‹God of the new world› says:   21 December 2008   174889  
you dont mention me anywere in here 

lmao jk awesome
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   21 December 2008   824663  
omg im so sorry *sobs* forgive me
‹God of the new world› says:   21 December 2008   218245  
i said i was just playing missy
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   21 December 2008   747544  
*wipes away tears* ok
‹God of the new world› says:   21 December 2008   767891  
~hugs you~its ok missy ~wipes away your tears~
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   21 December 2008   794286  
*sad face* Thank You
‹God of the new world› says:   21 December 2008   893445  
whats wrong missy
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   21 December 2008   789498  
Your really not mad at me right? *sad face again*
‹God of the new world› says:   22 December 2008   551936  
no i promise im not mad at you
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   22 December 2008   147291  
*wipes away tears* ok *smiles*
‹God of the new world› says:   22 December 2008   687182  
~smiles back and hugs you~dont worry missy i would never be mad at
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says :   22 December 2008   453724  
*smiles back and accpets hug* thanks


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