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Just me being a stalker....again......^^Category: Just me being a stalker
Saturday, 29 November 2008
06:24:53 PM (GMT)
Ahahahha. So y'know how I was stalking Peter? Well, yesterday we decided to knock on
his door...... >:D
and you all know where this is going....

So his mom took us to the basement, where he was playing Wii (HAH!!! Raven was, like,
dying. All she wants for xmas is a Wii!!! XD) Then we played HARDCORE PING
PONG!!!!!!!! Raven was like trying to kill me and Peter (Alexis and Raven were on one
team, Peter and I were on the other....) ^^;; Then we stopped and just sat down
listening to music on our phones.  THEN PETER HIT ME IN THE ARM WITH A PING PONG
BALL!!!!! D:< and it really HURT!!!!! *-* Ha.....after that he showed us his room.
Then Alexis insisted on playing Candyland.  Raven won. THEN WE PLAYED LIFE!!!!!!!
Raven and Peter were fighting over the purple mansion -_-;; But we didn't get very
far cuz we got really bored. OH!!!!!! Peter's dog, Oscar, ate my freaking cheese
stick!!!!!! Now I have a grudge against his dog...... >_< And.....then Alexis had to
leave so Raven was all "OKAY I'LL HELP YOU!!!! Hahaha!!! HANNAH YOU STAY WITH
PETER!!!!" D: I tried to follow but they held the front door shut. So I said to
Peter, "They're holding the door so I can't go out." And he said, "Oh you can just go
over there *points* and to the garage there's another door that goes outside...."
Ahaha. So I went outside the front eventually (Raven let go of the door), blah blah
So after Alexis left, we played Animal Crossing on his Wii. Raven and I made a
character named Haven (AHAHA get it? Hannah and Raven = Haven) At one point the game
asked for our birthday so we tried to combine our birthdays.........yeahhhh. My
birthday (April 10) and Raven's (May 17) was a little hard....we were trying to find
the middle, but it didn't work. D: Then all of the sudden Peter said, "Wait, your
birthday is April 10??" And I was like, "Yeah....?" Then he said, "Oh....my birthday
is 8 days before yours!" ^^;; God dammit he is OLDER THAN MEEEEEE!!! (: lol I don't
really care, though.....)

So Raven and I had stayed there for 5 hours.....at Peter's house......XD HAAAAAAAA
I'm still cracking up. 
We were gonna go today but he wasn't home!! D:
Damn you, Peter! 
Oh well!!!
Au revoir!!!!

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