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Wednesday, 19 November 2008
06:12:29 PM (GMT)
i was standing outside the castels walls looking at it you see it was home to the
handsome prince dominic and every girl in the kingdom of redwood wished to be a
princess just to meet him but to see him was like being in heaven. now before i get
to into the story let me explain to you who i am 
my name is isabella(pic) but people call me bella i am 18 and of course a foster
child to a pesant family since birth my mother died the day after i was born and my
father didnt even want me so my aunt took me to a peasant house to live but nobody
knows much about my father so i have no clue as to who i am but its perfectly fine
because i love my life they way it is 
"BELLA"my mother(foster) yelled 
ok so i dont love it but its still is home to me 
"yes mother"i said running into the little cottage 
"where were you"she asked 
"i was looking upon the great castel"i said in a shy tone 
"you better not have been spying on that prince"she said 
"oh mother i would never"i said shocked 
"ok now go help alice in the garden out front"she said 
"yes mother"i said going out the front door to see alice watering the plants 
"hello alice"i said grabbing the other filled watering can and started to water
"hello bella"she said 
now let me explain she was my foster mothers real child so she was my step-sister and
my other sister worked for the queen her name is leanna and she is marryed to a
knight so she is richer than i. 

"how are you today"i asked 
"good and how bout you"she asked 
but before i could anwser we heard horses hoves punding down the road and not just
any kind of horses war horses and the only one who had something like that was prince
dominic and just as i figured that out he stoped infront of our house and got down
off his horse 
"good day do you know where i might find betrice"prince dominic asked 
"yes"i said with a scared face 
"dont be scared and could you go get her please"he asked with a kind smile 
"yes your highness"i said bowing and then turning and running into the house 
"mother the prince needs to talk to you"i said as soon as i got in 
"do say such stuff he would never come here"mother said 
"really mother hes outside and ill just send him away if you dont go out"i said
crossing my arms 
"you subborn little girl not go outside and finish your work"she said 
"fine"i said stopping out the house 
"what happened bella"alice asked 
"nothing alice"i said 
"is she coming"prince dominic asked 
"no she dont belive that your...."i said but lost my voice looking into his cooling
blue eyes 
"that im what"he asked 
"that your out here"i said looking at the ground 
"its fine"he said and turned on his heels and walked over to his horse 
"i have a way we can get her outside"alice said 
"how"the prince asked turning back around 
"easy"she said with a very sly grin 
"alice what do you have in mind"i asked returning the sly grin 
"oh youll see just follow my lead"she said and walked over to the prince and his
"what are you doing"the prince asked 
"dose the horse freak out easily"alice asked ignoring the prince's question 
"no"the prince said 
"ok"alice said 
"whats that got to do with anything"i asked 
"can you stop her fast"alice asked 
"yes and its a he"the prince said 
"sorry now get on and gallop down the road and stop and make the horse make the
neighing sound"alice said 
"i could do that but how will i know when to"he asked 
"ill lay in the road and bella you scream and yell and cry"alice said 
"ok i could do that"i said 
"now go about down to that third pole and gallop down the road"alice said 
"ok"he said 
he got on his horse and rode down the road stopped at the pole and turnned around 
"ready bella"alice asked 
"ready"i said 
"now when i give you the thumbs up you tell the prince to gallop"she said then peaked
into the window and mother was sitting on the couch resting 
alice gave me the thumbs up and i gave the prince the signal 

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   19 November 2008   426568  
‹dark_angel246› says :   19 November 2008   396563  
thank you


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