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Friday, 14 November 2008
08:41:41 PM (GMT)
" Fingers suddenly wrapped around Tess wrist. She tried to scream, but a
hand covered her mouth. For the second time today, panic flooded over her."  (this is
where i let off in chapter 2)

          Tess felt hot breath on her neck, then a whisper in her ear. "Come with me.
Come with me." The voice was songlike and soft, but had definatly come from a male.
Tess tried to pull away, but the man tightened his grip on her wrist. "Come with me,"
he sang again but this time in a harsher tone of voice. 

          The man dropped his hand from Tess' mouth and placed it under her chin. He
tilted her head up so he could look into her eyes. He could see Tess, but she couldnt
see him. All she saw was darkness and maybe the slight outline of a human. 

          "You are the one!" The harshness of the voice was no longer there. It had
been replaced by a more hopeful tone. Tess shook her head out of the mans hold. He
let his hand drop to her other wrist. 

          "" Tess struggled to gain the courage to
speak. Her voice was shaking and uncertain. She was almost positive the man had heard
her uncertainty, but he replied simply. "I am the one that is going to save you." 
          Tess was completely confused, but she felt like she had know the man for
all her life. The soft mealody of his voice pulled her closer to him. She couldnt
controll herself anymore, before she knew it she was pressed up against his chest. 

          Another voice cried out in the distance. It sounded so far away, and Tess
was in a world of her own. The voice called out again and this time Tess could hear
what they were saying. Somebody was calling her name. Somebody she knew was calling
her name. 

          Common sense returned to Tess. "What am I doing?" Tess' voice sounded lost
and weak. She pushed away from the man suddenly. She didnt know him. Again she began
to panic.

          The first thing that came to her mind was to fall, so she let her legs
collapse under her. She fell heavily to the pavement. The man began to help her up
but he stopped. "Dont touch her!" The familiar voice sounded closer than it had a
moment ago. Tess now heard the sound of feet approching.
          Quickly, the man pulled her to her feet. "Give me your hand!" The songlike
voice now sounded snake-like and raspy. Tess cringed and stuggled to get free of his
grip on her. 

           "Tess! Quick-" The familiar voice was now only feet away from Tess. It
began to cry out to her, but Tess sudenly went numb. Something sharp ripped through
her skin. She started to scream but couldnt find the strength. Her hand felt far too
          Tess fell, once again, limply to the pavement. She couldnt feel anything
except pain. The pain radiated through her body. Tess heard the sound of the man
running away but she couldnt move her head to look. It was still dark so she didnt
really think she could have see anything anyway. 
          Arms wrapped around Tess and lifted her off the ground. "Come on Tess,
let's get you out of here." Wind whipped across Tess' face as her rescuer ran through
the night with her held tightly to his chest.

‹Casey_Be_A_Vampire› says:   14 November 2008   789236  
Oh. GEE!
‹™ .::.Music.Is.My.Life.::.™› says:   15 November 2008   977474  
Write More!
‹VaginaDust› says:   15 November 2008   265871  
O___O wow
holyangel says :   11 December 2008   579637  
You should write more


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