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Bicc~~~Part FiveCategory: Story!!
Sunday, 21 September 2008
07:59:10 PM (GMT)
~~Part Five~~

The large cat and the tiny baby fox stared at each other. Bicc's frozen body
continued to tremble with fear at the shear magnitude of this creature staring at
*Do not fear me, small one. I shan't eat you, I promise.* Bicc wasn't sure he should
believe this animal. His mother never told him of the disposition of the Mountain Cat
but his instincts told him not to trust it. But, his logic said that he had no
choice. Obviously if the cat wished to feast on him, it would have already. Bicc
wimpered again and the Mountain Cat's smile faded and its eyes filled with concern.
It moved its face closer to Bicc and it opened its mouth. Bicc closed his eyes,
waiting for the pain of its teeth. Instead, he felt pressure on the nape of his neck
and his tense little body lifted off the ground. He opened one eye curiously to find
that the cat was carrying him between its teeth as gently as it could. He was far off
the ground and he could feel the cat's breath on his back and neck as they moved
through the forest. Bicc noticed how much ground they covered with each of the cat's
big steps. His body relaxed a little at the thought that he was making progress in
his journey toward water (though he wasn't sure that they were actually moving to any
"W-w-what are you doing?" Bicc whispered, barely getting his lips to create words. 
The large cat spoke quite clearly with a little fox in it's mouth.
"I'm taking you home." It said with slight slurs. This statement confused Bicc. He
had been wondering all day through the forest, how would this cat find the Patch? He
knew he was in an entirely different region of the forest. The trees were different,
the animals were different, even the light was different. Bicc and Mountain Cat
walked through the trees, over bushes and Bicc would have had to climb through.
Eventually they reached a tree that was so old and so large around that Bicc was
simply in amazement. And, there was a hole in the bottom. It was very much larger
than Bicc's little hole and there were dead leaves that had been dragged into the
trunk. The cat carried him into the darkness of the small cave under the tree and set
him in the leaves. His body still wouldn’t move under the weight of confusion and
fear. The Mountain Cat lied down near the back of the tree so his face could see the
hole and so that the little light from the forest made the cat visible to Bicc. The
little fox stared at him and the cat smiled kindly. 
“Come here.” He said. Bicc’s body wouldn’t move and he just stared at the
animal. He shivered once…then twice but his muscles were stuck in place.
“Oh, come on little one. I don’t eat babies.” He laughed a soft, deep laugh. He
reached out one of his massive, weapon bearing paws and pulled Bicc’s small body
toward him. Soon, the baby fox was against the furred chest of the cat, encased in
soft warmth. Then, as he studied what the cat had done, he felt a familiar sensation
of something running up the back of his neck. It was the cat’s rough tongue. Bicc
was stricken with fear again and, being against the body of this animal, the cat felt
him tense up even more. He laughed again and Bicc could feel it rumble through his
“I’m not tasting you, I’m cleaning you, calm down.” The Mountain Cat
continued running his rough tongue up along the small fox’s body. After a few
cleansing licks, Bicc closed his eyes, putting trust into this predator and he felt
his—now achingly tense—muscles relax. He let his body lie in the protecting
warmth of the animal that was large enough to protect him from the worst harm. With
his relaxation came exhaustion. His eyes got heavy and his body refused to move (not
from being frozen but from his muscles being worn out). He fell asleep, as amazing as
it may sound, curled up next to the beast that cleaned and groomed his fur.
Last edited: 26 September 2008

‹Ðark Fox› says :   10 October 2008   225211  
Awh...this was so cute!  love it!


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