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Wednesday, 27 August 2008
04:16:38 PM (GMT)
--this story was written a long time ago. sequel  in process.--

'bye girls, we're leaving now. we'll be back in two months. aimee, you know the
rules. no partying, no boys, and no bad things.' mom said.
'mom, i KNOW. now leave!' aimee shoved her mom and dad outside and slammed the door.
hi, my name's alex. my mom and dad were going on their second honeymoon and left me
and my sister home. i looked around the house. everything was so quiet. aimee was in
the living room, on her cell phone doing something. i went upstairs to IM my friend
stephanie. i ran upstairs and into my room. i shut my door and turned my ipod
speakers on. Thanks for the Memories by Fall Out Boy was playing. i turned it louder
and louder. i turned on my MacBook Air and opened iChat.  bleep!  steph IMed

sockrg1rl0- hey alex!
sk8terg1rlx- hey steph
sockrg1rl0- wats going on in ur house? my mom's complaining about cars parking out up
in front of ur house and mine, it keeps stretching until 3 blocks away!
sk8terg1rlx- huh??!! 

 sk8terg1rlx's status has changed to away.  

i went downstairs and saw so many people downstairs. aimee was no where to be seen. i
headed to the bathroom and opened the door. it was locked! i pulled out the key out
of my pocket and opened the door. aimee was kissing Michael Tony, her 'so called
boyfriend' and she didnt even notice i was there! 'AIMEE!' i shouted. michael and
aimee jumped. 'what the hell, alex?' she cried. 'yeah, what the heck? we were in a
good time!' michael butted in. 'shut up, michael.' i countered. 'mom said NO PARTYING
and NO BOYS!' i yelled. michael arched his eyebrows, then rolled his eyes. ' so what,
who do you think you are, Supernanny?' aimee said. turning back to michael. they
continued kissing and i rolled my eyes. 'AIMEE! STOP IT! YOU'RE CREEPING ME OUT!!' i
yelled. it was no use. i scoffed and shut the door. 
i went onto Kupika.com, my favorite website. nobody sent me any letters of comfort.
then i checked my e-mail on live.com. subjects from my former friend, Amanda, were
too scary to click on. 'TWO TON ALEX'. 'MAJOR FAT LOSER'. i turned my laptop off and
buried myself under the covers. i went to the bookcase to find my Yearbook from fifth
grade. underneath my photo, she wrote,  alex, u rock! stay in touch! bffs forever
till we die! love ya!  tears spilled into my cheek. my eyes got all misty. i went
back to my bed and buried my head into the covers. my eyes blinked and i fell asleep.


i woke up. i checked my watch. it was 2:00 A.M. blaring music came from downstairs.
then the music stopped. i brushed my hair and went downstairs. everyone was partying.
the music blared again. i asked a guy where aimee was. he said she was in the
basement. i shuffled downstars and i found two really sharp kitchen knives, three
guns and a lighter.  aimee finally giggled and said, 'i've been waiting YEARS for
this. i hate you, and i've always said i wanted to kill you. really, now i DO! you
are PATHETIC! mom and dad always point their attention at you! you get everything you
want, and i'm always at home doing NOTHING!' she picked up a stick and lifted my
shirt. she hit me until she was satisfied. i was HORRIFIED. then she put me in chains
and said, 'choose your killing weapon, dear alex.' 'i'd use the knife to stab your
brains and the guns to shoot your ugly heart.' michael was behind me and kicked me
really hard. i cringed. 'cooperate.. you have multiple choice.... get preagnent 30
times with different guys and keep the babies, or die.' i said, 'i'd rather die...' i
gulped and aimee fired the trigger. it seemed so fast, but in movies it was so
slow............ the last thing i ever heard was aimee and michael going up the
steps... and my parents never knew aimee killed me or aimee was preagnent, or she had
the party. aimee said i ran away from home, and they searched for me.... but no one
looked in the basement. not even the next person who lived here..... or the real
astate agent.... because somebody locked it and there was a legend once told that
they heard screaming of a girl who once lived in that house, and nobody ever buried a
grave for her or ever saw her again.
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