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Extremely Rough PostCategory: (general)
Monday, 25 August 2008
02:37:41 AM (GMT)
My friend Fyn and I are really into our rp and this was the most difficult and
amazing post I've ever had to do!
Jinx held his breath as he walked- a human habit yet to fade with time- slowing as
they drew nearer the secluded study. His footfalls fell silently and he held onto his
mates hand with exaggerated care. He came to a silent halt just three feet from the
lavish study doors. He glanced back down the hall, noting that no sign of an intruder
had appeared. He looked at Tertia, a few inches shoter than him, and gave a meek
reassuring smile, 
"I'm sure it was just an animal or some kids messing with a ball." his voice came out
as a whisper, the sentance said mostly to himself for reassurance. The scent of
freshly disturbed dust floated lightly in the air. Not only the stale smell of pages
unturned and horrendous messes uncleaned, but a faint shift in something more obscure
as well. He blinked out of his senses and let his eyes refocus on Tertia,
"The master is inside with his mistress." a knotting pull in his gut told him not to
intrude though his eager curiosity demanded to know what prompted this shift in the
air. The small spark of an idea as to it all flared momentarily in the back of his
mind, though it was gone before he could grasp it. Again coming back out of his vivid
thoughts he sighed, "I would asume that master Adaire is explaining you to the girl.
I think it best we wait." though normally he would pursue the scene his instincts
told him to let things be. He waited for Tertias answer, hoping she sensed the myriad
of things he did.

Turned to utter stone.
A frozen look of shock, anger, and sadness mixed with pain tortured Danikas delicate
face. With the most movement she could muster she looked up at Adaire as if he had
ripped her in two. The words spoken from his angelic lips through the silk of his
voice only barely and vilently sinking in. Her lips parted as a near inaudible cry
escaped them. As her mind pieced together the undeniable proof of what the beautiful
man near her had said, her body unhinged from it's rusted place. Her face sank and
her eyes fell from Adaires face, to stare blankly at the rubble of things around her.

"Why?" the word was quiet, near as silent as her shallow and ragged breath. Her
faintly shaking hand moved to Adaires which rested comfortingly on her shoulder. She
felt the chill of his skin, noted the near translucent color. A frightened gasp burst
from her chest and she returned her gaze to Adaires. She pulled on his hand, willing
him to come closer. To show her he was real. Hesitantly she reached up to touch his
throat, not braced for the jolt of adrenaline she felt. With a slight jerk of her
hand she retreated from his frigid skin. Cold as death. He was dead.

And so was Tertia.

Danikas eyes welled up with incontrolable tears. Her jaw set tight, she bared her
teeth in anger. Her entire body seemed to shake as a scream threatened to break
through her. She stood up, immediately siezing Adaires broad shoulders, not caring
that tears now flowed fiercely down her cheeks.

"How could this happen?" her voice shook and came out as narry more than a whisper.
Her hands gripped Adaire as if he were the only thing keeping her grounded. She
wanted to lash out at him. To strike him. But just as badly, if not more her body
craved to be cradled in his arms. To be comforted by his crooked smile. With a
whimper she spoke, "How could this..." her grip loosened and her expression relaxed.
At last she felt completely bewildered and hopeless. So alone... and scared. 

Here's the link to the actual thread, I would love for you all to check it out
sometime and possibly give us ideas for future posts?
Ignore the OOC posts. Sometimes we spaced out heh
Last edited: 25 August 2008

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