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The little orphan chapter 12Category: The little orphan story
Wednesday, 23 July 2008
06:02:30 PM (GMT)
Eichiro quickly woke the others and told them what had progressed over the night,from the boy with the camera to the conversation with Mana. The group went silent for a moment,trying to digest what they had heard. For one;this was a big shift in Eichiro's mood, and two; they were worried. A boy with a camera. If he was a spy for the enemy, whoever the enemy is, They could be in deep trouble. Sera broke the silence. "Eichiro, what did this boy look like?" "He had brown hair, glasses..." "I think I know who we're dealing with." All heads turned to Sera. "Don't leave us in suspence. Tell us!" Kiri said,nearly demanded. "His name is Naono. He was at the orphanage Mana and I stayed at. He was jelous of all the kids that got adopted. He wanted desperatly to impress the parents. He is just a no good kid." Now that the companions knew who they were dealing with, he didn't seem so scary. "He has come a long way from New York. Why would he be here?" Shiki pondered. "Whatever it is, it can't be good." Eichiro said grimly. "Right. I suggest we go and get Mana as soon as possible." Sere announced. A voice of agreement came from the others. They grabbed what would come in handy. The FBI pistols and Ato's knife, adn they were ready to go. * They trekked up the mountainface, to the castle. Eichiro started to walk in when he realised that there were more guards then before. He jumped back, worried about being seen. They decided to go into three smaller groups. Shiki & Kiri and Sera & Ato would seperate and look for Mana's flute, among the weapon cashés,while he, Takuya, and Kiyomi would go get Mana. He told them weather they completed their jobs or not, to meet in the dungeons in 2 hours. that should have been plenty of time to do what they were suppost to do. With a nod of agreement, They went to do they're part. * Ato and Sera made their way to the south weapon cashés. When they got there, they were stunned to see miles of weapons. They were definately not short on weaponry. They had to start somewhere. Sera started to scan through the weapons,careful not to get hurt on open blades or unproteced arrowheads. Once they both started, Sera could not kep her eyes on her work, as they seemed to want to watch Ato. And it seemed that Ato's eyes seemed to have the same problem. No matter how hard they looked, Mana's flute seemed to vanish in the heaps of weapons. While she did that, She found a bow and quiver, and she couldn't resist stringing the bow and notching an arrow. When she fired, The arrow flew to the other side of the room - which was considerably long - and the arrow got stuck in the wall. Ato told her to stop folling around, and she unstrung it, and put it away. After even more searching, Sera was convinced that the flute wasn't there. She only hoped that Shiki and Kiri were doing better then them. * When Shiki and Kiri made it to the north cashés, they were equally shocked. But the north cashés were not as large as the south. After Over and hour of searching, They had found some interesting things, but no flute. Kiri had gone to take a rest - or procrastinate - while Shiki kept looking. Kiri was in a foul mood. She never liked Shiki. Whenever something was amiss, she had an instinct. And it was never wrong. There was something about Shiki... Close to the time they were suppost to leave, Shiki finally found the flute, at the very back of the room. They got up and headed to the rendévous point. * Meanwhile, Eichiro,Takuya, and Kiyomi were having difficulty reaching the dungeons, due to the extra guards. But before long, they had reached the dungeons and found Mana. It was almost noon by then, and Mana had almost given up hope. When they looked, there wasn't a key in sight, unlike Eichiro's rescue. The guards would have probably taken the keys for security. And their enemy had more then enough of that. Down the hallway, the doors to the dungeons creaked opened. Everyone's heart lept. They could hear two sets of footprints approching. Two hefty guards appeared around the bend. They quickly noticed the group of trespassers. They dashed at the group, fast despite the large orange armour. One of them pulled his sword out of it's sheath. The sword was bigger then Mana, But that caused it to take momentum to use. The first guard charged at them, a warcry screaming from his helm. The sword was about to swing down on Eichiro, when the guard and his sword froze in place. The guard struggled to get free, but the strange force was stronger then any man. It was all the time they needed. Takuya whipped his gun out of his pocket. "Mana, close eyes." Kiyomi warned Mana, who hid her face behind her hands. Takuya fired. He was too close to miss. The guard still hung in midair, but was now limp. The stange force dissapeared and the guard fell to the floor, his armour clattering, as he went into the void of death. Enraged by his companion's death, The other guard rushed up and grabbed his partners sword. He swung it around a few times and let go. It was headed for Eichiro. It was too fast to dodge. But instead of hearing a cry in pain, the group were astonished to see the sword hovering inches from Eichiro's face. The sword had a mind of it's own as it swung around and flew with the same great speed at the other guard. The hilt grew out of the guards chest, the blade out the back. the guard toppled over,dead. Mana opened her eyes to see Eichiro walking to the limp figures, satisfied. He reached down and grabbed a ring of keys from one of the guards armour. He went back to the cell adn fiddled with the keys until the door swung open. Mana limped out,her limbs still hurting from the torture they gave her. She suddenly collapsed,but Eichiro caught her before she hit the ground. Mana managed a faint smile and got up. Her companions told her what had progressed over the time she as captured, her face changing with the different events. Mana also told them what had happened to her. The guards kept trying to get information from her that she didn't have, resulting in her torture. When they finished swapping stories, Shiki and Kiri came with Mana's flute. She got up and reclaimed the flute. Not long after that, Sera and Ato came as well. Since the group was back together, they went to find there way out of the place. They hoped this rescue mission was their last. * The guards posed difficulty. getting by each room took about five to ten minutes. Mana slowed the porcess down even more, due to her injuries. Eichiro offered several times to carry her, But Mana refused, saying she didn't want to cause any problems. The guards weren't much a problem themselves, as they were dimwitted and weren't much of a threat,despite their size. Before long, they finally reached the doors and ran out. as they were dashing down the mountain, Mana's injuries acted up, resulting her to trip. The others quickly realised she was behind. Eichiro ran up to Mana, who was trying to recover from her fall. All the wind was knocked out of her, and she wasn't in any condition to walk. It was suprising she wasn't out cold. despite her protesting, Eichiro swept her up and carried her down the mountain. Mana didn't understand why she didn't accept help before. * Now that they were all together, they prodded at Eichiro until he gave in and said he would tell them everything. He was about to start when rustling came from the underbrush behind them. Eichiro lept unexpectedly at the underbrush. He dissapeared from sight under the plants. They heard a girl scream, and then a loud WHUP. Eichiro came out from the plants, rubbing his head. Also emerging from the plants was a teen girl. She had dirty blonde hair, and blue shirt and skirt. Her hair was put up with a clip. She was probably 15. She shook a few branches out of her hair. "Can anyone explain to me why that boy tackled me like a wild animal?" Her voice was low and kind. "I'm sorry about that. He does that a lot." Mana explained, not mentioning what. Eichiro utters a low growl. "OK. Just tell him not to do that anymore. My name is Hanako, but my friends call me Hana. Now, who are you?" "I'm Mana, and this is Shiki,Sera,Ato,Takuya,Kiri,Kiyomi, and Eichiro." Mana said, gasping for breath once she finished. "Well met, Mana. And what exactly are you 8 doing in these mountains?" Mana explained their story, her friends filling in when they could. When she finished, Hanako looked a little disturbed. "All that happened? Don't you think it's kinda freaky how Eichiro can go into your mind and invade your privacy?" "I don't mind too much." Hanako still looked disturbed,but didn't pursue the subject. By that time, everyone was tired, and the sun was setting. After hearing from the group, who argeud with him about his secrets, he said that he'd tell all in the morning. Sera seemed the most anxious. The group protested, but they were all tired and went to sleep. Hanako stayed with them as well and fell asleep. * When he was sure they were all asleep,Naono continued to spy on them, and took pictured of them. He retreated to his laptop. Since he was in the middle of the mountains,he had no internet access and couldn't contact the orphanage. He uploaded the pictures he took and compared them to pictures of the people he was looking for. Indeed Mana and Sera matched. He powered off his laptop and got out a tape recorder,that he would use to record al of Eichiro's secrets with. He watched the group as they slept. They were at his mercy!

MeepingMeep says:   23 July 2008   887989  
Yay! First comment! EMAZING!
Kirti says:   23 July 2008   698262  
hurray another joins the group!(i think) yay Hana. Naono may be bad
but i still pity him a bit.... I hate it when i can't hop a
wifi conection!

still he is being quite eeeeevaaail. *dun dun dun*

... I was wondering if somebody in the story would find Eichiro a tad
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   23 July 2008   696426  
Meep:Tank you berry much ^-^
Kirti: A world without WiFi connection is horrifying. :O
yeah, i got that idea from commenters X3
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   23 July 2008   382435  
Ahh, no WiFi?! :O Hmm, I wonder why Kiri is suspicious about Shiki.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   23 July 2008   273375  
That's for me to know and you to find out! >:D
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   24 July 2008   863831  
Well, I have an idea...
‹Ashe_Amu› says:   24 July 2008   362243  
0.0 love it!Kiri has my adittude!
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   24 July 2008   219578  
I loved it :D i cant stand not knowing what happens till like 4 days
later. i check the subscriptions like every 5min lol. You are a very
good story writer 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   24 July 2008   448358  
anime:Let us hear then and see if you're right!
ashe:She does? kewl 
sara:i procrastinate a lot but i have been working hard on the more
recent chapters.
callie11 says:   24 July 2008   559378  
Great chapter, I loved it. I like the way you introduced Hana, and
I'm glad that someone was a bit freaked out about it all.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   24 July 2008   383852  
lol thank you :3
that was fun,thinking up that intro. XD
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   1 May 2009   698592  
Naono's mean and nashty 
"All that happened? Don't you think it's kinda freaky how Eichiro can go into your mind and invade your privacy?"
He can invade my privacy anyday -shlurp- lol jk jk
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   1 May 2009   726762  

Oh, no you don't. Down, girl.


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