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stepdad troublesCategory: Family issues
Wednesday, 16 July 2008
04:16:17 PM (GMT)
Today my mum broke up with my stepdad coz he was stealing her money without her
knowing so my mum took me to stay at my nans for afew weeks so i would be away from
him and so today my mum called him up and told him toget out the other house before
she called the police.... so my stepdads mum is gonna go pick him up and take him
back to wales 

and my nan hates my stepdad to hell and she always says bad things bout him behind
his back (man he aint even aloud in the house)
and the reason for this is coz when we first met him like years ago

my mum let him in to my nans house so he said he was gonna cook that night so me and
my mum let him get on with it.
so while he was at home cooking me, my mum, my friend, and my mums friend went out in
the car at night for a long time till my stepdad rang us saying "foods ready come
home" so my mums friend said just leave him who cares and allthat stuff so again he
rang 2 hours after and so as you can get the idear that he rang six times and by then
it went from 10:00pm to 4:00am anyway we finaly got pissed off with the ringing sound
and went home by the time we got home my stepdad had found the beers/largers in the
fridge so yes he was drunk.

so we got inside and he came rushing to the door and i cant exsplain exsactly what
happened so ill say it a lil shorter
first he got really angry and moody so he smashed the house up he got all the CD's he
gave my mum and snaped them in half (it was scary+funny all in one, i was only 8 and
used to that shit)

so anyway my mum got angry and punched him (lol)
soo coz my mum was hitting him alot he decided to lock her in a cupboard till she
calmed down (but did'nt seem to help just mad her more angry)
so she kicked the cupboard door off (lmao)
and was chasing him round the house (dont say that i was'nt helping, i was screaming
my fucking head off lol)
anyway finaly my mum calmed down and my stepdad just sat behind the sofa crying so i
went to sit with him (when he cries his voice goes all high pitched and you cant
understand a thing what he was saying but i just nodded and looked like i knew what
he was saying)

anyway coz iscreamed so loud it woke the people over the street up and they rang the
so my mum was in tears so i said to the police that it was my stepdad who was causing
all this noise and stuff (lol i bet he loved me for saying that XD)

so i will never forget this part when the police interviewed us and i framed him for
trying to murder me (ooops so what can i say i was young then lol)
but luckily they didnt believe me (yay)

soo all night while he was in jail her rang my mum and so one time i answer and told
him to fuck off ringing us (funny lol)

anyway thats why my nan wont let him in the house theirs even more reasons but icant
be bothered to even type that more

Snow_princess96 says:   16 July 2008   922163  
wow....  thats sad.
HelloKitty12 says :   17 July 2008   592232  

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