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Survey of moi!! =DCategory: (general)
Friday, 4 July 2008
11:06:48 AM (GMT)
Eye Color:: light brown-ish

Hair Color:: dark brown

Height:: 5'0" 

Favorite Color:: green, blue, pink, orange

Screen Name:: mintygrrl

Favorite Band:: i dunno....

Favorite Movie:: The Devil Wears Prada

Favorite Show:: i don't have one

Your Car:: i can't drive yet 

Your Hometown:: Seattle

Your Present Town:: I'm NOT telling you. (i moved away from seattle, though)

Your Crushes First Name: I dont really have 1 anymore.... : But Edward Cullen from
Twilight, does that count??? =D

Your Grade:: im going into 7th in fall

Your Style:: skirt, shirt/pants, shirt

 Have You Ever 

Sat on your rooftop?: nope. 

Kissed someone in the rain?: No, but i want to :P

Danced in a public place?: Yeah. x] 

Smiled for no reason?: Yeah

Laughed so hard you cried?: no

Peed your pants after age 8?: ......ONCE!!!!!.....long story though........ :

Written a song?: nope

Sang to someone for no reason?: ha ha!! no...

Performed on a stage?: no

Talked to someone you don't know?: all the time

Gone out of your way to befriend someone?: idk

Made out in a theatre?: not yet

Gone roller skating since 8th grade?: i'm not IN 8th grade yet!!! 

Been in love?: Sort of..... :/ 

Who was the last person to 

Say HI to you?: a friend, i can't remember which one, but it was a friend

Tell you, I love you?: no one.... 

Hug you?: I don't know

Tell you BYE?: my mom??????

Write you a note?: idk

Take your photo?: ME

Call your cell phone?: Kira or Holley....idk which 1....

Buy you something?: my sister bought me a strawberry's and creme frappucinno 

Go with you to the movies?: my cousin

Sing to you?: no has ever sang to me

Text message you?: holley

What's the last

Time you laughed?: 2 minutes ago

Time you cried?: .......the other day, i think

Movie you watched?: semi-pro

Joke you told?: idk

Song you've sang?: the 7 things  miley cyrus 

Time you've looked at the clock?: 8:07 am (now)

Drink you've had?: water

Number you've dialed?: idk

Book you've read?: Twilight; By Stephanie Meyer

Food you've eaten?: potato chips

Flavor of gum chewed?: minty =P

Shoes you've worn?: black old navy flip flops

Store you've been in?: albertsons (grocery store)

Thing you've said?: idk

 Can You

Write with both hands?: hahaha i wish

Whistle?: no

Blow a bubble?: yuppers

Roll your tounge in a circle?: uh no

Cross your eyes?: Yes!

Touch your tounge to your nose?: ha no

Dance?: not really

Gleek?: ..What? 

Stay up a whole night without sleep?: no

Speak a different language?: sort of, French (IM TAKING IT IN THE FALL!! :D)

Impersonate someone?: nope

Prank call people?: .. I guess idk

Make a card pyramid?: no.

Cook anything?: yahhhhhhhh

 Finish The Line

If i were a ...: dinosuar i'd kill Rachel >:D

I wish ...: Edward Cullen was real (IDK!!!) :S  

So many people don't know that ...: i have to go to the bathroom xD

I am ...: hungry and bored

My heart is ...:  taken by a guy who doesn't even exist *sigh*

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