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Ugh.Category: RantsPlz?
Wednesday, 2 July 2008
12:14:04 AM (GMT)
Ugh. My dad is killing me. Lately he's been dumping all this crap on me about my attitude and how I don't give anything back in return for what people do for me. If they're expecting things in return, why do they give things to me in the first place? I admit, I've lived a pretty cushy life. And I'm thankful for the people who've given that to me. Isn't that enough? Am I enough? I don't know. He acts like he's not proud of me. I admit, there's not much for him to be proud of. I don't get good grades, I don't work very hard for many things, I haven't done very much with my life so far. Yeah, I'm pretty worthless. But I'm happy. I'm still good at some things. Isn't that something that's worth being proud of? He always says that he wants me to be happy. If he wants me to be happy, why does he treat me like crap? And, if any of you have known me for a while, you know that I go to Cape Cod every year, and about a year ago I realized that I don't like it very much. I don't like the air, the people are weird and give me dirty looks all the time for no reason, and I hate the beach. Plus, I've gone there almost every year of my life now, so nothing is fun anymore. And now he's dumping all this "We're not lugging you halfway across the country for you to complain for two weeks" crap on me. I'm not asking him to bring me. Some of you also may know that one of my cats ran away. Dad's blaming it on me because he thinks that Sheldon ran away because of my other cat. He's like "Oh, you just had to get that stupid black cat." What, like I was supposed to know that Sheldon wouldn't like Eve. I don't even think it was Eve he didn't like. He just ignored Eve most of the time. It was Sidney that chased him around everywhere. He couldn't even come upstairs during the day anymore because of that stupid dog. I don't even like Sidney. Thanks to her, nobody pays attention to Kiara anymore. I don't think Kiara has much life left in her. It hurts me just to look at her. I miss life how it used to be.
Last edited: 2 July 2008

luckystar101 says:   2 July 2008   132886  
im sorry i feel bad for u
NoodleSama says:   2 July 2008   412731  
Don't feel bad for me. >.> What'll that do?
Scrubs_fan1 says:   2 July 2008   726634  
Nooo. ; - ; Clar your like worth...a bunch. :]

I don't really know how else to say it, but, 
Even if you live a crushy life your still amazing :D

 And, my cat ran away too. I think cats just suck. D:
reyka says:   3 July 2008   387969  
Just that paragragh of insanely poetic, if not philosophical, writing proves your worth.. a lot. Clever girl. u_u
Missingno says:   4 July 2008   654665  
Damn. Give me his phone number so I can nag at him.
NoodleSama says:   4 July 2008   957945  
Poetic? xD How was that poetic in any way, shape, or form? D:

I'll gladly give it to you. :D
Missingno says :   6 July 2008   383837  

Don't be sad, he's probably just... pressured. So he takes it out by
putting the blame on you.

Cats are bound to run away anywhere, who cares about them :|


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