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Still alive...Category: (general)
Wednesday, 6 February 2008
04:16:57 AM (GMT)
WARNING!: Lots of images ahead... lots. D:

Yes I'm still here guys. n_n
I've just been playing Phoenix Wright and Ragnarok...

Avoiding my responsibilities as an artist. X_X;

Ahaha... I'll get to answering all the messages, questions and art trades... I
promise. >_>;;
-hugs everyone- ♥

If you dunno what Ragnarok is you're missing out. X)
If you dunno what Phoenix Wright is, you're reaaaallllly missing out. O_O !
Seriously~ XD

Ragnarok Online is so addicting. ;; I've missed it. I've been playing since I was 14.
Wanna see some screenshots? :D

They shrank... cos of stupid Photobucket. -_-;;; But here they are anyways! =^-^=

This is me saying hello to you guys. XD

Turning Acolyte. ^^ Aren't they so cute? ;w;

Turning priestess! =^o^= I had to do lots of stuff... but... it took me a long time.

Here's me in town. ^o^ Look at all the awesome shiny peoples~

That's a really scary monster. @_@;;; I'm actually the coward, but it's fun to make
fun of it. XD This is Glast Heim, by the way, zombie place. :O

I heart Glast Heim and zombies. X3

Kk. This is where I first met all my friends. Tring is... Tring. He's funny. XD He
wants to be a ninja. The guy in the red hat is Show-Off as I call him. @_@; He makes
me feel stupid. The girl is... I dunno. She just shows up randomly. @_@;

All of us died. ;_;

Me just wandering around. XD This place is scary... look at the really creepy monster
guy. D:

We died because of Show-Off. -_- He's such a noob. XD

Me and Show-Off are friends! XD Sort of. He's still a noob. D; He said that Gonyrun
-- a place -- is pretty so I followed. n_n Look how pretty it is!

Show-Off, Tring and I got pwned. XD

That's all for right now. @w@ That's what I've been doing. XD Isn't it awesome? :3 I
love RO. ♥ I can heal zombies to death~
Also, Phoenix Wright FTW! =^_^=

Sorries for all the images. ;;;;; ♥

So. How have you all been~?

angel260 says:   6 February 2008   731489  
COOL !- say can u PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ answer my messages i sent you TT_TT
- *begs*
sushii_ says:   6 February 2008   636362  
;w; i want to play that too! can you tell me how can i play it?
welcome back! xDD
‹ERASE› says:   6 February 2008   938955  
Yay! You're alive!
donut107 says:   6 February 2008   776981  
OMG YAYZ SHES ALIVE i thought i was dead to but here i am :D uh im
not really a fan of ragnorak online though tried it and didn't like it
so :P
sexy_me_ says:   7 February 2008   825181  
‹ravieve› says:   8 February 2008   153134  
aw, you made me remember Ragnarok again!!!! >w<
I missed it.....u-u.....
but I forgot the password!!! >< stupid me!!!
plus, I'm still a noob! --doom-- erm....novice....XD
Llyria says:   12 February 2008   382798  
You gpt thrown in jail by the haircut lady?
[strike] METOOOMG:] [/stike] D: Never commit a crime.
sugartastic says:   12 February 2008   956579  
Jail...? XD I never went to a jail... I wanna go though. :O
‹♪«·Nightmare ·†· Boulevard·»♪› says:   14 February 2008   189338  
You should try Flyff out one day. 
I play it and it's addicting. xD
It's pretty much the same idea.
Aranee says:   22 February 2008   147496  
I LVOE RAGNAROK!!! THough I spend more time on Maplestory. There is a
trailer for Death Note with maplestory characters. THey are so
Satsujin says:   23 February 2008   469844  
... You play RO?!

If you don't mind me asking, what server? :D
sugartastic says:   30 March 2008   167819  
Yes I play RO. :D I LOVE EET. ♥
Been playing for... three or four years. :3 On and off.

I play a private server cos I can't afford the normal one. XD It's
called Lightside RO. Join me sometime! :3
‹█bLaZiNg☺DuCk☺fAcE☺DaRyN█› says :   9 December 2008   335859  
how do u make them


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