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Another survey involving Guy love...ah yesCategory: (general)
Thursday, 31 January 2008
01:44:13 PM (GMT)
Surveys are too hard to resist...for me anyway ^__^

starting time:
18:09 (6.09pm)

Hollie, Louise ^_^

Nope it would be so fun though X3 especially if they were younger

Ci! :D Joe, he's tall, blond, thinks he's emo and listen's to R&B (disgusting -_-)
wherever he goes 

Shoe size:
6/7 -_- not really sure, i need to get measured

... ._e damn you survey... *sigh* 5ft 4 T_T i got measured without shoes last week

What are you wearing right now?
Black scarf with white stars, and school uniform (@_@ i hate not being able to wear
my own clothes outside of school but it's better for the enviroment...)

Favorite Number:
10, 4 or 22 :D

Favorite Drink
Cranberyyjuicecranberryjuicecranberyyjuice X3
Or a nice hot chocolate now and again :D

Favorite Months:
March and october 

Favorite Breakfast:
Hm...i eat rice on a saturday for breakfast but... i dont have one really... some
fruit and a glass of milk i suppose :|


Broken a bone:
YES! D: Nobody believed me!! Joe broke my finger and it bent all the way back
to my wrist T_T they only believed me when i couldn't stop crying 

Been in a police car:
No... o.o Although it sounds fun

Been on a plane:
Yup ^ ^ At least twice a year *mumbles* stupid parents making me go on planes full
of people who fart, swear, and kick my seat while damaging the ozone

Been in a hot tub:
Ew...0_e No

Swam in the ocean:
Lots of times ^ ^Been scuba diving once or twice also and nearly killed myself
falling off the boat XD

Fallen asleep in school:
Yup T^T Mostly during geography or R.E.
I swear that women's voice is like a lullaby D:

Broken someone's heart:
I'm lucky to say, hell no XD

Cried when someone died:

Fell off your chair:

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
Nope :| Although that sound pathetic

Saved e-mails:
Yup ^ ^ Once or twice

***********What is************

Your room like?
o.o moi's room? ...Pretty small...lots of corners, a light blue wallpaper, Emily the
Strange posters, lots of paper and a big shelf reaching ot the ceiling full of books

Whats right beside you?
Printer, table, conservatory

----------------------Ever Had- -------------------------

Chicken pox?
Yes ._. When i was 2, i ran around the garden for 2 weeks wearing nothing but a blue
snowman hat and scarf and a pair of knickers and sandels >_<

Sore throat:
*Nods* lots my voice sounds like that red headed teen from the simpsons XD It's quite
amusing truth be told

>_< no

Broken nose:
Nope *feels nose* i wonder....


Was the last person you danced with?
Megan, we were dancing to Emma and kirsty playing the drums and piano

Who made you smile?
Almost everyone i saw today! :D 

Did you last yell at?
...Louise -_- She went missing for a f*cking day 

----------Final Questions-------------

What are you listening to right now?
"I'm your favourite drug* by Porcelain and the tramps 

What did you do today?
Woke up. Struggled not to tell cousins to shut up and stop making fun of the cute
rockhead boys. Went to school. Danced. 
Shouted in Zork (Yu-gi-oh abridged voice) "Best fweinds 4evaaa DX" (Spelt like that
on purpose) To this annoying girl who made Louise cry as they have similar hair. 
Got compared to Phoboe from friends a lot ^ ^; But that happens a lot to me
Sung Guy Love with Amy (I'm J.D. :3)
Came home. Talked to dad about his acupuncture? (sp) Got lots of hints from parents
about Florida -__-
Ate tea. did this survey.
I have lots of stories to tell but no one to listen...meh *shrugs*

Hate someone in your family? 
Hate's too strong a word, i simply extremely dislike them ^ ^ 

Good singer?
Dont know, i dont sing i much

Diamond or pearl?
Diamonds...birth stone i suppose :|

Indoors or outdoors
Either, sunshine outside makes me happy
blankets and showers inside makes me happy ^__^

------------------Today did you----------------------

1. Talk to someone you like?
Mehh like? o.o
I talked to friends i like them...

2. Kiss anyone?
One of two on their forehead i think 

3. Get sick?

4. Sing:
XD Guy love  
I'm Dominican 
Dr. Cox's Solo Rant 

I've been told many times i have a lot of talent for making up lines to songs is
seconds and inpersonating people precisly :|

5: talk to an ex :
Dont have one ^ ^ 

6. Miss someone:
yup ^ ^ 

7. Eat:
Yes my tummy's so full @_@ I want an apple or grapes though T__T

---------------Last person who------------------

8. You talked to on the phone?
...Um...hard to tell...OH MUM! 8D

9. Made you Cry?
Louise ^ ^;

10. Went to the movies with?
Too long ago to remember

11. You went to the mall with?
Emma X3 

19. Been to Mexico?
*sigh* -___- no i want burritos so badly...


21. Have a crush on someone:
Not at the minute

22. books your reading?
Snakehead/Shopaholic series (Sophie Kinsellia favourite author)

23. Best feeling in the world: ^ ^; I love the motherly feeling where you just wanna take care of people
and feel all warm inside from cuddling

24. Future kids names?
Not for another 10 years but meh, John after grandad or James. Ava, Emily or Ruby for
a girl i guess. 

25. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

26.Is there a monster under the bed?
Nope although Disney made me terrified for several years ^_^

27. Favorite sport(s) to watch:
Friends or Mock the week (Russel Howard >W< )
It's not sport but i don't give a damn

28. Favorite location:
Um...with friends or in the shower  ^^;

32. Who do you really hate?
Didn't i already answer you little question? :|

33. Do you have a job?
Nope, although this summer i am weeking for 2 weeks for job experience

35. Ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with?
Yes, i was naive and he fell in love with my best friend like every other boy XD 

36. You lonely right now?
Not really, a little nevous though :|

37. What time is it right now:
18:42 (6:42pm) wow...i get distracted VERY easily...
Say hello to the writer:
Hello writer... would you like a hug?! :D
Last edited: 1 February 2008

‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   31 January 2008   892195  
Being in a cop car is not fun!
The back has no leg room and you have to talk to the cop through a
metal cage!!!
SithWedgie says:   31 January 2008   728725  
aww :3 your version of this survey is the most entertaining one yet.
Aiden_Princess says :   7 February 2008   822587  
Lol =]


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