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Social stigmas?Category: Rant...
Tuesday, 22 January 2008
01:39:55 AM (GMT)
Alright; so I am here to question the existence of something completely pointless:

Separate razors for both women and men.
What the FUCK is the point of that?

Is there something that makes the skin on my legs different from the skin on my
boyfriend's face?
So if there is a difference between skin so different that I need a different razor,
why can I still use the same razor for multiple body parts that I shave, yet he can't
use the same razor that I use?

You want to know the real difference between men's and women's razors?
One is pink.
Seriously, they do the exact same thing, but one is pink. O_o

Same with men & women's shaving creams.
I actually think that men's shaving cream works better, personally.
But the only difference between the two is that one is in a pastel colored bottle and
has a distinct floral/fruity scent.

So I conspired a theory as to why they have to have two separate types:
Because they can pump more money out of you based on society's need to feel more
feminine/masculine, respectively.
Think about it: We don't have separate shampoos for women and men.
We don't have separate soaps for women and men.
So why do we have separate razors?

Because women will buy into it so that they feel more feminine.
Apparently it makes us feel disgusting and manly to use men's shaving cream, even
though it does the exact same thing.
Seriously. Look at the products; there is absolutely no difference.
Women just feel like they should buy this product.
I'm guessing that they assume that there is a difference when it is made specifically
for them. Or it makes them feel empowered to have their own shaving cream. Or perhaps
they just feel gross about using something made for men.

Society has created such a stigma so that you will buy into the Skintimate line.
You would feel disgusting about men's shampoo, too, if they told you that you

People don't really understand how much advertising affects our subconscious.
It implants the idea that we are too fat, that we are too ugly, that we are too manly
because we use a men's razor.
And we buy the products to fix this accordingly.

It may not want to make you run out and buy the product right then and there, but you
will soon enough. It does play to the weaknesses of a target group. Women, in this

That's my theory, anyway. Draw your own conclusions.

XEmo_girlX says:   22 January 2008   926838  
Wow thats good.
Fabby says:   22 January 2008   846913  
Um, thanks? XD
Lyncheh says:   22 January 2008   111132  
I use men's razors on my legs sometimes, if I have to. xP

But with shaving cream, the men's version smells of..well, men.
Fabby says:   22 January 2008   863845  
But the question is, who is so close to your legs that they can smell
your shaving cream? Does that smell even linger? XD

Also... apparently the plural of stigma is not stigmas but stigmata?
Actually, is saying both are correct. O_o''
neoeno says:   23 January 2008   314772  
Right on.

I might be wrong on this, but I don't think any smell is intrinsically
masculine or feminine, unless it's a natural human scent.
Socialisation! Bah!

As I spoke about in my entry, gender roles are very strong, and
exploited by marketing divisions. A more amusing question is: why did
you say "Is there something that makes the skin on my legs different
from the skin on my
boyfriend's face" :P Perhaps if the beauty industry and ideals didn't
enforce shaving for women, you wouldn't be in a position to find out
whether the razors were different :P

Though I think the hair on the face and the hair on other parts of the
body is different... I read somewhere that they are of different
thicknesses and so the blades are of different durability. The
original story was that a guy had carved his face up (due to blunt
blades) after his girlfriend has used his shaving razor for her legs.
Abandoned says:   23 January 2008   286431 sell more crap to public.  Companies offers every excuse
for people to buy.
Fabby says:   23 January 2008   543484  
Perhaps there is a reason for different razors then?

My point still stands about the shaving cream.
‹x-le-bon-Jude-x› says:   23 January 2008   468636  
I say it doesn't matter if you use men's or womens... I had to use a
men's razor once, I barely touched my leg with it & cut it....then
again I don't really know the difference between shaving creams I use
one of the razors where you dont need shaving cream o_e
Fabby says:   23 January 2008   775398  
Okay, I was curious and looked it up.
According to Gillette, there is no difference between the two razors.
At all. Just different shapes/colors. :D

(Although people appear to be insisting that men's razors are better,
I don't see why they would be. Perhaps because they're heavier?)
sugartastic says:   24 January 2008   314936  

I swear, they're the same things in different packaging. You have to
buy the pretty shiny pink bottle with the new scent "Sparkly Rainbow
Unicorn Mist" if you're a girl, otherwise you're not feminine enough
or something. The mens' shaving cream bottles are all dark blue and
manly, with scents like "Flaming Chainsaw Grease". If you buy the one
made for your opposite gender, everyone thinks it's gross or
something. Or on TV, if you're female and you don't wear some tiny
little thing and have big beautiful hair full of volume, guys won't
look at you -- you'll be considered stuffy or ugly. I mean, think
about it. Almost all media portrays women with glasses who are smart
to be ugly and unattractive. Propaganda, I say. -_-; Society expects
people to be a certain way, they portray their beliefs on what we
should be on every media source they can, and if you do what society
doesn't generally approve of, people don't like it. Ugh, I hate that.

Just like the whole "relationship" thing. In popular media, things
like being girly and getting into relationships/getting married etc is
very common and if you don't participate in this, you're considered
weird. If you're not girly and wearing 2-inch skirts, then apparently
you're "weird". My sister would yell at me that I was stupid because I
don't want to be married. She says, "EVERYONE GETS MARRIED. What's
-wrong- with you? That's not normal!". Like I said, she gets these
ideas from media and how women are portrayed. I can't stand that -- if
I want to do something I see more logical, be it using a cream in the
men's aisle because it's the same thing as the women's, then I'll do
it, goshdarnit. D:<

Personally, I think people who follow everything they see on TV simply
because the TV told them to do it are the weird ones. XD

Awesome rant. :D
‹medusaaaa🍪› says:   25 January 2008   769265  
We proved this today

Mens razors are builts to last

Mens are made for rough and hard hair x3

Womens are made for less rough?

We compared my brothers and my own razor[he lives in a different

The actual blade was like 4 times thicker than mine

And my brother,[[hes a freak I tell you]] used my mums razor to shave
his face.

 The blade was dull as CRAP afterwards

So I guess guys razors are made for rougher hair

NO Idea about the shaving cream.  I use soap x3
sugartastic says:   25 January 2008   752675  
Doesn't everyone have different hair, though? :O
Like, some of us have thick hair... and some have thin. My sister has
hair way thinner than mine, and mine is more thick and full. I think
it all depends on what type of hair you have. :3

I wish they made good brushes for thicker hair, ahaha. XD Everytime I
brush my hair, the brush breaks. :c
Fabby says :   25 January 2008   821244  
Yeah, everyone has different hair, but the razors are basically the
same. The handle can be heavier/lighter, which supposedly makes it

O_O Really?
Umm, hard plastic?

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