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I've Been Thinking...Category: (general)
Sunday, 30 December 2007
07:50:48 PM (GMT)
I've been thinking lately and I just wanted to write my thoughts down. 
And stuff...

Lately I've been thinking about New Year's resolutions and what mine should be. As
humans, we record our events with dates and each new year we reflect on what we did
in the past year and what we plan on focusing on in the next one, liking giving
direction in one's life. I've never been good at making resolutions. Mine were always
a little empty, like "Get straight A's" or "Be a better person" but it makes me
wonder if those are the things I really wanna do. 

The answer is yes, I want to do those things, but I'm unable to do them. It takes a
lot more than a year to improve yourself so I've decided to go month by month and
make a yearly plan for myself. If I do that, maybe the things I want to do will get a
little clearer. 

So I think I might make a list of things I'd like to do.

1. Do my homework daily. (....lol)
2. Study more on colors.
3. Read 1 book a week.
4. Get a job over the summer.
5. Be open and honest about what I'm really thinking.
6. Learn how to vent to someone.
7. Start running in the mornings (or at night).
8. Start a protest or wear a sandwich board sign.
9. Clean the house.
10. Study the theory of evolution.
11. Join the art club.
12. Join the Fall volleyball team.
13. Get a haircut.
14. Limit myself to 2 hours online per week.
15. Lose some freaking weight.
16. Do something important.
17. Sell all my video games.
18. Sell all my manga.
19. Redecorate my room.
20. Groom my dog monthly.
21. Sell my bird.
22. Plant flowers in my yard.

That's all I can think of and they're all pretty practical to me but it seems like
something's missing from the list. 

I also seem to be wondering about other things lately. Like cooking, existence,
politics, religion, and a few others. 

Cooking: I get really nervous about this thing due to being burned several times. I
also wonder who was the first person to cook something. A caveman? A primal human? A
wombat? Well... not a wombat. 

Existence: What's the source of a person's existence? When did we start and when will
it end? What's after the end? What was before the beginning?

Politics: 2008 elections seem pretty interesting...

Religion: Why do people think their fate is controlled by a higher power due to
actions they see as holy?

And I'll finish this entry later....

‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   30 December 2007   845621  
some of those things on the list I would do but others I would kill
myself before doing that....

such as 2 hours online per week
selling manga
selling video games
studying [i never study ^^]
and others >.<
SithWedgie says:   30 December 2007   663635  
Want to talk about religion again? ^ ^
Katilix says:   9 January 2008   769963  
Okay, Kushina, you've ignored my messages and pretty much ignored me.
I want to ask why you haven't done the oekaki I requested, that I
wanted to give my friend for Christmas. The fact that you haven't
answered to any of my messages is more disturbing. I know the request
is no use now, and I can't give her a Christmas present weeks after
Christmas, but I really want to hear a reason. And soon.
From, Katilix.
Kushina says:   9 January 2008   996497  
Alright. If you want the reason that badly, I'll tell you. (and there
are several)
1. I don't know you. I usually stick to giving gifts and requests to
friends. The only instances when I give requests to other people is if
there request sparks my interest. I honestly can't even remember what
you requested.
2. I don't even recall you ever requesting something before Christmas
time. I apologize for this.
3. If this was a gift for a friend, wouldn't it have been better for
you to make it yourself?

I apologize if I made you think that the oekaki would be my first

Also, I'm guessing you'd like a reason for why I ignored the message.
It's simple actually. I just about ignore all messages I receive,
especially if it's from people demanding things of me.

Again, I apologize for what has happened.
Katilix says:   13 January 2008   564284  
1. I specifically asked if you could to a request for me, and you
agreed. I was planning on giving you 25 KupiPoints for it, although
your message stated you only wanted 10.
2. Well, now that's just a bunch of lies or forgetfullness. I mailed
you a request of my best friend popsciclexdino and Gaara a couple
weeks before Christmas, and you accepted it.
3. Do you go to the store when you buy presents? Probably. So what's
wrong with asking someone else to make something for a friend?
Besides, I probably would have made her an oekaki, but alas, I can't
draw with a mouse to save my life, as a lot of people can't. 

Anyways, I just wanted to know why you would ignore me so bluntly.
It's not like I am demanding you to pay me fifty thousand dollars, or
Kushina says :   13 January 2008   467622  
I don't appreciate you accusing me of being a liar. And criticizing
my forgetfulness is also offensive. People forget things and that's
just how life is.

But I'm extremely insulted that you refused to accept my apology and
then get the nerve to call me a liar. I said I was sorry and I meant


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