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The Three Keys. Chapter 1 The Treenvorn FamilyCategory: Story
Monday, 24 December 2007
02:13:19 PM (GMT)
Kaylee, Anstha and John Treevorn are the only people left in their family(they
think).They have a secretive family tree which goes in twists and turns,they dont
know everything about their family tree or their mansion.But the death of their
parents makes them go on an adventure of a lifetime.A one true story you will never

                                                  Chapter 1 The Treevorn Family
Life is a magnificent thing.So is the Universe.But this story is setted in a paralell
universe but just like ours.Everyone  in this new world knows the Treevorn Family.In
thesse times a family has standed out from their history.There were three children:
Kaylee was the oldest (and by the way shes a girl) she was very popular in school
because she has an IQ of a mad scientist, which doesnt mean she wears  glasses or
shes coo-coo or shes a geek.
Next is Anstha shes the middle well not that exactly so let me re-phrase that.Next is
Anstha and her twin brother James.Usually Kaylee calls Anstha the childish one
because of her behaviour and mostly her attitude.
Now,James is a sporty person and a book worm.He mostly relies on the objects around
him instead of using his eyes.

It was a normal day the Treevorn children were at the beach looking at the
scenery.While they were enjoying themselves Kaylee turned a round and saw an eerie
shadow walking very quickly.She then noticed a crowd up the street and smoke
rising.She knew something occured just then.
'Anstha! John come over here!'Cried Kaylee.She pointed at the crowd and the smoke.The
3 ran to where the crowd was.
It was busy and they knew it was something bad.They heard people saying Oh my! and
What the heck happened!As they pushed through the people they got to the place where
the crime scene happened.It was hard to see what was there because of the smoke.There
were flames and as they looked harder they saw their mother and father lying down
with blackened faces, their father made a slight cough but their mother didnt even
make a slight movement.Anstha had tears on her face and then she dropped on her knees
crying.John comforted her for a while until he hesitated.Kaylee was thinking deep
'Fathers alive!' she exclaimed.
'There not doing anything!'John said angrily through gritted teeth.
Then the person behind them placed their hand on Johns back 
'The ambulance is coming' Kaylee turned a round and saw it was Ms Lanforth, who lived
a couple of blocks a way.
Then the ambulance came dashing through and a team of people came out.A doctor put a
stethescope on their fathers chest.
'Hes alive!!!' then a nurse walked to the children 'are they your parents?'
Kaylee then nodded.

The family were took to the hospital and stayed there for the night.The next day when
the children woke up the nurse came to their room and had bad news and good news...

Next chapter is called 
Chapter 2 The key to Treevorn Mansion
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