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Thursday, 1 November 2007
12:27:43 AM (GMT)
I made this part but nekoprincess (aka Eve) inspired me.



Randomness!!! Hooray for it!!! 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hyperness, Blabbering~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ignore my hyper-self. I just ate some chocolate and candies.


Did you read it? Get a plan? Sorry, sugar rush. *blurts out a secret of her friend*



My friend: I told you not to tell it!
Sarah: Sorry but I had a sugar rush and then I started laughing for some reason and
then... *starts talking non-stop*
My friend: *walks away* You're too hyper!!!
Sarah: Well, sorry if I am! You're the one that gave me the candy in the first
My friend: *goes back* .......................... -speechless and flabbergasted-
Sarah: See? If you're speechless it means you did do it!
Mary (let's just call my friend Mary though I don't really have a friend named
Mary): Okay I admit it. I did give you the candy but the chocolate, no way!
Sarah: Then when did that stuff come from?
Mary: Did you eat the experimental chocolate that turns whatever alchemist in a the
5 km. radius limit turn into a rodent?
Sarah: What experimental chocolate? Oh my gosh, that means Ed turned into a rodent!
*runs off to fangirl headquarters*
Mary: ...... What the hell is she talking about?

~~~~~~~~~At the FMA Fangirls Headquarters~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sarah: *bursts through the door while gasping*
Eve: *gives her an amused look* Sarah, why are you here? I thought it was her day
off. Oh well, you can help Ella and I decide what to do with the leftover money from
our budget.
Ella: I think I know what to do with the money. It'll even help Sarah.
Eve: What?
Ella: An oxygen tank.
Eve and Ella: Hahahahaha!!
Sarah: *stops gasping* Stop laughing! This is an emergency! Ella get a hamster cage.
Eve please give me the key to Ed's cell. *goes to Ed's cell*
Eve and Ella: *does what what she asked and followed her there*
Eve: *gives the key to Sarah* *notices Ed is gone* Oh my gosh, Sarah where's
Ella: *also notices* Yeah, where's Subject A?
Sarah: That's just it. There's this weird chocolate that I ate and it turns all
alchemists in a 5 km. radius into rodents!
Eve: So you mean...
Sarah: Yup, Shrimpy is now a rodent. Luckily Shorty's the only alchemist in the 5
km. range. *starts looking for Ed in the cell*
Ella: *gives the hamster cage to Eve ands starts looking* Found him or it or
whatever! *holds up a short/small mouse with automail*
Eve: *receives Shrimpy and puts him in the hampster cage* You're lucky that you
didn't turn into an actual shrimp!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Eve made this part~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Rose: hey Eve!
Eve: yeah?
Rose: Where'd ya' been?
Eve: *yawn* Invading Amestris....
Rose: uhhh,....WHAT?
Eve: I mean...wadding in the summer streams?
Rose: Okay....
Eve: *phone rings* 'Ello?
Ella: This isn't 'Ello' this is ELLA!!!
Eve: oww, you don't need to shout....
Sarah: Eve, we have a few things for you to sign, bye!
Eve: okay...bye..
Ella: *drops 6 pounds of paperwork for Eve to sign*
Eve:..a few?  *sweatdrop*
Sarah: Yes, you need to sign those for our plan....
Eve: b-but..
Eve:Geez, you two sound like Hawkeye.....Anyway, *shoves the paperwork(stupid) aside*
Have you guys found an antedote for Shrimpy?*Shrimpy in a cage, squeaks and I think
he was saying hewasn't a shrimp*
Sarah: Nope, not yet...
Ella: What are we going to do?
Eve: *sigh*....*starts signing the (stupid) paperwork but hand knocks over a brown
liquid substance over Shrimpy's cage*
Ed: *naked and turns red*
Golden Trio: I"M BLIND!!!!!!!
Fangirls: EDO-KUN!!!! *chases Ed but guards clothe Ed and locked him in the cell
Ed: Damn....trapped again....
Sarah: I think we've gone blind......
Eve: I need to go to an opthalmologist.....
Ella: My brain froze........
Sarah: What was that? *points to the liquid*
Eve: uhh,..that was my chocolate milk.....NO!!! *sulks in a corner*
Ella and Sarah: *sweatdrop* 
~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Eve is such a great friend! Sugar rush!!

Mary: No!!!!!
Ella: Too late!
Sarah: *starts laughing for no apparent reason*
Last edited: 1 November 2007

‹ikaeros› says:   1 November 2007   455917  
AHAHAHAAH!!! --choke--

That is so funny XDD

Poor Shrimpy XD
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   1 November 2007   322195  
Yeah, Eve and I went overboard.

Ed: Women are crazy!
Sarah: Ella, gag him!
‹ravieve› says:   1 November 2007   887315  
sorry, I was on high sugar when i did that! =^-^= AND my stupid
computer froze.....and i threw things at it....Ed being naked..HA!!
omigawd...my BRAIN!!! i think it froze!!!
Azelf says :   1 November 2007   147292  
LOL IMAO ROFLING!!!!!!!!*explodes into a million bits of choco drops*

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