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The Straw That Breaks My Tail!Category: look or else.........*evil smile*
Sunday, 28 October 2007
11:12:13 AM (GMT)
God Himself is real.Maybe YOU aren't even real!Let's see......

Why did God let the Great Flood drown our ancestors?
Cause we sinned.There's proof.It's the reason why dinosaurs are gone.What's the
reason?He gave us permission to kill and eat animals.So if you love dinos,too
killed them WAY before you and me were born.Before all this happened.Check the
Bible.Every word is true.
Don't blame God that the dinosaurs are gone.

Why is there death?
Adam and Eve committed the Original Sin.It is disobedience towards God.They eat the
Forbidden Fruit cause of the Maniacis Devil.Temptation.Run away from it.Like my
classmate did.It is also because we sinned.

It's better to love and trust God than being rich.He means more than this Universe
that we dwell in.He means more than that NintendoDS that you might be holding onto
right now.Probably you are clenching your fists at this REAL stuff that you don't
believe in.So....join the Christians and yell,"Who do we love?""GOD!"
Shiny_Umbreon said,you go down.It means,Go to HELL and suffer.Or either choose being
a happy,little,obedient-towards-God Christian and go up.*looks up*To Heaven,and
you'll be payed richly of your troubles there.Be happy forever by choosing God....or
die in HELL.Quick.Make a move.Before it's too late.It might be tomorrow.Make a choice
before it gets you.Tomorrow may be too late.QUICK!

Shiny_Mew says:   28 October 2007   928914  
What I mean by it will get's the End of The
World.(cool!I have two benefits from this comment.I get to explain to
you guys what I meant and it stopped you none Christians from having
the first comment!haha.losers.)(yes!)
Shiny_Mew says:   28 October 2007   754323  
This is for you heathen losers!!!!!

My life is brilliant

What? Was I too early?
Oh, sorry
Should I
Do you wanna start over?
Or keep going?
Now? Now?

My life is brilliant
Your life's a joke
You're just pathetic
You're always broke

Your homemade Star Trek uniform
Really ain't impressing me
You're suffering from delusions of

You're pitiful
You're pitiful
You're pitiful
It's true

Never had a date
That you couldn't inflate
And you smell repulsive too
What a bummer being you

Well you just can't dance
And forget romance
Everybody you know
Still calls you "Fartypants"

But you'll always have a job
Well, I mean
As long as you still can work
That Slurpee machine

You're pitiful
You're pitiful
You're pitiful
It's true

You're half undressed
Eating chips off your chest
While you're playin' Halo 2
Noone's classier than you

La la la la
La la la la
La la la la

You're pitiful
You're pitiful
You're pitiful
It's true

Your dog would much rather
Play fetch by itself
You still live with your mom
And you're forty two

Guess you'll never grow a clue
Well, it just sucks to be you

Cause I'm Catholic and you're nothing but statue worshiping freakening
Ms_Grammar whispers:   28 October 2007   662177  
there is no such thing as god :|
rinzi says:   28 October 2007   865594  
i beleive in god! he rocks my socks!
kawaii_Raichu says:   28 October 2007   943999  
I beleive in god^^!
Shiny_Mew says :   29 October 2007   259216  
Oh,Ms_Grammar,Ms_Grammar.Tsk-tsk-tsk.There is such thing as
God.If it weren't for Him,you'd be long gone.And,you will be
gone.There.*points down with eyes shut*

You're pitiful
You're pitiful
You're pitiful
It's true


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