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Crazy Naruto Survey|Stolen from Geoff's diaryCategory: Gaara
Wednesday, 17 October 2007
01:18:55 PM (GMT)
I stole this from Geoff|He got this from dark-o

who are your favorite characters? or character?: 
Gaara|No question


wadda ya think of gaara?: 

what do ya think of sasuke?: 
Hate him to death

wat du u think of orochimaru?: 

rock lee?: 
Reminds me of Broccoli

Cool hair

should sakura die?: 

should sasuke die?: 

who should die?: 
Uh|Naruto|Everyone would cry

who is the scariest character?: 
Shino|He's so secretive|Who knows what he's capable of|And he wears an overcoat,
too|Is he hiding something?

Shikamaru|"I want to be a cloud"|Cloud Envy!

do u think sasuke's hair looks like a cockatoos head?: 
Now that you mention it

how do u think gaara carries that billion pound gourd?: 
Um|He just does

wats ur favorite pairing?: 


which pairing makes u want to kill someone?: 

wat do u think of lemon fan-fics?: 
I don't

what do u think of yaoi fan-fics?: 
I don't

I dunno|23?

-No comment-

tell me how u feel about orochimaru's tongue: 
What?|Is this question necessary?

who do u think orochimaru is most like?: 
Tot from Weiss Kreuz|Both have tongue issues

is sasuke gay? hey that rymes: 
If he is, I hate him even more

is shino a drug dealer?: 
It's possible|What do you think that overcoat is for?

have u seen any naruto movies?: 
Naruto|Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

i love you:  

who has the coolest looking shippuden outfit?: 
Gaara of course

the least coolest?: 
Chouji|Who'd seriously wear that

hate or love deidara?: 
Um|Hove|Late|Is there a "like"

why do u think sakura wears those gloves??: 
Her hands are cold?

whats the first thing you notice about tsunade?: 
Her.....|Why ask if you know the answer?

did u lose all respect for kankurou when u saw his new make-up?: 
He got new makeup?|Is it like Gaara's eyeliner?

did gaara get hotter? or is it just me?: 
Um|I'm a guy|So it's just you

do u think it's funny that EVERYONE looks the same except for naruto & ppl: 
I admit: I have no clue what you just asked

what would u do if u found deidara's arm?: 
It's detatchable?|I dunno|Gag?

sasori's puppet is purty ugly ain't it?: 
I've honestly never seen it|I get the feeling I don't want to

should naruto have become a chunin?: 
Yeah|He worked hard

How did you discover Naruto?: 

Do you reccomend Naruto to other people?: 

Are you happy you discovered Naruto?: 
I guess|Gives me something to do every Saturday night

Are you obsessed with Naruto?: 
Sure|Why not

Are you insanely obsessed with Naruto?: 
No|My insane obsession goes to Fullmetal Alchemist

WHEN did you first discover Naruto?: 
Dunno|Before it came out on tv

Do you download Naruto manga?: 
Can you do that?

Do you download Naruto anime?: 
Is that legal?

Do you think you have the right to do that?: 
I guess not|No|Don't do it

What do you say when people tell you it's wrong to download it?: 
Um|Aren't I the one telling you?

Where did you first download Naruto manga from?: 
I didn't|That was Geoff

Where did you first download Naruto anime from?: 
I didn't|That was Geoff

Which character do you think is most misunderstood?: 

Which character is most under-rated?: 

Which character has the worst past?: 

What do you think of Ino and Sakura's rivalry?: 
Dumb|They're fighting over Sasuke|He sucks

Does it anger you to see Sakura reject Lee?: 
Yes and no

Do you even like Lee?: 
Third favorite character

Do you hate Sasuke?: 
With a passion

Do you hate Yashamaru?: 
For what he did to Gaara|Yes

Do you think all Gaara needs is just a hug and a good night's sleep?: 
And therapy

Can anyone honestly say they hate Naruto?: 
As a person?|Or the anime?

Do you think Shikamaru deserved to become a chuunin?: 

Do you think anyone else deserved to become a chuunin?: 

Do you think Shino could've made chuunin if he had the chance to fight?: 

Does Shino's bugs creep you out?: 
Yeah|But it's not just the bugs

What do you think of Kankurou's outfit?: 
Reminds me of the Poes in Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

What do you think of Sasuke's jumpsuit?: 
You lost me|I'm confused

Should Naruto ditch the orange jumpsuit?: 
Nah|If he does, he'll just go and wear Lee's green jumpsuit

Should Lee get a different haircut and outfit?: 
He could wear Naruto's orange jumpsuit|It's like an outfit trade

Do you think Gaara is evil?: 
No way

Do you think Orochimaru is a closet-pedophile?: 
Ew|Now that you mention it|I'll never look at him the same way again

Why do you think Kakashi is late so much?: 
He visits his dead friend's memorial|Stays there for hours|Sobs|Cries|Regains his
composure|Goes to see cell seven

Do you think Itachi's nails are pretty?: 
What?|I don't look at anime character's cuticles

Do you think Haku had pretty nails?: 
Don't make me repeat myself

Did you originally think Haku was a girl?: 
No|He sounds like a boy|He also sounds like Izzy from Digimon

Did you originally think Yashamaru was a girl?: 
No|He also sounds like a boy|Looked like Gaara's mother's twin, though

Which character is the best looking?: 
Hinata|Shippuden version

Which character is the worst looking?: 
Jiraiya|Especially when he does that porcupiney-hair-jutsu

What was your first impression of Lee?: 
Priceless|I can't describe it

What was your first impression of Gai?:	
Couldn't breathe|Sides hurt from laughing

Do you think Sakura is useless?: 

Which female kicks the most ass?: 

Who should become the 6th Hokage?: 

What pairing makes the least amount of sense?: 
1st Hokage|2nd Hokage|They weren't even alive at the same time

What do you think about Naruto yaoi/yuri?:
I don't

Do you read/write Naruto fanfiction?: 
Not read/write it, but...|Only Geoff would understand what I'm talking about lol

Do you look at/draw Naruto fanart?: 

What is your favorite fanfiction genre for Naruto?: 

What do you think of all the 'Naruto gets stuck in sexy no jutsu' fics?: 
I don't

what do you think of all the Naruto Mary-Sue fics?: 

Does it bother you that Gaara is so Ooc in most romance fics?: 
What is "Ooc"?

Do you think Naruto is secretly depressed and/or suicidal?: 
No|Maybe before he met Iruka

Do you think Naruto is secretly a genius and just hides it?: 
Yeah right|We've seen inside his head|It's dark, wet, and empty except for that poor
trapped fox demon 

Do you think Sasuke actually has warm fuzzy feelings for anyone?: 

Do you think the 4th Hokage was Naruto's father?: 
Yes|It's possible

Do you think Shikamaru and Chouji are more then just friends?: 
It would disappoint me if that was true

Do you WANT them to be more then just friends?:	

Is Neji obsessed with birds or what?: 
You lost me again

Is Kakashi really that obsessed with looking underneath the underneath?: 

Does Sasuke secretly lust after Naruto?: 
Ew|This is exactly why Sasuke should die

Is Kakashi secretly lusting after one or more of his students?: 

Is Kakashi secretly lusting over Iruka?: 

Do you pair up characters fully aware that these are 12 year old kids?: 
Oh|I thought they were 11|Whatever

Or do you make them older just so you won't have that on your conscience?: 
I have no conscience

Do you like A/U Naruto fics?: 

Do you like OC's in Naruto fics?: 

Do you read NCS Naruto fics?: 

Do you read NCS Naruto fics but adamantly deny it?: 

Do you read M-Preg Naruto fics?: 
What the heck is going on?|I admit: I didn't understand these last 5 questions.

What type of Naruto fans are the most annoying?: 
The ones who understood those last five questions

Do you mix your canon Naruto knowlege with your fanfic Naruto knowledge?: 

Do you get mad at people who like a pairing you hate?: 
Nah|I'm not biased

If so, aren't you ashamed of yourself?:	
I guess this question doesn't apply to me

What's a good Naruto website?:


And one more?: 

What's a good Naruto fanfiction?: 
I dunno

And another?: 

What's a good Naruto fanart?: 

And another?: 
Darkoekaki's black and white ones are really good|Her pixel drawings too

What do you think about Asuma?:
I dunno|He seems pretty close to Shikamaru

Wasn't he awesome when he saved Shikamaru that time?: 
Not really|He didn't do anything special

He showed us his mad skillz didn't he?:
Kind of|No|Never mind|He didn't

Sasuke looked really cool when his curse seal first activated, right?: 
I guess

What do you think of Orochimaru's tongue?: 
Didn't you already ask this?

Does it disturb you?: 
Well, yeah

Does it haunt your dreams at night?: 

Do you think Orochimaru is a sexy beast?: 
Sure|Why not?

Do you think I'm crazy for asking that?: 
Definitely|But I'm crazier for answering yes

If you could be any Naruto character, who would you be?: 

What jutsu would you want?: 
Kabuto's healing jutsu|That would be very useful

Do you think if a girl used sexy no jutsu she would turn into a man?: 

Say something random about Naruto or a random Naruto quote!: 
"Believe it?"

Did you enjoy this survey?: 
Sure|It killed time
Last edited: 21 October 2007

sauce says:   17 October 2007   411198  
your least fav character is SASUKE!?
... you're not my brother anymore.

... you're making me really mad.

and sasuke should definitely die?!
... how could you.....?

hey! and his hair looks asian! ...not a cockatoo's head.......

HEY! >w< and I NEVER downloaded anime! DON'T ACCUSE ME!!!!!
shukaku says:   17 October 2007   376913  
Whatever|You're pathetic|You should know by now that Gaara is waaaaay
cool than Sasuke
shukaku says:   17 October 2007   295639  
Emerald says :   17 October 2007   974246  
i agree with you shukaku Gaara is sooooo much cooler and
hes freakin sexy

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