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Sunday part 2Category: (general)
Tuesday, 18 September 2007
12:47:29 AM (GMT)
I left mom's room only to hear sienna  complaining to me how slow i was and how late
we were going to be because of me. Ok, if you know me, you know i HATE remarks about
the time coming from the LITTLE SISTER. so i was at this point, irritated. i retorted
by saying i didnt need a second mom and that i was the first one ready. she scoffed,
unbelieving until mom confirmed it. as i rushed out the door with my piece of coffee
cake, i noticed that the lip gloss i was going to put on was gone. i asked sienna if
she had seen it. she said she had put it in the car. i could feel rage welling up as
i asked if she had used it. "only a little". that was the last straw. i started
yelling at her and she yelled back about the "public property" rule we had in our
house that stated if we left something out, than anyone could take it and make use of
it. it took all the self control i had to refrain from cussing at her and giving her
a big slap on the face. it was that way all the drive to church, stating my obvious
hate at her and the same thing right back at me as we argued about her using my
stuff. that is one of the BIGGEST pet peeve i have about her- she always takes
advantages of the things i keep lying around for only a couple minutes. even if i
spent my own money on the product, she would STILL take it and claim it hers for the
time being. next time sienna leaves her babysitting money on the ground and capri
picks it up, i am NOT going to stop capri from owning it.
  i stormed into the church in a really bad mood. the fight with sienna still clouded
my thoughts with the knowledge that mom was going to make me take notes about the
meeting. omgosh, talk about bad. i sat down and survived the meeting and somehow came
out in a much better mood. one thing about the first hour that made me feel
especially glad was that every single one of my sisters had drawn naruto charachters
in church, even down to the six year old who was badly attempting to draw lee- he had
spikey hair *snicker*
   second hour was pretty good, not much to talk about. my teacher was here this week
from her absense. one thing i like about this class is that almost always we spend
half the time socializing with her and for a mom (not mine) she made a really cool
friend. she actualy takes interest in all we have to say, and we dont worry about
telling her our bad opinions and complaing about how much of a brat certain people
act, because we know she wont tell. before class i went, on behalf of a guy named
brandon at our school, to ask if my friend hannah would give me eclipse (zomgosh you
HAVE to read the twilight series they rule!) for him to read. she said she might
consider it, but the answer seemed like she would not give her precious book to some
stranger she didnt even know. 
  third hour is always fun because i get to spend a whole hour with all of my best
friends with really cool, younger teachers (ok not like 17 but not 85; probably in
late 20's). we had another lesson full of joking, having fun, and of course learning.
at the end of class, any hanson took me out in the hall to dress up goofy for a
"fashion shoot". they had all these fake props that you had to dress up in. i did it
with kari and we had a LOT of fun. i'll have to post the pictures. we were also there
when jenny and jessica were modeling and omgosh, there was not a second that you
couldnt laugh while watching them pose! they did all these crazy ones that made me
laugh over and over. while i was in the middle of my modeling, the fire alarm went
off. it was startling, but i knew it wasnt really serious. people would be screaming
and totally freaking out if it were. no; it was probably some little kid who was
curious and went just a little too far.
  when i got out to the car after church, my siblings were having a really stupid
fight over "sienna ate more cheese from the cheese stick than we did and its not fair
and blah blah blah." kristina was sobbing, sienna and capri were shouting and it got
so bad that sienna started punching kristina in the stomach. of course, mom wasnt
there. probably chatting with her friends. jericho, danielle and i just watched. not
silently, but i was NOT going to get involved in a silly, overdramatic cat fight.
well, when you live in a house with 4 sisters and one autistic brother, it isnt a
rare occurance for these things to happen.
   when mom DID come to the car, she tryed to work out the situation while 3 whiny
females all tried to tell thier side of the story at the same time. engrossed in
boredom, i passed the time by reading a little kid picture book. i found out though,
that kristina was trying to take jericho to mom and wasnt paying attention much and
he pulled the fire alarm while she wasnt looking. to be continued lol... this is long

ZanyZeldaFan says :   14 October 2007   338188  
no not to be continued.


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