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First day of hell xDD.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 4 September 2007
03:44:58 PM (GMT)
Today was HELL -___-. I hate first days of school.

Homeroom- Lotsa blah blah from our homeroom teacher about rules and stuff, then chit
chat with friends, all that good stuff.

P. 2- Math with Mr. Skelton -__-. He made us write shit on a index card about phoe
numbers, addresses, blah blah. Made fun of us when we wrote what we had the most hard
time to do in math -__-. Made us tell in front of the whole class what we like, what
we don't like, personality, etc. I breezzed through my turn, and added jokes to his
xDD. Partners in crime!! You shoulda seen Michi xD. Huddled up on the desk next to
me, trying to die slowly xDDD.

P. 3- Art. It was fun, I helped Ms. Talmor with organizing her stuff.

P. 4- Lunch. THANK GOD D:. The snack machine ate my money, the blasted piece of crap
-__-. Picked on a few short defenceless people while Michi was being all hypercute
with new people to the school. Boring. Didn't feel like eating lunch. Ditched the caf
to search the second floor, and almost got caught two times xDD.

P. 5- Social Studies, snore. Daydeamt through the whole period until our dean came in
to "encourage" and make us "positive" to participate in our acadamy's events. 

P. 6- Science! I love Ms. D! :D. Got stuck in the back of the class, strained my poor
eyes to see the board to copy the supplies we need. Discussed global warming for a

P. 7- AIS with Ms. Sergovic. She hand-picked nine kids outta the class, including me
and Michi. Michi was in a crappy, pouty mood that period because the boys in the back
were making fun of how "the Jap girls ran outta sushi" -__-. Brandon sttod up to them
for me before I could punch their teeth right out. He told them he could gladly
report them for racist and cruel jokes. They backed off :DD. He did it fer Michi
:333. How adorable <333.

P. 8- English -__-. Worst subject. To make it worse, the sweet Ms. Khory had taken
this year off the be replaced with a MEAN-ASS teacher D:< I HATE HER. I was just
telling Brandon the supplies we needed, and she talks about how if I don't shape up
soon, I'll be practicing how to say, "Do you want fries with that?" D:< Bitch. I
won't take that shit from her >__>.

Homeroom- Bumped into a hypercute, bubbly Michi -__-. She was really excited >__>.
She dragged me to the classroom, talking about how great the day was and how many
people flocked around her at lunch to talk and be friends. I turned around and asked
Nolee why she thinks no one wants to flock around me and she said I throw myself
around like a slob -__-. Michi presents herself well. And, I learned people are
attracted to bright colors and a huge grin >__>.

Owari -__-. *wants to die than to put up with this for the rest of the year*

psychoticangel159 says:   4 September 2007   593586  
o___O I hate that english teacher already. o.o

>.> Hm. I'm guessing bright colors and a huge smile really DO get
people flocking around you o.o;;  -is wondering if there's a relation
between social status and colors worn- xD
FreakehAnimeChick says:   4 September 2007   169777  
Hypercute... did you invent that word? O.o

Also, can you message me please? You're going with Mrs. Kamen
tomorrow, right? I'll be with Ms. Sergovic, so I won't see you...
LenaaRoxxXD says :   5 September 2007   928865  
Oh snap O__O. Sorry, I didn't come on last night.


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