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'Symbols of Murder' murder story me and candace are writing 8DCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 29 August 2007
05:38:31 PM (GMT)
Symbols of Murder

"And in more breaking news, another woman has been found dead in her home, again with
the strange burn on her neck in the shape of a trident. Reporters say that..." but
the news trialed off as a young girl, about the age of fourteen, turned the volume
down. Her name was Candace, and she was sitting at home, with her best friends,
Claire, Luke, and Brenden. Candace was lying on the couch, her feet across Luke and
Claire's laps, and Claire was leaning on Brenden. 
Candace looked at the clock under her TV. "Dude... it's like three in the morning..."

Luke looked over too. “Whoa... it is..." and him and Candace yawned at the same
time, causing an outburst of laughter from Claire. 
Brenden gave her a weird look. "Are you okay?" 
"Y-y-yes!" Claire giggled one last time, and regained herself. "Sorry, that looked
really funny."
“Wow, Claire…” Candace said with a chuckle. They had all gathered for an “all
night study party” as they told their moms, but it was really so they could just
hang out. Well, they didn’t have homework because it was summer vacation, of
course, but they told their parents that they were going to dive deeper into the
Murder Story that had been floating around. Luke decided to bring that back up again,
grabbing the remote from Candace and turning the TV back up.
"Hey give it back!" Candace yelled, trying to grab the remote back. 
Luke raised it high above his head. "Try and get it now!" 
Candace looked up at his arm, and then down at his face. "You always have to just rub
it in that you're just a few inches taller then me!"
“And?” Luke said with a wide grin. They tuned into the news just in time to hear
that the cops weren’t giving out any more information than the trident mark. They
would contact the victims’ families and tell them the news, but they wouldn’t
tell the public who the bodies were or show their faces to the news cameras.
“Well that stinks. No information at all! How are we supposed to do this?”
Brenden complained.
“We wait and we dig deeper. We haven’t even gotten to the top of the ice burg
yet. We’re still climbing. Just listening to the news won’t help at all. The cops
aren’t saying anything. I say we look it up. I’ve heard something about the burn
marks in the shape of a trident. A murderer in the 1940’s or something did the same
thing to his victims.” Claire said, rolling over onto her back, resting her head in
Brenden’s lap. 
“How do you know all this?” Asked Brenden, staring down at Claire’s face with a
curious look on his face. 
“My uncle used to work with this kind of stuff. It’s pretty cool.” Claire said
with a smile.
“Okay lovebirds, you have to include us in this conversation too.” Candace said
with a playful, evil smile. 
“Okay… So if the same technique came from a murderer from the 1940’s would he
still be alive?” Luke asked.
Brenden counted on his fingers for a minute. “I don’t think so. If he was, he
would be a pretty old geezer. He wouldn’t be able to do that anymore. It’s too
much on someone that old. Plus he or she would be in his twenties or thirties or
something to be in pretty good shape for all that. So He would probably be dead. I
don’t know, its summer vacation, I’m not supposed to be doing all of this
“How smart of you,” Said Candace with a grin as she rolled over into the same
position Claire and Brenden were in. “So… how is it happening then?”
Claire and Luke’s eyes lit up as they yelled “I’ve got it!!” at the same
time. This time it was Candace who burst out laughing. 
“Did that really look funny?” Claire said.
Candace laughed. “Yeah, it did! Now what’s your idea?”
Claire smiled a little. “Someone has to be recreating the murderer! You know, like
bringing him back, sort of like a tradition being created. Only let’s hope that
it’s not passed down again. That wouldn’t be good.” Claire sat up and kneeled
over, hugging her knees and biting her thumb like she did when she was thinking. 
“Awesome…” Luke said more to himself than everyone else. “Well, not really.
We have to stop this! We should do what we always did when we were little; accept no
more little stuff like just missing toys and puppies.” 
“Sounds good to me.” Claire said. “But what about in “Fullmetal Alchemist”
when Hughes gets killed for knowing too much?” Claire wondered.
“You need to stop reading violent manga.” Candace said, giving Claire a funny
“Never.” Claire said with an evil grin. 

this is a murder story thing that me and candace (candie_renee) are writing togethah!
8D aint it soooooo cool? xD Brenden has kupika too but i keep forgetting the numbers
at the end. rascalflats14119 or something lol. he'll comment this. i KNOWWWW he will

Candace, Luke, Brenden, me (c) ourselves
CSI Shows (where candace and I got out inspiration) (c) whoever makes them 8D
and all the other copyright thingies needed! lulz. i am in no assosiation with the
creators of all the copyright stuff blah blah blah. kay. WOOT!
Last edited: 29 August 2007

RascalFlatts14119 says:   29 August 2007   499826  
Lol You Were Right About The Numbers And About Me
Commenting........Oh Well  Heart Youu
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   29 August 2007   915398  
You repeated the last part >>
xcowxkissesx says:   29 August 2007   978174  
crap i did xD oh well ill edit that lol. AND YUSHHHH I WAS RIGHTTTT!
i hearts you too brenden. *is glomped*
‹Skull_And_Crossbones› says:   29 August 2007   565593  
xcowxkissesx says:   29 August 2007   663691  
hi. what's with all the dots? i prefer a comment that means
something... *points* those dont tell me anything lol... i mean am i
doing good or do i need something? iunno. just ranting. lol.
xcowxkissesx says :   29 August 2007   879896  
oh yeah and there will be lots more of these chapters and stuff. this
is totally not the end of it. i would never end a story like that.


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