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The Appartment 2Category: Stories
Wednesday, 22 August 2007
10:07:26 AM (GMT)
The Apartment

 	The leaves fell off the trees, like snowflakes gentle swaying from side to side.
They were dancing in the wind, and then landing on the ground. 

 	Many people just walked past and never noticed; only a few paused to look at the
amazing wonders of nature. I sat to admire the scene. It was so beautiful and i was
the only person who seemed to notice. I watch as so many people rushed by and not one
stop to look at the amazing gracefulness of nature. I noticed the birds singing and
the sun shining. It was like something out of a fairy tale. A site worth treasuring
and one i would never forget. Something so simple was so enchanting. I wish i could
have stayed there for ever and forgot the world around me that never seemed to care.
The only thing it did care about was meeting deadlines. This for a person that lacks
respect for impossible deadline, like i do made it seemed silly. 
 	Bump- the sound of a car startled me. I walked closer to the main road. It grew
noisier by the inch. As I got closer to the road, the noise increased. It was
deafening. I got to the main road and let out a sigh of annoyance I thought about
what this river of cars was doing to the environment. I walked on, down a little
winding path that leaded me from one side of the street to the other. Gardens were
around a corner, next to a new apartment block that seemed to stick out like a sore
thumb, against all the older buildings. It was so new, that most of the apartments
were up for sale. A good friend had just moved into one. I walked in through tiny
doors that leaded me into a hallway. A man appeared in the hallway. It was a narrow
space. Only one person could manoeuvre in this hallway. As they got closer Katie’s
heart started racing. She didn’t know who he was. But he had his hand in his pocket
and that scared Katie the not knowing. She was only small. Katie was a very easy
Target. She didn’t dare look up, and kept her head down not once, looking him in
the eyes. The time came when she need to face her fear and look him in the eyes. She
turned to face him. He moved his hand. Katie could feel her heart pounding. He then
put his hand back down, and to Katie’s surprise said hello. She carried on walking
giving her heart time to slow.
 	She reached her friend’s door and knocked. Hearing no reply, she entered and saw
a man at a computer. He turned around looking surprised to see her. “I told you I
was coming over. I left you messages.” Walking over to the phone, she pushed a
button. She had left three messages. He was so busy that he had not checked his

 	She couldn’t blame him for anything at a hectic moving time. His mates had gone
off to university, and he had, had to help his ex-girlfriend move away. He said he
was sorry. She forgave him; she couldn’t stay mad at him. He was her best friend.
It was over and she was glad to be here. It had been an eye opening journey.  

 	James stepped away from the computer and sat down on the sofa. Katie sat beside
him. They were an odd pair. Katie was thin and short. James wasn’t much taller. He
asked if she’d like a cup of tea. “Yes” she replied, as she followed him into
the kitchen. 
	The conversation started like it always did, “how you been” even though they
were best friends they didn’t see each other all the time, and i could have been
weeks since they last saw each other. Then suddenly when Katie was just about to
speak James interrupted, Katie found this so rude but tried not to hate him for it.
“So you’ll never guess what?” how much Katie had come to hate the words they
always meant the same thing, he’d found another girl who he thought was the love of
his life. It always ended in tears. She would get everything she could out of him
then get up and leave. Poor James was always so heartbroken. He would stay in his
room for days until he had gotten over her. It was always the same she would warn him
but he never listen to her. She was a girl what could she know were the words Katie
always saw written across his head. She really hated this. It would mean she would
now not see him until it was over once again and she would be left to clean up the
mess.  But this time was going to be different. Katie swore the next time this
happened she wouldn’t clean up his mess especially not after last time.
	The last time this happened, James Had gone for Christmas dinner at the old
people’s home up the road from his new flat it was where he worked for now anyway.
While he was there he had still not gotten over his girlfriend that had dumped him 2
days before. He ended up swearing at all the residents, started a food fight and half
the staff got covered in food stopping the fight and then to top it all off he set
the Christmas tree on fire. Katie being the kind hearted person she was, always did
all of the apologising to everyone. She had to write every member of staff a letter
saying sorry, then personally apologise to all the residents, which could get really
messes especially when some of them couldn’t even remember their own name. It was
harder than it looked to explain to them that Katie wasn’t their name it was your
and that theirs was actually Joyce. And she had to replace the Christmas tree which
they had had every year since the home opened. So all in all James made a real mess
of things and left her to clean it all up.

I Hope You Like It

Please tell me what you think. ^^

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