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Tuesday, 14 August 2007
12:27:35 AM (GMT)
by Bethany

Preface:I awoke to notice my love was out to get me...then I noticed the face..it
wasn't Alexander's face.. it was James' face. I was right I was going to loose my
life today. But only for someone I love. I loved my mother. She was captive I noticed
everything was clear. James lied. My mother never left home.. I was about to die for
no reason what so ever and Alexander had no clue.
Chapter 1; Realization: 
`	Today I was certain I was going to Dublin, Ireland. So sure to leave my mother in
Florida. Dublin was surely different then before. 
	I noticed as I stepped off the plane to arrive in front of Paul's over sized eyes.
He was surprised I actually came. 
	My mother and Paul broke up years ago and she moved to Florida in the U.S.A. My
father though, stayed in Dublin. I had been visiting Dublin for years now until I
turned 14 and begged mom to not make me come back. I was 17 now and independent and
was awaiting for Paul to take me to the car dealership for me to buy a new car with
my money, provided by mom. It just turns out that Paul read my mind he bought me a
new old truck instead of having to make me walk to school. 
	"I hope you like your truck I bought it from Jacob's father, Ray." He said that with
a smile across his face.
	"I don't like it, I love it! Thanks so much Pau- dad"
	The first time I walked through the door to the undersized house for two, I almost
cried, for I was home and I apologized to Paul. 
	He looked me over quietly and noticed my tears and asked, " Are you wanting to go
	"No," I answered quickly in a cracked voice that deceived me. He knew I was lying
	"I know we have never been close but I think it might work if you put in some
effort," he paused looking at the floor,"if you put an effort into not wanting to
leave." He finished his sentence without any emotion what so ever.
	I headed upstairs thankful that he wasn't following me. I grabbed my iPod and
listened to some song I had picked out of off iTunes. My lips moved with the words
but no sound came out of me, for I was too worried about the day to come, the day I
had to go to school in Dublin for the first time ever. 
	I soon fell asleep on my bed in tears. I noticed the tears were not because I missed
home but because I was home. I also noticed I was listening to my iPod when I awoke
to the sound of pans crashing into each other. 
	When I walked down stairs it turned out Paul was cooking fried eggs for breakfast. I
ate the food reluctantly. But Paul didn't notice I was eating it with force of making
my self not puke. Paul was too busy reading the morning paper. It talked about me
coming to town because of course.. he was the head Cop in town. I finally swallowed
the rest of the eggs and gulped down some milk and ran to the door and locked it
	When I was outside I was suddenly thankful that I had my own ride and that I didn't
have to ride with Paul in his cruiser, it would have made me look like a spoiled

	I was wearing a long sleeve shirt that said "Dublin" on it, I thought I might
actually blend in.. I had one thing they most had.. red hair. Even though my hair was
not as shiny as the other girl's it was still a dark red and brown color. I wasn't
the only one in the parking lot with an old vehicle, only one stood out it was a nice
silver, shiny, Volvo. "Show offs," I mummered to myself in the lonely truck. 
	I parked in a slot near the main desk and walked in to ask for directions and maybe
even my schedule. 
	" Umm... excuse me but I need my schedule" I said in a quiet tone trying to sound
sweet and innocent.
	" What's your name and I can try my best," The lady never even looked up when she
	"Umm.. I am Paul Rodger's daughter, Isabella Rodger" I said in a hushed tone.
	" Oh my. We are so happy to have you here," She held out her hand and looked at me
telling me to shake her hand with her eyes.
	I shook the lady's hand and said " Umm.. I was just wondering which classes I had."
	"Here's your schedule," She said that with a bit of sadness and handed me a piece of
paper that must have been my schedule and a map of the school.
	"Thanks. Have a nice day" I said as I exited the door.
	I finally made it to lunch after math and English. I sat with a girl named Jessie
and her boyfriend named Darek. I could admit Darek was quite cute, but not my type,
he talked too much. "Hey Isabella," Darek began, " I was wondering if you would like
to sit next to me in Biology."
	"Bella," I corrected him."No thanks. I think Jessie would like to sit with you more
then I would." I answered in brief tone. He frowned.
	" Well maybe I can sit with you in English," and then Darek left the table and
headed to Biology.

	Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I noticed a handsome guy over sitting with a
radiant girl and another punkish looking girl. He had auburn hair and pure obsidian
eyes. His friend, or girlfriend, had long blonde hair that flowed in the wind and
brown dead set eyes. The punk looking girl had spikey midnight black hair. The girl's
hair stuck up in any possible way. Her eyes were pure butterscotch though. The boy
suddenly looked at me with a scowl but his eyes were in pain and they were curious. 
	I turned to Jessie and asked, " Who are they?"
	She turned over and looked at him and smiled she answered chuckling, " He is
Alexander and the girl next to him is Trinite, and also Paine,Pain is Alexander's
sister along with Trinite. Oh and not to forget his brother's are Mack and Emmett."
	"I thought Alexander," I paused and felt a jolt when I said his name and realized he
turned his head over and stared at me while I talked," Was with Trinite. They look
perfect together." She seemed to think it was funny and laughed a smile away.
	" Not quite, Trinite is with Emmett. And Paine is with Mack." She looked at me and
	"What is it? Why are you laughing?" I blushed and she stopped laughing enough to
make me hang my head in shame because Alexander was still staring.
	"Because Alexander never looks at a girl like he is looking at you. And he doesn't
date but you seem to like him." She smiled again. Then Alexander got up and walked to
	" I think we are going to be late. Talk to you later." I left the table and looked
behind me to see Paine staring at me too.
	When I got to class the only open seat was next to Alexander so I sat there and
said, " Hi, how are you?"
	He turned and moved his chair away a little and clenched his hands into a fist and
looked away ignoring my question. So of course I gave up. He seemed mad and in pain
the whole time in Biology. I felt like it was my fault.
	When class was over and gym was through with also I returned to the main office with
a slip from a teacher wanting me to get it signed by the nurse. "No. I really have to
change times. It's a matter of...." the voice I heard was magical and trailed off. I
wish it would have kept talking. I noticed it was Alexander who was speaking. 
	I looked at him. I looked at how perfect he was. Not one flaw. "I am sorry no other
spots are available." The lady behind the desk said. Alexander looked at me and
glared and turned around quickly and said, " It's ok. Thanks for your concern and
help. I will deal with my lab partner easily." He kind of grinned and he left the
room quickly.
	I walked up to the front desk and handed her the slip she got the nurse to sign it.
I was going to ask her if that was all about me being his partner but I didn't quite
get to asking.

Chapter 2; Healing Pain: 
	The rest of the night i couldnt sleep.... only thinking of Alexander and what he
meant by "I willl deal with my lab partner..... easily" all kinds of thoughts were
running through my head. Such as. Rape. Abuse. Death. I wasn't having fun imagining
these things from such a radiant male as him.
	"If only i could read his mind." I murmered and rolled of the bed onto the floor
pulling my t-shirt down and walked to the bathroom to brush my hair. 
I grabbed the toothbrush instead. and began to place toothpaste in my hair when i
heard Paul walking up the stairs and i put it down then walked to him to say good
morning. But instead. he was surprised to see me awake at this hour, it was only 5:30
am, unusual for me because I usually wake at the last minute in the morning.

I hope you liked it,
and if you did.
drop me a line below,
good night

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